A soft reminder as we enter 

a new week:


We (all of us) are currently going through

a collective traumatic experience. 

Trauma is often thought of as "too much, too fast“…

which is exactly what’s happening.

Of course you’re exhausted. Of course you’re afraid.

Of course you’re overwhelmed. Of course you’re 

clinging to certainty in the midst of so much unknown.

Of course you aren’t as productive, feeling foggy,

or wondering how you can possibly go through

so many waves of emotions all in the same day.

This all makes so much sense in the context

of our circumstances. Be gentle with yourself.

Have compassion for your process. 

Give yourself grace. You are good, 

no matter how you are managing 

this completely new experience.


(Lisa Olivera)









Sweet soul, don’t you dare run away

because they find you strange, 

and deep, and too real.

Keep on being who you are.

One day they will run to you

because you are strange,

and deep, and real.


(Stacie Martin)









You don’t need to have a 

positive attitude every second,

and it’s okay if your version of productive

means you got out of bed and… well, at least

you got out of bed. Because maybe right now

that’s the best you can manage.


In hard and scary times, that’s an

act of hope. Honor your reality, but 

remember that hope is

in each breath.


(Nanea Hoffman)











Do you remember how brave you are?

The mere fact that you are reading these lines means that you have chosen an incarnation right now, during the most challenging and transforming period on this planet, which already demonstrates how courageous you are. 

Our planet is in serious danger on many levels, but you came here, now, willing to face all these uncertainties.

When you die and return to our real home, you will see this and smile at yourself with compassion and respect instead of criticizing yourself for your failures and fears.


Do you remember how free you are?

An unbounded traveler through time and space, trying to manifest your wildest dreams boldly every day, accessing the full range of possible human experiences.

All your attachments and unfreedoms are ultimately just earthly illusions, which will dissolve at last in the moment of your death.

At that moment, the veil will finally be lifted, and the truth of who you are will be revealed to you. 

You will understand that you have always been free. You have just forgotten it.


Do you remember how safe you are?

Often, life seems to be so overwhelming and random.

In dark moments, it feels as though we are drifting in a tiny nutshell on a huge stormy ocean, not knowing how the situation could ever change again.

However, it always changes. Nothing stays the same, and nothing happens without a reason.

Sometimes, it’s precisely this profound surrendering to something bigger that magically opens a new door to divine grace.


You are not alone, not for one single second.

Even if it feels lonely in your outer world, you can be sure that behind the veil, your own personal and unique crowd of spirit guides, power animals, soul family members, beloved former pets, angelic beings, and a lot of other beautiful expressions of the ONE are there.

At any moment, they are connected to you on a deep, energetic level, watching your earthly adventures through the most loving and compassionate eyes you can imagine. 

In your blackest and most threatening times, which inevitably belong to the human journey, they send you their support and wrap you in an energetic blanket of love and protection.

These are the moments when you suddenly feel an ineffable peace and bliss, even if you had thought you would die just a few seconds before.


Do you remember how loved you are?

Some weeks ago, I was driving through a fabulous landscape and suddenly, after a shower, two stunning rainbows appeared in the sky.

I felt like a little child, watching this magical beauty, and I couldn’t wait to pass the spot where the rainbows seemed to “touch“ the road. 

When I drove through this rainbow light, it raised my energy within a second, and the walls around my heart broke down as if it had never been hurt. 

At that moment, I remembered how cozy the divine unconditional love feels in the world beyond, from which rainbows seem to stem.

I knew that we don’t have to worry about anything, just because of this love. 


Just because of this love.











As children, it feels safer to

harm or abandon ourselves than

to risk damaging our relationship 

with our parents. 

When our self-abandoning behaviors 

are rewarded, we keep them around.

This is how self-sabotage is born.


(Iris McAlpin)









Many of you have begun to lose faith in humanity in the recent years as the intensity of this shift has built to the point where it feels like the people and the world around you has lost its mind. This happens when humanity reaches a crossroads where it must totally change. A threshold has been crossed.

2020 is a turning point. This change is being forced by first exposing all the ‘shadowy aspects’ that have been operating behind the scenes all along.

And it has and will continue to shock you to see them in plain view. The ‘old’ (what is not working) must and will fall away and be replaced by the new.

2020 is a precipice year. It is a crossroads between the way it has been and the way it will be, not just on a personal level, but also on a global level. 


