powers you


possess due

to being a

fragment of


(powers like

creation and

free will) can

be used for


beneficial to all

or detrimental

to all.


(Teal Swan)









Patriarchal capitalist culture works hard to 

convince us the world is like a pointillism painting. 

That each of us is a separate dot on the canvas 

and any connectedness - a mirage. 

I wonder how much of the world would be healed 

if we remembered that we are watercolor - 

we have never been and will never be separate.


(Andrea Gibson)









May every part of you be touched

by peace, healing, and freedom.


During trying or uncertain times, a

powerful way to re-channel your

concern, frustration, annoyance,

stress, or fears, is to transmute

what you're feeling into altruism

and compassion - for yourself,

those around you, and for the



Breathe deep through what you're

taking in and processing.

Limit the amount of information

you take in.

Give your nervous system rest.

Remember who you are and your

higher purpose.

Not sure about it?

Be medicine wherever you can,

start there.

A peaceful mind is a powerful mind.


(Lalah Delia)









As I look back on my life, 

there is one thing I have 

consistently despised: 

abuse of power.

Abuse of parental power,

abuse of economic power,

abuse of spiritual power,

abuse of political power. 

I don't care if it comes from the

right, or the left, or the centre.

Abuse of power is ALWAYS a

crime against humanity. 

And there is no chance that 

we will heal the rifts between us, 

or co-create the inclusive world 

I long for, until it 

becomes extinct.


(Jeff Brown)



Sending love and prayers to Ukraine ❤️🙏









Meditation is a slow melt into Love.


(Laura Jaworski)









i do not want to have you

to fill the empty parts of me

i want to be full on my own

i want to feel so complete

i could light a whole city

and then

i want to have you

cause the two of 

us combined

could set it on fire


(Rupi Kaur)









When we're talking about

self trust we're talking

about your inner child

being able to trust your

adult self to be the

protective, wise, loving

parent they never had.


Our inner children have

heard enough "talk"

without follow through &

unfulfilled promises.

It's time to finally show 

them they are the most

important thing in the



(Cassandra Solano)









The most beautiful and profound emotion 

we can experience is the sensation of the mystical. 

It is at the root of all true science. 

That deeply emotional conviction of the presence 

of a superior reasoning power which is revealed 

in the incomprehensible Universe 

forms my idea of God.


(Albert Einstein)











1. Hypersensitivity: 


Becoming overly affected and holding on 

to criticism and inconveniences 

for long periods of time. 

Struggling to let things go.


2. Sudden tantrums & going from 0 to 100:


Having outbursts from seemingly nowhere, 

going from calm to intense anger 

in a split second.


3. Misplaced anger: 


Getting frustrated and snapping at people 

unnecessarily, even if they've done nothing 

to upset you before.


4. Disrespectfully expressing anger:


Letting your anger take control of you and 

influence your behavior due to 

being inexperienced with properly

communicating your anger.



I encounter 2 types of people in my work 

in helping others overcome social anxiety.

The first kind are people who struggle with

active anger, and the second kind struggle 

with passive anger.


Those in the active category over-identify 

with their anger. They don't express their 

anger during the situation - due to their 

anxiety making them conflict avoidant, 

but they do express it when they're alone 

or to friends and family. 

The anger consumes them, and they start 

trying to bring up old memories and

unrelated issues to justify and fuel 

their anger. It becomes so blinding and so 

tiring that they decide to shove it away 

and never look at it again. 

Those around them might tell them

they're overreacting and behaving terribly

which makes them ashamed and validates 

their decision to bury their anger.


Those in the passive category abandon 

their anger as soon as they feel them. 

They're highly conflict avoidant, 

even within themselves. 

They have trouble accessing their anger 

and often think of themselves as someone 

who doesn’t harbor anger of any kind 

in general. But that doesn't mean their anger 

doesn't exist - their anger now just influences 

their behaviour from their shadow side. 

People in this category often find themselves 

in depressive cycles, apathy, and struggling 

to find the energy to get anything done.

While both types are seemingly so different 

on the outside, the core issue is the same. 

They fail to process their anger. 

They let their anger consume them or 

they remain wilfully ignorant.

They judge themselves for their anger. 

And as a result, they end up exhibiting 

similar symptoms - Hypersensitivity, 

unexpected tantrums, and the like.


The cycle is vicious. We like to hold on to 

emotional patterns that we're familiar with

even when they so obviously sabotage us. 

But the first step to breaking out of them is

identifying them in the first place. 

Which category are you in?


(Asha Jacob)









Never fear the shadows, 

they simply mean there's a light 

shining somewhere nearby.


(Winnie the Pooh)









You don't have to hide yourself, 

because there's nothing wrong with you. 

You were not born to be like the imaginary 

people you see on TV and in magazines. 

You were not born to emulate your parents 

and friends. You were born to be you. 

That's it. The complete you, with all the

cracks and imperfections. 

Present yourself to this world, as you are. 

Move through your life with freedom and 

soar beyond those voices that want to 

keep you down. The absolute greatest

thing you can ever be is yourself. 

