Stop demanding love from those 

who do not love themselves. 

Stop expecting understanding from

small-minded people.

Stop asking for empathy from those

who aren’t kind to themselves.


Become the CEO of your own

happiness vs. the manager of 

someone else’s misery.

You have the power to create the story 

you want vs. survive in a story

that doesn’t want you.


(Andréa Balt)









Today a licensed therapist posted the message

“An uncomfortable but empathetic truth, is that your parents did their best.” This statement sends so many incorrect messages to trauma survivors.

I am going to break these down.


1). There is no parent, regardless of what was done to them (when they were kids), that was confused about whether it was right or wrong to assault their child. That means rape, incest, physical abuse or verbal attacks. 


2). There is a younger version of you, who has carried that traumatic experience. Hearing that your parents did the best they could is incredibly insulting, triggering, and invalidating to that younger self.


3). If you found out your parent had a horrific childhood, and they did, in fact, do the best they could, this will have zero impact on how trauma has registered in your brain and body. It offers no relief from trauma.


4). No therapist has a right to tell you what to think about your parents. The therapist should be encouraging you to establish your trust and instinct and be able to build your own judgements about traumatic events and the roles that were played. 


5). Lastly, this message suggests that if you buy in to this process, you have fully realized your empathy, or have arrived at a deeper sense of self. 


I am calling out to your younger self who has experienced the trauma: "Younger you… I am so sorry for what happened. It should have never been. There is no place in your body, your soul, or your understanding to have ever been hurt the way you were. Your healing has nothing to do with your parents, it has everything to do with you, and you are beloved. I am sending you strength, peace, honor, respect and reminding you, that you deserve to heal in the most sacred way."


(Nate Postlethwait)









The future depends entirely on 

what each of us does every day; 

a movement is only people moving.


(Gloria Steinem)









You could never tell me who to be. 

I have earned these wings. 

My freedom is the only thing 

that matters to me.


(Mia Hollow)




An important personal note from us below the quote!







Trump’s impeachment matters. Not because he will be convicted by the senate (that’s not going to happen, with this collection of lawless and soulless desperados), but because it was essential that someone, somehow, stopped the bleeding and stood up for core principles and rule of law. The existence of Trump alone has been profoundly triggering for anyone who has suffered at the hands of rapists, abusers, liars, thieves, sociopaths, fascists and bottom-dwelling narcissists. Because he is all of that, and because every day he gets away with something horrifying, is another day that our trauma triggers are activated and we feel our core wounds. To see him finally get his karmuppance, even if it isn’t enough to see him removed, is a huge and significant step forward, and an indicator of what’s to come. I think of Trump (and those who enable him) as the last T-Rex’s on Mother Earth. They know that their time has come - they can’t stop the movement toward a more inclusive and humane consciousness - so they are doing everything they can to “eat the world” one last time. It’s gnarly and it’s ugly, but their desperation is a reflection of the fact that they know that their time is up. Time’s up for Toxic Masculinity, Malevolent Warriorship, Unconscionable Capitalism. This is their last plate of KFC. And they know it. 


(Jeff Brown, from 19.12.2019)






Maybe you wonder why we have chosen a quote about Trump again for today, just a few days after the one from Andy Borowitz.

Well, if you read the guestbook entry that we got today, you will understand.

Obviously, it is necessary.

This quote is from December, and it's about the impeachment but that doesn't matter: Jeff Brown expresses just perfectly our feelings about Trump in general.

Nothing more to say.


The guestbook entry from today says that "he just doesn't want to come to this site and have it be political."

To be honest: Alex and I have been flabbergasted when we read this.

I mean, we have stopped posting in the Insight Timer app to finally be free from restrictions, sugarcoating, spiritual bypassing and so on, and still, there are people who feel like having to tell us that our quote about Trump has "turned him off " as if we should stop choosing such quotes.




Andy Borowitz is a very intelligent writer, comedian, satirist, and actor who graduated in Harvard. 

We love his quote about Trump from some days ago, because it hits the nail on the head.


We live in a constant state of being "turned off "since Trump has been selected and the thought that he maybe will be selected again drives us crazy, even if we are quite balanced and spiritual people. 

Most people in Germany feel like this by the way.

Trump is the perfect symbol for the repression and ignorance of truth and the forgetting of who we really are.

And people should never be silenced about this - because it affects us all (for example with his denial of the climate change).


To make this clear: this is our website with our rules, our selection of quotes, our themes, our attitudes, our perspectives on life. 

It's 100 % personal.

If you resonate: wonderful! If not: also wonderful! Then please create your own website with your own rules or search one that fits better to you.

We have absolutely no problem with this, and we say this not aggressively, but just very clearly and boundary setting.