(Teal Swan, 01.01.2020)





This Teal Swan-Video is a forecast for 2020,

published on 01. January.

It's striking to see what she has predicted,

especially regarding the collective crisis

that we are all facing now.


For all those who prefer reading it:

here is a direct link to her blog:







Self-love is not about getting

to a place where you love yourself.

It’s learning to love yourself

in the place where you are in.


(Hannah Blum)









You are not overreacting, or underreacting.


Our nervous systems respond to information being presented in the here and now, and based upon information our bodies store.

If that information is of unsafety and our survival being threatened (or if these experiences are triggered), we respond to that threat.


Whatever ways your body and nervous system is responding to the collective world crises we are facing right now are not wrong.

You get to feel how you feel.




You get to care for yourself in whatever ways you can. And we have the opportunity to care for each other too.


Some people need to check out and not engage in conversation around this. Some need to connect more. Some are being extra vigilant. Some are taking care while trying not to panic. Some feel a huge loss of control. Some have no idea what to feel or do. Some are a huge mixture. None of this is wrong.


Let's try to support each other in our complex responses and needs.


(Sarah Mariann Martland)









Laughter is important, 

not only because it makes us happy, 

it also has actual health benefits. 

And that's because laughter completely 

engages the body and releases the mind. 

It connects us to others, and that in itself 

has a healing effect.


(Marlo Thomas)







Do you know laughter yoga? 


It’s a great tool to create feelings of happiness and release anxiety and tension in the body.

We discovered it some years ago during a very challenging time in our healing process, and now we have started practicing it again.


We can highly recommend the Skype Laughter Club.

It’s free and easy to access. You can laugh there with people from all over the world; it doesn’t matter where you come from, you can choose different sessions from many different countries.

You can laugh just a few minutes up to 20 minutes, whatever feels right for you.

You can choose audio or video, and the only rule is: no speaking, just laughing. At the beginning, this can be a bit weird, but just try it out: you will feel so much better after it… : )


We think it’s such a beautiful possibility now to connect with others online, especially when you feel lonely and isolated.

Laughing is definitely the best medicine, and it also improves the vibrational field, which is filled with so much fear at the moment.


So, it would be lovely to laugh with some of you there soon… : )

You can simply use the button below: it’s a direct link:




Much love from us both


Verena & Alex


P.S.: Btw, this video from Mooji always makes us laugh so hard; may it bring you some joy, too!







You don’t have to solve your entire life today.

You don’t need to have all the answers 

or know the exact path out of this 

dark time and pain. All you have to do 

is focus on what you need to do 

to survive today.


You will figure out the rest when

you get there. You will deal with

the even scarier and more difficult

pieces if or when they come. 

But they haven’t come yet, 

and you haven’t yet gotten there.

You’re still just here, today.

And that’s the only place

you need to be.



(Daniell Koepke)










forcing ourselves to be happy is not

genuine or productive; being honest

about what we feel while remaining

calm and aware is the real work


(Yung Pueblo)





Dear Friends,


yesterday we received a message that a colleague (who has also become a friend during the last years) has been infected with the coronavirus during his ski vacation in Ischgl (one of the risk areas in Austria) about 14 days ago. He has quite strong symptoms, but fortunately, it isn’t getting worse.

One of his 4 friends, who traveled with him and who are all infected, is in hospital with very strong symptoms.

They are all younger than 60, but the problem surely was that they drank so much alcohol at the Aprés Ski Partys every evening without knowing that they were already infected, which weakened their immune system and made the symptoms much stronger.


We don’t want to intensify the fear and panic, but being confronted with this message yesterday morning made us cry and showed us that people really need to take care of themselves and others now. 


It’s unbelievable how selfish, stupid, and ignorant some people behave in such a situation instead of showing solidarity and staying at home.


It affects every single one of us - some regarding health, some regarding finances or both, or simply because of the complete shutdown of our society.


We all need time to adjust to this situation. 

Nothing is like it was some weeks ago, and maybe it won’t be for a long time. We think it will change some things forever.

Which isn’t only negative, of course. 

Because some things definitely have to change.

And ultimately we all know this since a long time already. 

We cannot simply ignore it anymore and go on living our numb and comfortable lives as if everything would be fine. We cannot control everything by just functioning and making money without respecting our home, planet Earth and the laws of nature.


