Some of the kindest souls I know 

have lived in a world that was 

not so kind to them. 

Some of the best human beings 

I know, have been through so much 

at the hands of others, and they still 

love deeply, they still care. 

Sometimes, it's the people who have been 

hurt the most, who refuse to be hardened 

in this world, because they would never 

want to make another person feel 

the same way they themselves have felt. 

If that isn't something to be in awe of, 

I don't know what is.


(Bianca Sparacino)









Abandon the urge to make life easy.

We don't need life to be easy, we need

it to be meaningful. The simple road

and the road to growth are often not

the same. Our attitude towards pain

has to change. Once we accept that

everything happens for our spiritual

growth, we flow with the tide rather

than fight against the currents.


(Zoe Crook)









In the midst of winter, 

I found there was, within me, 

an invincible summer.


(Albert Camus)









Numbness or apathy isn’t the absence 

of feelings, but rather a response

to being overwhelmed by too many

feelings... this is a form of dissociation.


Any of y'all find yourself 

just checking out when you’re

overwhelmed, hurt, stressed, etc?

Apathy or numbness are perfect examples 

of a little trauma response we refer to as

"dissociation". This happens when our

emotions become so overwhelming 

that our brain literally shuts off to them or 

checks out completely, leaving us to feel 

very little, nothing or completely empty.

This is a protective measure for those of us

who have experienced trauma. It's not always

negative in that sometimes this coping

mechanism can help us get through the thick

of a crisis. When it becomes detrimental is

when the numbness continues on and we are

unable to process our emotions, thus leaving

them pent up and unresolved.

If you find yourself stuck in this situation,

therapy, processing & self care are of the

utmost importance. Just because you

can't feel it doesn't mean it's gone away. 

It’s important to remember that.


(Christy Leigh)









When you know how to listen 

everybody is the guru. 


(Ram Dass)











Fall for someone

with an air of mystery

and wildness in their bones,

but with the kindest eyes

and a thousand beautiful stories

woven into their soul.


(Nikita Gill)









My Love Languages Are When


• People ask questions 

  instead of assuming

• People honor my boundaries

• People accept responsibility 

  for their actions

• People respect our differences

• People are kind

• People take care of themselves

• People are authentic

• People apologize verbally and correct 

  their behaviors in the future


(Nedra Tawwab)









When you stop participating in

dysfunctional or unhealthy behavior

and patterns in your family system,

they might begin to see you as the

problem, as the villain, or as the one

abandoning them. The person who

dislodges and shakes up status quo

is often mistaken for the above,

instead of seen as the catalyst

for healthy change and healing.


They might get it twisted, but it's

important you don't. 

Systems lovveeeee status quo.

Even when status quo is unhealthy, 

dysfunctional, painful, awful, etc. 

It's not because we love that stuff,

but because familiarity is ease.

When a person steps out, 

the system will start to shake. 

I always describe family systems 

as a machine with screws in it, 

and once a screw dislodges with enough 

significance the wheels start to fall off. 

It shakes so much that the rest of 

the system will likely try to do everything 

in their power to get that screw (you) 

back in there as quickly as possible.

In this space, your work is to stay 

committed to your decision. 

It's to be confident in your path. 

It's to accept that they might not be able 

to see you clearly and that they might 

mislabel you as selfish, a villain,

and the problem.

It's in this moment that you must 

remind yourself that you can't actually be 

a problem when you are a catalyst for 

change, healing, and growth. 

They might experience you that way, 

but it's not something you must absorb. 

It's something you must put a boundary 

around. Let the system shake. 

It can be uncomfortable for a long time, 

maybe even forced, but your release is

something that sets you free and 

is an invitation for their freedom as well, 

if they'll take it. Head up.

Confidence forward. Permission to shake.


(Vienna Pharaon)









What do you really possess,

and what have you gained?

What pearls have you brought up

from the depth of the sea?


On the day of death,

bodily senses will vanish:

do you have the spiritual light

to accompany your heart?


When dust fills these eyes in the grave, 

will your grave shine bright?










There will come a time in your life 

in which you will have to accept that 

your old ways cannot carry you any longer. 

You will know that it is time to light fire 

to the past, and shed your old self. 

When the heaviness slows you to a stop, 

a reinvention must occur.

There will come a time in your life 

when you will realize that a new version 

of yourself is trying to emerge. 

You are allowed to cry and grieve the loss, 

but you must also keep your eyes toward 

what's next. It’s time to wipe the slate clean, 

and start again. It's time to break the chains 

of routine and expectation and fear.

It's time to become different and 

stronger and clearer, at once new, 

and yet more yourself than ever before.


(Brianna Wiest)










It’s time to turn your

magic all the way on.


(Spirit Daughter)









There is an awakening going on

right this moment. No longer do we need

to accept the narrative of "faulty genes" as our fate.

Emerging Science tells that the gene

we inherit aren't fixed; they are influenced

by their environment, beginning in utero

and continuing throughout our lives.

