the same challenges keep on manifesting

through different people and circumstances,


because the lessons aren’t 

acknowledged, honoured and learnt yet.


You can’t grow through

what you keep on trying to bypass.


(Sabriya Simon)









Be the bravest version of yourself.

You are worth it. Dig yourself out of 

the foundation you let yourself in,

buried in what others said you were.

Start new. Burn it down. Feel it.

Be alive. Be yourself, truly. Fully.


(Amethyst Joy)









Reparenting Affirmations:


I am so glad you were born. 

You are a good person. 

I love who you are and am doing my best 

to always be on your side. 

You can come to me whenever 

you’re feeling hurt or bad. 

You do not have to be perfect to 

get my love and protection. 

All of your feelings are okay with me. 

I am always glad to see you. 

It is okay for you to be angry 

and I won’t let you hurt yourself or 

others when you are. 

You can make mistakes - 

they are your teachers. 

You can know what you need 

and ask for help. 

You can have your own preferences 

and tastes. 

You are a delight to my eyes. 

You can choose your own values. 

You can pick your own friends, 

and you don’t have to like everyone. 

You can sometimes feel confused and 

ambivalent, and not know all the answers. 

I am very proud of you.


(Pete Walker)









We look at our phones instead of 

into eyes. We text instead of call.

We build walls when we should be

building bridges. We are so guarded

and then we wonder why we don’t 

feel love and connection. 

Lift your eyes, open your heart,

and lean into your discomfort. 

Great relationships happen by 

choice not by chance.


(Mark Groves)





Interesting and alarming documentary about

the toxicity of social media...








When you are sad,

you can have a hundred

people counsel you for hours,

and you may still feel nothing.

And then there would be that 

one person, who just needs to

say your name, and that voice

will light up your soul.


(Rahul Kaushik)









I am drawn to people 

who are consumed 

with passion, as if it is 

growing wildly inside. 

The deep minded ones, 

who can hold their own 

intellectual conversation, 

but a crazy sense of humor, 

that can make me laugh 

in the middle of seriousness. 

I love the strong people, 

who don’t let their pride 

ruin their weakness, 

and someone not afraid 

to speak up for something 

they believe in with actions. 

I’m in love with the ones 

who know how to listen 

wholeheartedly, without 

offering judgmental advice. 

People with big hearts, 

deep souls, and wild minds: 

I adore you. You’re fabulous. 


(Stephanie Bennett-Henry)









there’s no such thing as 

being completely ready.

you’re never going to feel 

like you’ve got everything

sorted and all figured out.

if you get to the place where

you’re just a little more

excited than afraid, that’s

when you go for it, that’s

when you go all in. to hell 

with playing it safe.


(The Better Man Project)









My love,

you cannot truly “be there” for another 

until you learn to “be there” for yourself.


Be there for your breath as it rises and falls. 

As it slows, quickens, deepens. 

As the belly expands and contracts. 

Be there. Be a loving witness 

to this extraordinary power

that moves through you. 


Be there for all your feelings,

not just the pleasant ones. 

Be there for the grief and the anger, too.  

The ease and the frustration. 

Be there for the sorrow,

the emptiness and the fullness, 

the wildness and the calm,

the life and the dying. 


Be there for all your thoughts. 

The ones you love and the ones you hate. 

The ones that scare you and the ones you seek.

Be there as they arise and dissolve.

Stay there as they stay and go. 


Be there for the broken heart 

and be there for the healed one too. 

Be there for the answers, 

but don’t abandon the questions either.

Be there for the clarity, 

but don’t neglect the confusion.


Be there for all of yourself, my love.

Like a mother, there for her children. 


And you will be able 

to be there for all of me. 


Look after me by looking after you. 

Find me by finding you. 


Let me in by staying near. 

This is the paradox of loving. 


(Jeff Foster)









If you were going to die soon and 

had only one phone call to make, 

who would you call and 

what would you say? 

And why are you waiting?


(Stephen Levine)









My worth is not determined by

whether or not someone can 

hold space for my pain.