This is a free private website without any commercial interest - created as a result of our personal healing journey - where did we sign that we are not allowed to post political quotes also???

Under the section "About" we write very clearly what our work is about and of course, it includes also political and societal aspects. 

We would never dare to tell anyone what he or she should or shouldn't post on his or her website. If we wouldn't like it, we would leave. Period.

Where is the problem? 


Whenever we posted a challenging quote in our group "Remember who you are,“ in the Insight Timer app we had to live with (passive) aggressive and hostile comments, emails, and guestbook entries from people who felt so provoked. We never understood why they didn't simply leave the group?!?


It feels so good now to be freer from all this and from all kinds of social media. We will never use any social media in our life again because we think it ultimately has huge negative effects on the individual psyche and on our society, and we will never post in the Insight Timer app again (the documentary about the toxicity of social media that we posted on 28.01.2020 really opened our eyes…)


So we made the decision now to keep it like this:

We will just continue to post the monthly direct link there. 

It shouldn't be a problem to use it; it's very comfortable.


It's stunning to see how many people visit our website from so many different sources, and we are happy that so many people resonate with our quotes, even if they are often challenging and thought-provoking. That's amazing!


We receive so many beautiful emails and guestbook comments from people who express their appreciation for our website but, incredibly, during the last weeks, we also received some messages from Insight Timer Members who told us that they will leave the group if we don't continue to post in the app. Fortunately, it was only a few, but we don’t understand such a behavior at all. If they want to leave, they have to leave… That's okay.

All that we do, we do for free, just to support other people on their healing journey and to encourage them that EVERYTHING can be healed by allowing the truth - all this based on our personal experiences and our psychological qualifications.


Not only do those people take for granted all the time and energy that we put into it (besides our busy job), they even demand how and where we do it, just because it would be a tiny bit more convenient for them.



As most of you know, Alex has survived ritual abuse at the age of ten. The more than challenging healing journey from this forces us every single day to work on ourselves, allow our true feelings, set the right focus, live a healthy lifestyle, stay away from all kinds of toxicity, choose the right people around us, and take good care of ourselves. 

Otherwise, we wouldn't have arrived at this point in our life.


Ritual abuse is the ultimate darkest and most terrible thing that can happen to a child, and we would never trigger anyone by posting anything about the horrible details. But like we said, we don't want any other restriction about the content of our quotes, not in a political, psychological, or societal sense. 

We enjoy very much now to simply choose the quotes, without any thoughts about "Likes" or lecturing and disrespectful comments, often from people with a flower as a profile pic.

The anonymity on the internet makes such a behavior possible. 

We are so done with this!


Of course, we also had great discussions and inspiring comments in the group when people shared their own personal experiences. 

We absolutely LOVED this, but it became just too exhausting to deal with stalkers/haters the more authentic, courageous, and challenging our selection of quotes became.


We think that so many aspects of our society are profoundly sick, and that humanity has developed in a quite self-destructive and dangerous direction, disconnected from the truth in general, our true feelings, our souls, each other, and Mother Earth.

We need more people who dare to speak out uncomfortable truths and stand their ground against all the bullshit out there. 


We had to speak this out now.

Btw: we already decided to never post in the Insight Timer app again some days ago, the guestbook entry from today and some other emails are just another confirmation for this decision.


Many thanks for all the wonderful emails and guestbook entries from people all over the world who really understand what our work is about. 

We love you!




Verena & Alex





Btw, obviously Nanea Hoffman, one of the authors whose quotes we regularly post, has the same issues on her website.

And she seems to have the same attitude about it... 







Note to self:


Along with all the 

growth and healing,

remember to give yourself

time for integration, 

which is a fancy word for

"allowing shit to settle."

It looks like doing nothing.

This nothing is necessary.


(Emily McDowell)










8 Healthy Ways to Express Anger:


1) Admit it to yourself…

"i'm feeling really angry about…"

2) Journal, fill a whole note book if need be

3) Find songs that help validate some of your feelings

4) Vent to a friend

5) Draw or paint your anger, as dark or rageful

as you need

6) Exercise, go exhaust yourself physically

7) Throw rocks, preferably with someone who gets it

8) Shout, scream, roar or stomp the energy out


(Chanelle Sowden)









Anger is where 

your boundaries exist. 

Without anger you have 

no boundaries. 

Anger is the one saying

"this is a NO for me and it

happened anyway... "

So you cannot actually live

in your personal truth with

no access to your anger.


(Teal Swan)









Emotions are meant to flow through us. 

They exist so that they can be felt.

Not changed, altered, ignored.

Allow yourself to feel everything, 

for exactly what it is. 

The painful, the beautiful, 

the overwhelming intensity 

of being human. 


(E. V. Rogina)









Stopping Trump is a short-term solution. 

