When you first start trying to be

vulnerable, people are going to 

freak out. And there will be a

pushback. You will scare some

people. But vulnerability is a great

filter. If people can‘t accept your

vulnerability, they don‘t deserve 

your trust.


(Brené Brown)









Your time is limited, 

so don't waste it living 

someone else's life. 

Don't be trapped by dogma - 

which is living with the results of 

other people's thinking. 

Don't let the noise of other's opinions 

drown out your own inner voice. 

And most important, have the courage 

to follow your heart and intuition. 

They somehow already know what 

you truly want to become. 

Everything else is secondary.


(Steve Jobs)











Who are you?


What do you want? 

What does your heart desire?

Why are you here?

What do you want to leave here on earth, as your incomparable treasure?

Do you have friends? Do you have enemies?

What will your friends miss when you are gone?

What will your enemies miss when you are gone?

Are you happy? What does happiness mean for you?

Have you found peace? What does peace mean for you?

Do you have a job where you can express your unique talents? 

Do you believe you deserve abundance? 

Do you feel safe and loved in your relationships, are you allowed to be authentic and honest? 

Do you invite love and real contact or do you hide behind unclimbable walls, hurting and rejecting everyone who comes too close?

Do you believe in true love as mere biology, or in the magical earthly union of two souls?

Do you love yourself? And if not, who else should love you? And why?

Do you live your daily life from a place of love, or from a place of fear?

Are you courageous enough to set healthy boundaries, or do you prefer playing the victim?

Do you believe in the free will? Or do you feel like a remote-controlled puppet, surrendering your own destiny?

Can you face and accept challenges as opportunity to grow, or are you full of resistance?

Can you trust the Tao, the divine, the universe, or do you want to control everything?

Do you allow yourself to feel, or do you stick to your monkey-mind?

Are you connected with your magical inner child, or do you pretend to be the reasonable adult only?

Do you think you are a soul? Or a human being? Or both?

Do you see your body as an unpredictable decaying meat chunk, or as your miraculous human sanctuary?

Do you believe in any form of “God“? And if yes, is your understanding of divine presence unconditionally loving or does it judge and punish you?

Is your “God“ a separated almighty authority, or are you and God one? 

Are you God?

Do you believe in karma? And if yes, does it make you afraid, leading you to behave correctly, trying to be a “good” person?

Or do you see karma as an eternal merciful flow which guarantees to always bring you back into your natural state of balance and love?

Do you repress the fact of death or do you try to integrate it as an inseparable part of the circle, inviting you to live fully NOW and to be yourself?


Every single human being has different answers to these questions. 

Love who you are. You are incomparable.

The universe needs your uniqueness.











Things I know about healing:

When you want to run, stay.

When you want to hide, open up.

When you think you're done, 

go a little further.


(Dr. Rebecca Ray)









Self-esteem is your capacity to 

recognize your worth and value,

despite your human flaws 

and weaknesses. 

Your value as a person isn’t 

earned; it isn't conditional; 

it can't be added to or

subtracted from. 


Your essential worth is neither 

greater nor lesser than that of 

any other human being. 

It can't be.

Self-esteem is about being, 

not doing. 

You have worth simply 

because you're alive.


(Terry Real)









Signs it's time to set



You feel drained, resentful, 

or angry.


Gentle requests aren't working & 

the person keeps crossing 

your line.


You're sick of complaining 

about it & your people are sick of 

hearing you complain.


It's impacting your thoughts, 

emotions, & sleep.


If a friend was in this situation, 

it's obvious they should stick up 

for themselves.


You can't allow this to go on & 

stay in integrity with yourself.


(Robin Clark)









There has been nothing

to make me feel quite 

as powerless

as wanting to save you

and knowing in my heart 

I couldn’t.


(Samantha King Holmes)









Storms come, but you must 

remember they also go.

They end. They disperse and 

the sun comes back again 

to warm your body and 

fill your heart with light. 

Do not be fooled

into thinking the storms 

will conquer you. 