And I am no longer taking on 

other peoples judgement and 

discomfort as my truth.


I’m choosing vulnerability over hiding.

I’m choosing humanness over perfection.

I’m choosing to feel. 

And in a world where we’re taught to 

suppress and numb and hide, 

that’s a radical act.


(Daniell Koepke)









write the story.



your hands 

into the dirtiest

parts of yourself.


take the

rot & decay

& turn it into

nourishment & life.


water it

& sing to it

& show it



grow a beautiful garden

from your aching

& teach yourself

how to thrive from it.


write your story. 


- the sign you've been waiting for.



(Amanda Lovelace)









What fascinates me 

is that hardly anyone 

asks the deep questions.

Most people accept the

work-eat-entertainment-sleep cycle 

as life and have no desire for a 

deeper understanding of our 

purpose in this universe.


(Aletheia Luna)










You’re not going to find

the answers you seek 

on Facebook or via some 

random self proclaimed 

Guru on YouTube.

You already have what 

you’ve been looking for and

it’s really not all that complicated.

Just give yourself space

to sit in the silence long enough

to feel your way past the bullshit 

and hear what your soul 

has been trying to say.


(Brooke Hampton)










self love

is a 


for the earth



(Yung Pueblo)





Hello friends,


we have just recorded our first guided meditation: 


It's a daily meditation to reconnect with your true self and your true feelings.


You can listen to it under the section "Listen"

in the menu above.


We hope that you will enjoy it and that it will 

support you on your healing journey…


Much love


Verena & Alex








You might be feeling things now

that you had to not feel when

you were young in order to survive.

There’s no time limit on feelings and

there’s no time limit on the compassion

you can show yourself for these feelings.


(Sarah Mariann Martland)









In general, people are not drawn to perfection

in others. People are drawn to shared interests,

shared problems, and an individual's life energy.

Humans connect with humans.

Hiding one's humanity and trying to project

an image of perfection makes a person vague,

slippery, lifeless, and uninteresting.


(Robert Glover)









Sometimes instead of saying,

"Just keep a positive mindset!"

what we need to hear is,

"I know this fucking sucks right now,

but you’re a badass, and you’re going 

to push through it.

This moment will make you better."


(Hannah Blum)









You have an inner light within you 

that is craving to be shared by those around you, 

by the world at large - but mostly by you. 

When you share your unique light, bit by bit, 

you light up the lives of those around you. 

And, one by one, you inspire them to light up too. 

It’s a chain reaction. And before long, 

the whole world lights up.

Your light is contagious.


(Rebecca Campbell)









You are under no obligation 

to be the same person 

you were a year, month, 

or even 15 minutes ago. 

You have the right to grow. 

No apologies.


(Alan Watts)









Here’s the thing: 'life', 

generally speaking,

isn’t always trustworthy; 

life can let you down,

turn you around, 

and take a long time 

to make sense.

Trusting in life is not simply 

taking a blind mental leap 

while sitting on one’s laurels -

even when people talk big 

about the amount of trust 

they have in life, 

there is still so much work 

that goes on behind 

the scenes. 

Learning to trust in life 

is actually, more accurately, 

learning to trust yourself. 

And trusting in yourself 

takes a lot of practice, 

involves a lot of choices, 

a lot of showing up, 

and a lot of hard work.


(Emma Rose Tait)









Your pain is not too much.

People who can’t handle your pain

generally aren’t able to because 

they haven’t handled their own.

It’s not because you’re too much,

it’s because what you’re bringing 

forward confronts them to look at 

their own lives and they’re not 

quite ready to do that.


(Vienna Pharaon)









See the world 

through the eyes 

of your inner child.

The eyes that sparkle 

in awe and amazement 

as they see love, magic 

and mystery in the 

most ordinary things.


(Henna Sohail)









The Earth 

is what we all

have in common.


(Wendell Berry)









Ego is neither positive nor negative.

Those are simply concepts that create

more boundaries.

Ego is just ego, and the disaster of it all is that you,

as a spiritual seeker, have been conditioned to

think of the ego as bad, as an enemy,

as something to be destroyed.