The long-term solution, and it will be more difficult, 

is fixing the educational system that has created 

so many people ignorant enough to vote for Trump.


(Andy Borowitz)









I was appalled at how much pressure my clients were getting to just forgive and forget. 

Consequently, many of them were diving right back into denial, and minimizing all the trauma that they had endured. 

Their recovery processes then, screeched to a halt as their inner critics denigrated them for being so unforgiving.


(Pete Walker)









My energetic field 

is no longer a spaceholder 

for your projections, insecurities 

& unresolved trauma.


My energetic field 

is no longer a spaceholder 

for your projections, insecurities 

& unresolved trauma.


My energetic field 

is no longer a spaceholder 

for your projections, insecurities 

& unresolved trauma.


(Emma Zeck)









Go easy on yourself.

You are clearing 

thousands of years of 

outdated conditioning.


(Paulina Serafina)











You look out of your window and see them -

their number seems to increase every day.


You take a walk, and they cross your path.


You watch TV, and their dumb and intrusive blah-blah bothers you.


You go shopping and see them hopelessly searching for happiness in the material world.


You read the newspapers and face their latest cruel deeds all around the world - every single day.

All this suffering out of unconsciousness makes you speechless and sorrowful.


You watch them bringing up their innocent and beautiful children. They try to pull out all their vital and joyous life force like energy-vampires so that they will share their destiny as soon as possible.


You realize that they love to be politicians or managers because their ego wants to be fed with the maximum of obedience and power. That’s the only thing which makes them feel alive - for a short time.


You look into their dead eyes and see that they have forgotten who they are. The soul seems to have left the eyes a long time ago.

It is hidden in a secret place, where nobody - not even they themselves - can find it.


It happened at some point in their own childhood.

It was too dangerous for them to let their light shine, to let their vulnerable and glorious hearts radiate with love. The difference to their dark and loveless surrounding was too painful to endure.


The only thing you can do for the Zombies, and as follows, for the whole world, is to try awakening this lovable and innocent inner child in them by living this part yourself, by allowing your own light to glow brilliantly without any shame, shyness or restriction. Maybe in an unwatched moment, the spark in your eyes jumps over and relights their own flame. Maybe for an instant, they hear your heart singing when they cross your path and suddenly remember the nearly forgotten melody of their own soul.


But you cannot rescue them. They have to rescue themselves.

After being awakened, their inner child will surely tell them some painful stories about the past and show them some frightening real feelings. 


Only the radical acceptance and compassionate processing of this will bring the Zombies back to life, back to the truth. 


When they learn to love and forgive themselves one day, you will see this immediately in their eyes. And the joy about their returning home will fight its way through the dead soil of your resentment like a tiny but miraculous seed.


It’s only a question of time, if not in this life, then in another… 


There is no escape from being who we are.











A few things to try when you’re 

feeling overwhelmed…


Move out of your head and into your body

(dance, walking, intuitive movement, yoga, 

running, high-paced exercise, stretching,

hiking, massage, etc.)


Connect with others

(call a friend, spend time with a pet, connect 

with your partner, go to a workshop, etc.)


Get grounded

(disconnect from technology, feel your feet,

notice your sensations, meditate, get into nature, etc.)


Check in with basic needs

(staying hydrated, eating regularly,

getting good sleep, getting nourishing touch, etc.)


(Lisa Olivera)









I would live

a thousand lifetimes

just to meet you

in this one


(Gemma Troy)










This, I believe, is the central question 

upon which all creative living hinges: 


Do you have the courage to bring forth 

the treasures that are hidden within you?


(Elizabeth Gilbert)









We water ourselves down so we 

don’t make anyone uncomfortable.

We hide the good things that 

come our way so we don’t catch 

the backlash of jealous bitches.

We need to stop that shit - 

it’s not serving any of us.

It’s time to celebrate each other, 

and stop apologizing for 

being magical AF.

It’s time to own our shine, baby!


(Brooke Hampton)









Usually in order to walk 

your true Soul path, 

you’ll need to say goodbye 

to most people in your life. 

For a while, you may feel 

alienated, isolated, and 

terribly lonely. Don’t worry. 

You’ll find your people 

eventually. In the meantime, 

don’t fear the solitude. 

Walking alone forges 

a strong and fierce spirit.


(Aletheia Luna)









Don't seek

don't search

don't ask

don't knock

don't demand - relax.


If you relax, it comes.

If you relax, it is there.

If you relax, you start vibrating with it.







Hello friends,


we just recorded another meditation:



It's a soothing body scan with gentle rain and music

in the background.

You can listen to it as a peaceful start into your day,

before sleep, or whenever you feel stressed.

(You can also find it under the section "Listen"

in the menu above.)