The groundbreaking discovery of epigenetics

tells a new story about our genes.


(Dr. Nicole LePera)











If I ever find a time machine,

I swear that I'll go back

to those moments in your life

when you felt all alone,

and I'll be the loving arms

you needed to hold you.


I may never get the chance

to change your past, but together

we can create a better future.


(John Mark Green)









What we once enjoyed

and deeply loved

we can never lose,

for all that we love deeply

becomes a part of us.


(Helen Keller)









There are people you haven’t 

met yet, who will love you 

without you having to work for it. 

They will see you and appreciate you, 

for who you are. 

They will be gentle with you 

in really caring ways, because 

they will recognize what vulnerability 

has cost you in the past.


These are the ways I speak

to the loneliest parts of me. 

The reminders that what was 

modeled for us, that hurt us, 

is not our future.

Cheers to each of you doing the 

hard work that changes the way 

we experience relationships.

And, to all of us looking for 

these types of people and when offered, 

being these types of people.


(Nate Postlethwait)









When setting out on a journey

do not seek advice from someone

who never left home.











The spirit of humanity is called upon to heal the wounds that centuries of fear, struggle, and separation have caused.

The crises humanity is facing are to be solved, not by inventions of the mind like new technologies, but by the awakening of the heart, one human at a time.

You are alive today because your soul wants to help humanity ascend to heart-based consciousness.

It is by going through your own challenges and finding the opportunity within them that you contribute most to humanity’s well-being.

Your contribution is not so much what you do as who you are.

It is your awareness that makes the difference.

As more of you invite heart-based consciousness into your lives, it becomes easier for others to make the transition to a new way of being: at peace with themselves, humanity, and nature.


(Robert Schwartz)









Pushing yourself harder will not

result in healing any faster.

Healing doesn't happen through force,

pressure, perfectionism, or

disconnecting from your true

feelings and pretending to be okay

when you're very much not.

Healing happens through

compassion, patience, and belief in

yourself, even when it feels like

you're regressing. Healing happens

through reconnecting with your

authentic emotions, even when

they're not "good".


(Emmy Marie)











In hindsight you will understand. 

When the veils of polarity vanish, when you return home in the divine space, when you remember who you are and have always been, you will understand.


You will look at all your challenges in this life, at all your struggles and all your resistance, and there will only be compassion and a deep love and respect for yourself. 

Every time you come home after a human incarnation, you say: “Wow, how could I forget why all this happened to me, how could I fail to remember the divine virtues that I wanted to learn through dealing with these challenges? I feel like waking up from a dream.”


You are again and again amazed by how much the existence in blood and flesh as an adventurer on this Earth allows you to raise your vibration, to increase your light. 

The presence of polarity, of good and evil, dark and bright, sadness and joy, despair and hope, well-being and pain, gives you the opportunity and forces you to choose. 

In hindsight, you will be filled with the grace that lies within this breathtaking journey, no matter what your choices have been.


The pure fact that you have chosen an incarnation in these revolutionary and transforming times, tells me how courageous and strong you are. 

In hindsight, you will honor yourself for this. 

How about already honoring and loving yourself now, during this dream, while being in this body - in the midst of all these frightening challenges and thrilling manifestations? 

How about waking up and bringing heaven to earth by allowing your knowing soul to merge with your lively body?


I would love to see your true and whole being NOW,

not only in hindsight. 

You are more beautiful and more beloved

than you could ever dream of.


(Verena, RWYA)









If you’re offended 

by my boundaries,

then you’re probably

one of the reasons

I need them.


(Steve Maraboli)









Even the most beautiful of wildflowers

can be considered weeds in the wrong gardens;

what another thinks of you does not

dictate your value.


(Beau Taplin)









The cost to our personal lives 

of not healing the Mother Wound 

means living our life indefinitely with:


- A vague, persistent sense that 

  "There's something wrong with me."


- Never actualizing our potential 

  out of fear of failure or disapproval.


- Having weak boundaries and 

  an unclear sense of self.


- Not feeling worthy or capable of creating 

  what we truly desire.


- Not feeling safe enough to take up space 

  and voice our truth.


- Arranging our lives around 

  "not rocking the boat.“


- Self-sabotaging when we get close 

  to a breakthrough.


- Unconsciously waiting for our mother’s 

  permission or approval before 

  claiming our own lives.


(Bethany Webster)









Your ability to be with your emotions

now is strongly influenced by your

parents' ability to be with your

emotions when you were a child.


Which emotions are you comfortable 

with and which ones are you 

uncomfortable with?

Which emotions can you tolerate 

and which ones can't you tolerate?

Which emotions feel safe and which ones 

feel unsafe?

Do you see some emotions as good 

and others are bad?

Do you feel comfortable sharing your 

emotions with others or do you feel 

uncomfortable sharing?

How did your caregivers respond 

to your emotions when you were little?

Here's the thing: your ability to be with 

your emotions now is strongly influenced 

by your parents' ability to be with 

your emotions when you were a child.