So please, no more hiding. 

Let's see what you've got.


(Scott Stabile)









In the stress and complexity of our lives, 

we may forget our deepest intentions. 

But when people come to the end of their life 

and look back, the questions that they 

most often ask are not usually, 

“How much is in my bank account?” or 

“How many books did I write?” or 

“What did I build?” or the like. 

If you have the privilege of being with 

a person who is aware at the time of 

his or her death, you find the questions 

such a person asks are very simple: 

“Did I love well?” 

“Did I live fully?” 

“Did I learn to let go?”


(Jack Kornfield)









You know all those times you stood

against the wind and didn't break?

I just wanted to remind you

that you're really pretty great.


(Nanea Hoffman)









The only reason we don't open our hearts 

and minds to other people is that 

they trigger confusion in us that 

we don't feel brave enough or 

sane enough to deal with. 

To the degree that we look clearly and 

compassionately at ourselves, 

we feel confident and fearless about 

looking into someone else's eyes. 


(Pema Chödrön)









If I had to advocate anything

it would be to not take life so

seriously, and learn to laugh

especially at yourself.


(Anita Moorjani)









One day you will wake up and 

there won’t be any more time 

to do the things you’ve always wanted. 

Do it now.


(Paulo Coelho)









I can usually read people pretty well,

view their character through conversations

and learn from the light in their eyes what

matters. I judge people by their hearts,

because if your heart doesn't stand out 

first, don't wait for anything else to. 

It never will. Pretty faces are nothing more 

than masks made from temporary paper, 

borrowed and disposable. 

You don't get to keep that, in case 

you didn't know. So, pour that beauty

into your heart. Top it off, where it stays

as long as you do and even 

after you are gone.


(Stephanie Bennett-Henry)









there is a place

inside you

full of curiosity

and wonder,

but when the entire world

is designed to destroy it,

you have to fight

just to keep it alive,

yet i can think of

no better cause

to fight for.


(Jose Chaves)









You either walk inside your story and 

own it or you stand outside your story 

and hustle for your worthiness.


(Brené Brown)









Before every session, I take a moment 

to remember my humanity. 

There is no experience that this man has 

that I cannot share with him, 

no fear that I cannot understand, 

no suffering that I cannot care about, 

because I too am human. 

No matter how deep his wound, 

he does not need to be ashamed 

in front of me. I too am vulnerable. 

And because of this, I am enough. 

Whatever his story, he no longer needs 

to be alone with it. 

This is what will allow his healing to begin. 


(Carl Rogers)









how many times has your mind

taken a small piece of uncertain

information and spun a story that

ends up consuming your thoughts?


(Yung Pueblo)









By being yourself, 

you put something 

wonderful in the world 

that was not there before.


(Edwin Elliot)









When you tell someone who was

traumatized to stop living in the past,

focus on the positive, or just let go,

you're teaching them to stay

traumatized. These statements have

no impact on a persons nervous

system. Healing comes with invitation

to be honest as & where we are.


What a gift to no longer live in the past. 

What pleasure to focus on the positive. 

How nice to just let go.

Someone healing from trauma is working 

with how their brain and body has adapted 

to an experience that changes them. 

If it was as simple as these toxic messages 

above, we would choose it, and commit to it 

with all we have. Some of us did, 

and found we lost more time.

Healing happens in safe space where 

a survivor is heard and believed and 

finds the ways that their mind and body 

can reprocess trauma.


(Nate Postlethwait)









When confronted with people judging 

your experience, please remember this… 

The truthfulness of your experience 

is not determined by how it is measured, 

judged, or perceived by another. 

It stands alone, as lived experience. 

People's opinions are often meaningless 

reflections of their own filters and projections. 

Nothing to do with the events that occurred. 

Nothing to do with what was real, for you. 

Just their story superimposed onto yours. 

In fact, no one can take the real away 

from you. No one. 

It's yours and yours alone.


(Jeff Brown)









You could have grown cold,

but you grew courageous instead. 

You could have given up, 

but you kept on going. 

You could have seen obstacles, 

but you called them adventures. 

You could have called them weeds, 

but instead you called them wildflowers. 

You could have died a caterpillar, 

but you fought on to be a butterfly. 

You could have denied yourself goodness, 

but instead you chose to show yourself 

some self-love. You could have 

defined yourself by the dark days, 

but instead through them

you realised your light.


(S.C. Lourie)









Maybe you’re not being lazy.

Maybe your "laziness" is trying to 

slow down out of a fight/flight response.


(Tyndal E. Schreiner)









I used to think I was the strangest person 

in the world but then I thought there are 

so many people in the world, 

there must be someone just like me 

who feels bizarre and flawed 

in the same ways I do. 

I would imagine her, and imagine 

that she must be out there 

thinking of me too. 

Well, I hope that if you are out there 

and read this and know that, yes, 

it’s true I’m here, and 

I’m just as strange as you.


(Frida Kahlo)









I have a deeply hidden 

and inarticulate desire 

for something beyond 

the daily life.


(Virginia Woolf)