This simply strengthens the ego.

In fact, such conclusions arise from the ego itself.

Pay no attention to them.

Don't go to war with yourself;

simply inquire into who you are.











Gentle reminder:


Discomfort is not just a sign

that something is wrong;

It can also be a sign that 

something is growing 

and transforming.


(Lisa Olivera)











Where have the feelings gone? 

When did we start repressing them?

Who told us that feelings mean weakness and loss of control?

How could we believe this?

Why are we so afraid to feel vulnerable with a shaky but open heart?

When will 'FEELINGS' be a subject in school, replacing some of the senseless stuff that is never needed in real life and forgotten after a short time anyway?


How can we expect the world to become a better place if we don’t stop simply passing on all our repressed emotional backpacks to our children?

How many antidepressants do we have to take until the desperate call of our true feelings becomes silent forever?

Who understands the enormous price we pay for that?

What would happen if suddenly all alcohol and all drugs would mysteriously vanish from the Earth, and we would have to face our sober and natural state? Just imagine...


It’s not about judging ourselves, but isn’t it sad how normal all this running away at any cost has become?

Why don’t we understand the connection between this escape from our real feelings and the terrifying variety of events that is happening lately on this magnificent and peaceful planet?


We are sentient beings, and nothing will ever be able to change this. 

Nothing. No pill, no drug, no invention, no spiritual practice, and no distraction.

We will always have to face our true feelings one day, in this life or another.

Fortunately. Because feelings are the impulse for every transformation and the fuel of life itself. 

Without them, we could just as well have stayed in the world beyond. 

But we didn’t; we wanted to experience the full range of feelings.


So let’s connect with our body and sense whatever is there. Let’s dwell in this open space and allow our feelings to be the challenging but friendly guide to our true self.

No one said it would be easy, but it will be worth it.


What are we waiting for?











Understand me. 

I’m not like an ordinary world. 

I have my madness, 

I live in another dimension 

and I do not have time 

for things that have no soul.


(Charles Bukowski)









That night when you kissed me, 

I left a poem in your mouth, 

and you can hear some of the lines 

every time you breathe out.


(Andrea Gibson)









When time has passed 

in a relationship & 

a sense of security 

has been established,

the masks we wear fall off,

our true attachment patterns 

and our shadow parts emerge.


Our wounded inner child,

sensing the safety, emerges

looking for healing.


This is when the real 

relationship begins.


(Cassandra Solano)









In 2020

ask yourself…










(Teal Swan)









May your coming year 

be filled with 

magic and dreams 

and good madness. 

I hope you read 

some fine books 

and kiss someone who 

thinks you’re 


and don't forget 

to make some art - 

write or draw 

or build or sing 

or live as only you can. 

And I hope, 

somewhere in the next year, 

you surprise yourself.


(Neil Gaiman)




May the wishes of this quote and all of your personal dreams come true for you…


Regarding art, Alex and I made a decision during our digital detox, concerning only the members of our Insight Timer-Group:


We will continue posting the daily quote only here, on our website, because it feels so much better, more alive, and more creative. 

We want to leave behind the stress and troubles of the last year and continue our work in a friendly and independent atmosphere without the negative and unpleasant effects of social media.


We see ourselves as kind of curators: all that we want is to share beautiful, inspiring, and challenging quotes that have helped us on our healing journey with people who resonate with them and who also want to grow and free themselves from old patterns and belief systems.


We want to support everyone who wants to truly heal by allowing and integrating ALL feelings.


This website is our kind of gallery. Here, the daily quotes, and also our texts, images, videos, and audios, are presented in a safe and visually appealing setting, where they can breathe, inspire, and unfold freely, untamed, without any judgment, rating, narrow-mindedness, spiritual bypassing, and restriction.

Everyone who relates to and appreciates this is welcome. 


Every month, we will post a new direct link to our website in the group, so it will be very comfortable for everyone who wants to read the daily quote from the app.


We are happy to continue the journey with you this new year…


Much love from us both


Verena & Alex