We learn how to relate to emotions 

from those we grow-up with. 

We depend on our caregivers to be with 

and respond sensitively to our emotions, 

and to organise our emotional experience.

Without that sensitive emotional support 

in childhood we cannot develop the ability 

to tolerate and organise our own 

emotional experience as adults.

The good news is that as adults we can

practice noticing and letting go of any

unhelpful beliefs we hold about emotions,

while also practicing sitting with 

our emotions: allowing them to simply be 

without needing them to be anything 

other than what they are.

We can learn to change our relationship 

with emotions.

We can learn to tolerate, accept, 

and be with our emotion.

And we don't need to make these changes 

all on our own; we can lean on books, 

podcasts, online resources, YouTube videos, 

friends, and therapists as guides and 

supports through this process.


(Rachel Samson)




PLAY: 30 Min.



Dear Friends,


Thank you for all of your wonderful guestbook entries and emails with your new year wishes and your lovely feedback! 

We are always happy to hear from you... 😍

Because so many of you have appreciated the DEAR INNER CHILD-Video, we have additionally created a longer & even more soothing audio version of it.


You can, for example, listen to it before falling asleep and let the loving & healing affirmations sink into your subconscious mind.

You can also find it in the menu section "Listen."


We are grateful for your love & loyalty! ❤️🙏

Have a peaceful Sunday!


Much love


Verena & Alex







The very worst,

break-you-into-pieces day

is still a day.

So, you get through it.

Even if you're crawling

on hands and knees.

Yes, the day after that may suck,

and the one after, and the one after.

But they're just days.

You take them minute by minute.

And one day, I promise,

you'll find yourself

standing again.


(Nanea Hoffman)









There is a strong relationship between

the building of our self-esteem, and our

willingness to own our buried feelings.

When we grant ourselves permission to

do the deeper work, we assert our right

to exist. We prove to our beaten down

inner child that they matter.

This energizes them, and builds their

sense of self. Therapy is not just a healing

journey. It is also a re-building journey.

Everytime we cry unshed tears and

express buried anger, we strengthen

and empower ourselves.

We roar ourselves into existence.


(Jeff Brown)









Don't get stuck in the idea that

you need to make ocean waves of change.

Some of the most profound change

on this planet, will come from

the tiniest ripple.


(Stacie Martin)









It's okay to feel sad right now.

It's okay to feel confused.

The world is undergoing massive trauma.

It's a shock to the system.

Yes, I believe a better world is coming.

But for now, give yourself permission

to grieve the world and person

you are leaving behind.


(James McCrae)









To those that feel exhausted, numb,

or overwhelmed by the idea of a new year

relentlessly ramping up:

I hope this year offers you more options

to enjoy life and be creative,

safe spaces to be vulnerable, and

opportunities to release stress and tension.

I hope you have the courage to receive

and accept those opportunities

when they find you.


(Tutu Mora)









This year,

carry your aliveness

around like flowers

bursting from

open ribs

and scatter those

across so many

miles and roads

that others

pick them up

along the way

so they too

can remember

how to bloom

as though our

wild earth

depended on it.

Because it does.


(Victoria Erickson)









Habits I'm leaving in 2022:


- saying negative shit to myself

- breaking my own boundaries

- exposing myself to harmful energy

- allowing fear to guide me

- worrying about other people's opinion of me

- aligning with people who don't align with me

- expecting other people to make me happy


(Spirit Daughter)









Dear inner child:


My New Year's resolution

is to be gentler with you.


(Dr. Anna Kress)





Dear Friends,


We wish you all a Wonderful and Happy New Year! 

May your coming year be filled with gentleness, love, self-love, authenticity, vitality, magic, hope, creativity, and everything you and your inner child dream of… ❤️


2021 was undoubtedly one of the most challenging years collectively and individually. 

For us, it was also a crazy and quite uncomfortable rollercoaster full of ups and downs on every level.

As you know, some months ago, we were enthusiastic about the idea of creating our own app and started to check the different app builders.

Since we both have no profound knowledge in this field, it wasn't easy orienting ourselves, especially because we had such a busy and challenging year.

But well, at least we have finally chosen a provider now, so we are working on it… 😊

We will keep you informed!


During the holidays, we worked on another creative project.

Several followers asked us to create a meditation or video for the inner child.

Of course, this theme is very dear to us because it is an important key on our healing journey, so we are happy to present you with the result.

It's a beautiful way to reconnect with the inner child because it combines atmospheric music, stunning videos, and our voices… 😍

May these visual healing affirmations provide you and your inner child with unconditional love, protection and healing.


Remember that 

inside of you

is an inner child, 

an innocent and

lovable kid with 

an open heart 

and a free spirit.


Become loving parents 

to your inner child,

the best mum and dad

you can find 

inside yourself,

the mum and dad 

you have always 



Much love from us both ❤️


Verena & Alex





Guided by Verena & Alex, RWYA