They have always been meant 

to teach you something. 

The waves and currents are 

created so you can learn 

who you are, who you aren't, 

and what you are capable of 

in the depths of life. 

You've been saying you want 

to swim, well the storm 

is your teacher.


(Dele Olanubi)









You can be healing and still:


- triggered

- afraid

- emotionally closed-off

- unclear about which path to take next

- tender


Healing is not perfection, 

it’s small steps and progress 

toward becoming you again. 

Journey with grace

through the process.


(Lalah Delia)









Both the Winter and the Summer 

Solstices are expressions of love. 

They show us the opposition of 

light and dark, expansion and 

contraction, that characterize our 

experiences in the Earth school 

so that we can recognize our options 

as we move through our lives.


(Gary Zukav)









It's hard to explain 

your pain to others

when you barely

understand it



(Hannah Blum)









Don't forget all those times

you thought you couldn't walk

through fire but you did.

Don't forget all those times

you thought you weren't strong

enough but you were.

Yes, you have scars, but

those are the markings 

of a warrior.

If you want to remember

something, remember that.


(Darla Evans)









people fascinate me

like great literature,

and i often find myself

imagining what kind of lives

they have had,

what stories they could tell.


and this allows me

to see them more deeply

and to have more compassion

and love for strangers.


because every green eye,

tattered shoe,

and lovely wrinkle

tells another line

of the story.


(Jose Chaves)









If you're struggling

emotionally today

you've likely

forgotten this...


I am enough.

I am safe in my own body.

I am lovable.


Go say it in a mirror.


(Chanelle Sowden)









Beautiful things are vanishing 

each day. There has never been 

a more crucial time to believe 

in your creativity and your gifts. 

Trust me when I say that art 

creates hope, it connects, it heals. 

So please write the damn book. 

Paint the picture. Take the trip.

Stay inspired, stay hungry. 

Put your work into the world,

and use your voice, because we 

need it now more than ever before.


(Bianca Sparacino)









The evolution of my soul,

is my responsibility.


(Stacie Martin)









To live with an open heart 

is to walk a hero's path.

There is nothing more difficult 

in this armored world,

and there is nothing 

more profound. 


It's easy to head-trip, to focus, 

to fixate, to manifest, to detach, 

to bypass the world of feeling. 


The world rewards us when 

we accumulate at the expense 

of our authenticity. 

But detachment is a tool - 

it's not a life. 


And it all comes at a terrible 

price, because we cannot be 

in the moment if our heart 

is closed. Truth is the gateway 

to the moment, and we can only 

know truth through the eyes of 

the feeling heart. Open wide...


(Jeff Brown)









A Reminder from Smaller Beings


The bird building her home

on your windowsill

has had every nest

destroyed before.


The spider that is delicately

weaving a silken masterpiece

has had every single thread

broken before.


And despite it all,

they try again.


(Nikita Gill)









As a man you've probably 

grown up your whole life 

hearing "boys don't cry"

"be a man“ or "toughen up“. 

If you are still finding it 

a struggle to open up and cry,

try thinking of it as a super power. 

Did you know that when you cry 

you release the stress hormone 

cortisol, less cortisol means better 

recovery which can then lead to 

greater muscle growth.

So chuck your protein powder away 

and let those tears go.


(Ryan Rose Evans)









Sometimes, Grace throws you and 

your ‘world’ into the washing machine, 

full spin, so that the fearful and 

controlling tendency is compelled 

to offer itself to the Totality - 

to the will and dance of the Cosmos.











You have to die a few times 

before you can really live.


(Charles Bukowski)









I trust so much in the power of 

the heart and the soul; 

I know that the answer to 

what we need to do next 

is in our own hearts. 

All we have to do is listen, 

then take that one step further 

and trust what we hear. 

We will be taught 

what we need to learn.