We don’t understand exactly where this virus comes from and how it could spread so quickly, and we are also not really interested in all the different conspiracy theories and blame games because we will probably never really know it.

It is there now. Period. 

And we have to deal with it - collectively and individually.


If we all use this crisis, this confrontation with our individual and collective primal fears, and the time we spent at home now to reconnect with ourselves and our loved ones; then this virus can - like every other challenging aspect of human suffering - be used for our inner growth, the solidarity and connectedness of humanity, and the health of our planet in general.


Today we read an article about a famous Italian sociologist, Franco Ferrarroti, who predicts that there will be an explosion of joy, high spirits, and enthusiasm among people after having been gone through such a profound crisis together.


We sincerely believe that there are no coincidences and that everything in life makes sense and offers us an opportunity to learn and grow.

There is no human life without suffering. 

The coronavirus is a very sudden and frightening reminder of impermanence, suffering, and death, which we all love to repress in our daily life, maybe more than ever.


It seems as if our whole world is in a traumatized state now, fluctuating between panic and dissociation. 

We are so grateful now that we practice meditation and inner work for years because it helps us to find at least some kind of balance and connection to our true self - even in the most challenging and frightening moments. 

We think that this painful period and shift are all about remembering who we are: sentient human beings and immortal divine souls.


In this time, it’s more important than ever to allow our true feelings, which will arise now increasingly, because we are confronted with ourselves, with our repressed traumatized parts and our shadows.

Let's be gentle and compassionate with ourselves and others in this process, while keeping our healthy boundaries.


Like we said: we will try to support you all as best we can with encouraging, inspiring, and authentic quotes, videos, audios, and recommendations during this challenging time.


Stay calm and aware...


Sending you all much love ❤️


Verena & Alex









How is your inner child doing?⁠

Inner child trauma survivors often have a nervous system that is highly attuned to jump into action in moments of intensity.⁠

That means that the inner child in you may be needing extra soothing and care right now from older parts of you.⁠

Here's an example of how you might write to your inner child. Little reminders like this each day, whether written or spoken can go a long way for the scared younger parts of us inside.⁠

Remember, your inner child has the brain development and resources that you had when you were very young. They are often very emotional and not always rational. Their nervous system may be on high alert and reasoning with them may not always calm them.⁠

Try taking the reins and see what happens.⁠

What would it be like for your inner child (or would it have been like for you as a child) to have a loving and present adult take over right now and relieve them of the burden of making sure everything is going to be OK?⁠

What could your inner child do instead of spinning in anxiety, feeling tense in their body or believing that something terrible is going to happen at any moment? ⁠

What kinds of enjoyable activities can you give them invitation and permission to do instead?⁠

Sending lots of love to you and your inner child.⁠


(Colie Taico)









The best


has fur and

four legs 











With this open time

you do not have to write

the next bestselling novel,

you do not have to get in 

the best shape of your life,

you do not have to start 

that podcast.


What you can do instead is 

observe this pause as an opportunity.

The same systems we see crumbling

in society are being called to crumble

in each of us individually.

The systems that taught us 

we are machines that live

to produce & we are disposable

if we are not doing so.

The systems that taught us 

monetary gain takes priority

over humanity.

The systems that create our

insecurities then capitalize off of them.


What if we became curious with

this free time, & had no agenda

other than to experience being?

What if you created art for 

the sake of creating?

What if you allowed yourself to rest

& cry & laugh & play & get curious

about whatever arises in you?


What if our true purpose is 

in this space?


As if mother earth is saying:

We can no longer carry on

this way. The time is now - 

I am reminding you 

who you are.

Will you remember?


(Emma Zeck)









We need to make friends with ourselves.

We are stuck with our self all day,

so let's be kinder, gentler, more amusing company.

Let's take our own hand and say,

'There, there, sister. You're doing a good job.

I'm proud of how you're handling

all this craziness down here.

Don't give up. Carry on, warrior.‘


(Glennon Doyle Melton)









I just wanted to send you all love

tonight. Whether you’re calm or

panicked, afraid or sitting in peace,

we are all still feeling the collective

energy. Take good care of yourselves

and take good care of others.

Pay attention to how the system is

shaking and look for what message 

is being offered to you right now.

There’s something to listen for.


Those who are calm, those who are concerned, 

those who are panicked. I feel you all.

Be loving and kind to yourself and others. 

We’re here in this together. 