We have also improved the record and audio quality of the "I AM ENOUGH"- Meditation (English and German).

For us, it's an entirely new task, and we are learning more and more about it during the process, but we love it!

We received a lot of emails from you with different wishes for guided meditations, and we are looking forward to recording more of them!

Soon, there will also be meditations with Alex's voice, of course.


Many greetings from Germany, it's incredibly stormy here today, we hope that we will survive this because we live in the middle of a forest with huge trees around our house.

So if there will be no new quote tomorrow, you will know what has happened… 😳🌪😳

Well, we will try to relax - maybe we should listen to our new meditation the whole night through… ; )


Much love


Verena & Alex




PLAY: 25 Min.






- Search the darkness -


Sit with your friends; 

don't go back to sleep. 

Don't sink like a fish 

to the bottom of the sea. 


Surge like an ocean, 

don't scatter yourself like a storm. 


Life's waters flow from darkness. 

Search the darkness, 

don't run from it. 


Night travelers are full of light, 

and you are, too; don't leave this



Be a wakeful candle in a golden dish,

don’t slip in the dirt like quicksilver. 


The moon appears for night travelers, 

be watchful when the moon is full.











A healer does not heal you. 

A healer is someone who holds space

for you while you awaken your inner

healer, so that you may heal yourself.


(Maryam Hasnaa)









Your healing and health will be 

threatening to those who want you sick.


The internal war to stay in structures and systems 

that have harmed us is a very real battle. 

Often times, the decision to heal threatens most, 

if not all, of our relationships. 

The healing journey comes at a cost.


When you choose healing, the energy 

you’re sending to others around you shifts. 

That energy will heavily attract other healers. 

One of the greatest gifts of starting to share my story, 

has been connecting with thousands of other people 

who have very similar stories. 

I’ve learned that regardless of age, sex, gender, 

we all hurt the same. And we all had to take a risk against those who have wanted us to stay in a system that provided us little to no health.


This isn’t advice on who to be in relationships 

with or who to walk away from. 

It’s a clear reminder that anyone who is not 

encouraging your health & healing journey, 

would rather you be sick. 

Do they consciously believe that? Maybe not. 

But often times when we choose the healing path, 

those who will never choose it will do whatever it takes to make us pay a price for healing

outside of the system.


This life is short. 

The world has a lot of undiscovered beauty. 

There are many souls waiting to find you 

on the healing path. 

The air around you is yours to inhale. 

Take that in, and always choose healing. 


While you continue to heal, look for those 

who are needing help along the way. 

Wave, wink, nod and let them know you understand. 

Help them along the way.

Heal together, hold the world.


(Nate Postlethwait)









All the broken people I know 

are also the kindest. 

I guess when you have been 

through terrible suffering 

you do not want anyone else 

to have to endure it. 

Especially when you know from experience 

how good a person can be at hiding it.


(Nikita Gill)









Emotional self-defense…


When you set healthier 

relationship standards in 

your life, some people will

take it personally.

That’s their issue, not yours. 


The distance isn’t against them;

it’s for you.


It’s a boundary, not a grudge.


(Steve Maraboli)









In case you haven’t heard it yet

this decade,


you are beautiful

and I love you.

You are full of

higher purpose 

and you matter, 

so very much.

Live your power.


(Lalah Delia)









trust the fucking process


without expectation

without counting the days

without trying to control it


just trust it.


(Spirit Daughter)









Judging yourself for 

how you adapted to survive

is like judging a chameleon

for changing colors to blend in

with their environment.


(Colie Taico)









I am so tired of how hard we are on ourselves. 

Not attractive enough, not smart enough, 

not cool enough, not purpose-full enough, 

not spiritual enough, not flexible enough, 

not creative enough, not rich enough, 

not happy enough, not healthy enough, 

not sexy enough, not wise enough.

It’s like a collective shame-fest that begins 

when we are born and continues until we die. 

So much magnificent life is lost when 

it is swept under a mountain of shame.

Billions of us walking around convinced 

we are not ‘something enough.’ 

We are missing the point.

Just staying alive on this planet 

is a great achievement, demanding that 

we sift through all of the ‘not-enough’ 

inner chatter to find reason to go on.

How about if we begin every day 

with an ‘I am enough’ meditation? 

Let’s begin right now: 

I am enough! I am enough. 



(Jeff Brown)





Dear friends,


what a wonderful coincidence! 

Right after recording our first meditation


we have stumbled upon this quote. 

Yesterday we also recorded the german version

for all of our german-speaking visitors.


Here are both versions (you can also find them

under the section 'Listen' in the menu above):



Have a wonderful weekend! 



Much love 


Verena & Alex




PLAY: 15 Min.

PLAY: 15 Min.