(Melody Beattie)









Signs that you're done with



• you're fed up with doing things 

you don’t really want to do

• you see people-pleasing as the 

chronic trauma response that it is

• anger is no longer something 

you fear, it’s something you feel 

in your body and it’s empowering

• you set healthy boundaries 

without worrying about how 

other people will respond

• you let people have their opinions, 

feelings, and problems


(Dr. Anna Kress)









The real voyage of discovery 

consists not in seeking new landscapes, 

but in having new eyes.


(Marcel Proust)









I still get wildly enthusiastic 

about little things… 

I play with leaves. 

I skip down the street and 

run against the wind. 


(Leo Buscaglia)









When I choose to heal,

I choose to live life in an

entirely different way.


I awaken to the truth of

my childhood + the lifelong

impact it's had without the

blame, shame, or denial

I was conditioned within.


For the first time in my

adult life, I put myself first.

And end my role as a fixer,

enabler, or rescuer.


I begin to take responsibility

for my life through setting

boundaries + ending

patterns of self betrayal.


As I reparent myself in

these ways, my self worth

is restored. I no longer view

myself or other people as

helpless. I no longer over-

extend myself so I can

feel needed or important.


I come to terms with my

patterns of people pleasing

that were rooted in

unconscious manipulation,

or a way to be viewed as

"nice" or "good." My worth

no longer comes through



I begin to find me. As I find

me, I begin to build life

around something missing

within all dysfunctional

family units: integrity.

My words match my actions.

I keep promises to myself.

I live my values, instead

of talking about them.


While parts of this journey

will feel lonely + exhausting,

I free myself from the soul

draining life of living for

other people's approval. 

I free myself from living as a

false self. I reclaim myself

in a sick society. I am my

own hero.


I model empowerment.

As I am no longer a victim

of circumstance, I create

life on my own terms,

showing the path for

others to do the same.


(Dr. Nicole LePera)









Sometimes when we criticize

our partner, what we’re trying

to communicate is:


- I don't feel like a priority

- I am not feeling very loved

- I don't feel heard by you

- I don't feel understood by you

- I’m feeling insecure

- I’m not feeling respected by you

- I want your attention

- I want you to feel appreciated by you


It's not an excuse for criticism 

but might help us understand 

what's happening beneath it. 

Our goal is to say what's on 

the list instead of criticizing 

our partners. 

If you catch yourself in a criticism 

or complaint might you ask yourself 

what need of yours is being



And if you're on the receiving end of 

criticism or a complaint might you 

ask your partner what they're really 

feeling instead of defending or 

criticizing right back?


Hard work, without question, 

but beautiful work if you're in a loving 

dynamic with someone you'd like to 

heal and expand with.


(Vienna Pharaon)









Crying releases

stress hormones.

Swearing increases 

pain tolerance.

Anger motivates us to

solve problems.


Silence and smiles 

aren't the only way 

to respond to pain.


Sometimes it is 

good to howl.


(Matt Haig)









Before your children came,

they were told that 

you would love them,

so whatever you do,

however you treat them,

to them,

it is love.


If you are cruel to them, 

they will think it is love.

If you yell at them, 

they will think it is love.

If you ignore them, 

they will think it is love.

If you walk away from them, 

they will think it is love.


And if you are kind to them, 

they will think it is love.

And if you are gentle with them, 

they will think it is love.

And if you listen to them, 

they will think it is love.

And if you hold them tightly, 

they will think it is love.


Because we cannot point 

at anything that exists 

and say, "This is love,"

so you will teach your children every 

day they are with you what it is.

And one day,

when someone else treats them

the way you treated them,

they will say,

"This is love."


So teach them well.

No matter what you were 

taught yourself.


(lain S. Thomas)









Your sensitivity is your armor

my friend, and do not let

anyone tell you different.

It may be both a blessing

and a curse to be this way,

to inhale all that performs

around you, but at the end

of the day it is an absolute

privilege to be tender,

an honor to truly care

about the things most

people miss.


To you a pebble is a cathedral.

To you a grain of sand has

a beating heart.


This is why you matter in

this world.


We need more eyes like yours.


(Christopher Poindexter)