Whether you think we should be 

in this position or not right now is irrelevant. 

We are here.

Focus on what you can control. 

Release what you can’t.

Get intentional with daily practices 

that bring you to presence. 

Support others when you can.

Remember, people are walking this path 

with many different stories being held. 

You don’t know what a person is dealing with, 

concerned about, or why they need to stay calm. 

Keep love in your hearts.


Set boundaries with media.

Look at the sky before you look at 

your phone in the morning.


Move your body.



Drink water.


Connect with someone.

Sending you all so much love.


(Vienna Pharaon)





Dear Friends,


that’s exactly how we feel right now: 

we’re here in this together and 

we send you all so much love… 


We will give our best to select quotes

that will support your emotional and 

mental well-being during this collectively

challenging and transformative time.

May we all focus on love, compassion, healing, 

and unity now - more than ever…


Much love from us both ❤️


Verena & Alex









Learn to get in touch with

the silence within yourself 

and know that everything

in this life has a purpose.


(Elisabeth Kubler-Ross)









This is the time to put all the healing practices that 

you’ve studied, invested in, and worked with, to use. 

This moment is the reason why you learned them. 

Ancient healing arts keep us well when life 

is relatively normal, but they are essential 

in moments of crisis and change.

Remember to breathe. 

Put gratitude front and center. 

Put care into everything you do. 

Excess fear, stress, and worry cause harm 

to your system and your networks. 

Wash your hands. Stay home when you can 

and support those in your community 

that can’t because of work or safety issues. 

Listen to and learn from folks that have lived 

with disability and chronic illness.

Stay in touch with your loved ones, 

stay as relaxed as possible, 

stay in joy whenever and 

for however long you can.


(Chani Nicholas)









The way our body is wired 

makes it so pain has a way

of doing two things.


The first is to convince you

that you are the only one

feeling this way, so you 

are alone in it and with it.


The second is to convince you

it will never end. 


Neither is true.


There are people going 

through this exact same 

thing at exactly this minute.


(Teal Swan)









Take extra care of yourself 

in this climate of crisis right now.

Put your nervous system first.

Practice energetic hygiene as well.

Recenter and ground as often as

you need. Limit triggering stimuli,

toxic people and situations.

Emotional health influences 

physical health.


(Cassandra Solano)









There is only one problem in the world - human beings. And the only problem with the human being is that he is unconscious and compulsive. Whether this unconsciousness and compulsiveness manifests itself in the form of war or a domestic situation, it does not matter. These are essentially different expressions of the compulsive behavior of the human being. You were given this level of intelligence, awareness and competence because nature expected that you will become a conscious process. You were given a full-sized brain believing that you will use it consciously. But whether you look at science, technology, politics, religion, industry, business -  all the major forces on the planet are functioning compulsively and unconsciously. So it becomes very important that the teaching also has a shock value, otherwise they know how to ignore it. 


This is not just for effect. That is how the truth is anyway. Truth is shocking. People tell lies even to those whom they love because the truth about every little thing is shocking. Very few human beings have a digestive system to swallow truth and be fine. If you give them the truth about themselves, they will freak out, because they have always been taught to be nice by the so-called civilization and religions. If you blossom into a full-fledged human being, you do not have to be nice. It is just nice, that's all. A flower has blossomed. It is not trying to be nice to you. It is just nice. It is wonderful by its own nature. 











Whatever struggles you’re facing,

and will face, you have the strength

to overcome them. You only need to

consider your life to this point to 

know this is true. You are strong,

a survivor, a person with unknown

reserves for unforeseen hardships.

And though it may not feel like it

right now, the struggle doesn’t 

last forever. Nothing does.

You will get to the other side.


(Scott Stabile)









When our childhood wounds remain unprocessed, when we bury painful feelings and live as a false “self” in the world, no matter how successful or famous or powerful or “enlightened” we are, those wounds end up dictating our speech and actions from their dark home deep within the unconscious. And we end up becoming violent, manipulative and dishonest to others and to ourselves.


The journey of healing will take great courage! We will be asked to invite excruciatingly uncomfortable feelings back into the light of conscious awareness.


As we heal, we may feel more vulnerable than ever. More unsafe than ever. More angry than ever. More powerful and powerless, hopeful and hopeless than ever, as unbearable material finally becomes bearable in the holding field of Presence. But now, at least, we are FEELING these feelings. So they can be met, and owned, and embraced, and accepted, and digested. And no longer acted out on others. No longer vomited out unconsciously into the world.


No matter how “spiritual” or “free” we think we are, no matter how much effort we have put into creating a false “me”, no matter how much we believe we have transcended our issues, we just cannot ignore the cry of our humanness any longer. Our sensitivity, our bodies and our feelings, our doubts, our exquisite vulnerability and the glory of the feminine - we must honour these things now, more than ever.


(Jeff Foster)









⁣if your parents abused you, not having empathy for what you have endured will keep you stuck. in order to move forward, we must seek to validate and have empathy for our inner child/our current selves & what we went through at the hands of people who were supposed to protect us.


often times, people feel ashamed or guilty for owning the fact that their parents abused them because of the nature of it being their parents. they feel a sense of duty, a moral obligation in that they think if they recognize their caregivers actions as abusive, they will offend and or betray them. ⁣⁣


whoever tells you that standing up for yourself equals betrayal, does not have your best interest in mind. if your parents are offended by you protecting yourself and standing up to their abusive behavior, they do not have your best interest in mind.⁣⁣


when you feel shame or guilt for calling it like it is, it’s often times actually our parents shame and guilt that they couldn’t deal with, so they dumped it onto us. shame and guilt lie with the abusers. ⁣⁣


why force yourself to be loyal to someone who wasn’t loyal to you first, just because the name “mom” or “dad” is attached? ⁣⁣

if your parents abused you, you calling them out is not betrayal. you can’t betray someone who betrayed you, first. instead of worrying about offending them, shift the focus on yourself and be offended for the way you were treated by the people who were supposed to protect and nurture you. ⁣⁣ 


you’re allowed to stand up for yourself.

you’re allowed to say no thanks, this no longer works for me - no matter who the hell it is. toxic family systems thrive on secrecy and denial. bringing things into the light, although uncomfortable and painful, is the only way to begin healing. ⁣⁣


(Emma Zeck)









If you’re struggling, you deserve to make self-care a priority. Whether that means lying in bed all day, eating comfort food, putting off homework, crying, sleeping, rescheduling plans, finding an escape through a good book, watching your favorite tv show, or doing nothing at all - give yourself permission to put your healing first.

Quiet the voice telling you to do more and be more, and today, whatever you do, let it be enough. Feel your feelings, breathe, and be gentle with yourself. Acknowledge that you’re doing the best you can to cope and survive. And trust that during this time of struggle, it’s enough.


(Daniell Koepke)









In a toxic family system

the "black sheep" is usually

just the person who sees through

everyone else’s bullshit.


(Christy Leigh)









Learning to live embodied,

to tolerate, experience, and

sometimes even enjoy 

the sensations and emotions 

of our fully human lives 

is a life long process. 

There are not five easy steps

and then you are done.

It is not a one time thing

we can check off.

It is a constant practice 

that will have its own 

ebbs and flows.


(Gwynn Raimondi)









In a world full of 


and narcissism, 

deep feelers are 

rare gems 

that the planet 

desperately needs. 

Please don’t

dim your flame 

to appease others.


(Aletheia Luna)









Fear is only a teacher on your planet.

Your schoolroom is always held within the hands of Perfect Love. 

All the monsters to be created on your planet have already been unleashed, so fear will have no new faces. Oh, perhaps a virus or two. Nothing more.

Fear has emptied out its bag of tricks: nuclear destruction, genocide, cancer, AIDS, torture, and still there is the human heart that seeks to know love.

That is the voice of transformation.

That is the voice of truth.


Fear is the frightened child. 

Love is the flame of holy remembering.



(Pat Rodegast)





Book recommendation:

"Emmanuel’s Book“ (I-IV) by Pat Rodegast.

Especially the first book really helps to remember who we are and to see things from a higher perspective without bypassing the human perspective.

Really inspiring and helpful in such collectively

frightened times… 🙏❤️









The next time you talk

with your partner,

start a conversation

about vulnerability.

Ask them if they feel like

they can be totally honest,

real and transparent with you.

If both people can answer yes -

without any equivocations,

then you know that what

you have is gold.

If not, that’s okay.

Compassionately, start

listening to each other

and giving each other

space to be raw.


(Sylvester McNutt)









if you ever feel lost,

unsure, or insecure



feel your feet on the ground

and remember who the

fuck you are.


(Spirit Daughter)