Friendly Reminder:


You aren’t going to wake up a different person

on January 1st.

You don’t need to be any different than you are.


So often our New Years resolutions are created as a response to how we behaved during the holidays.⠀

They are steeped in SHAME and hinge on the belief that there’s magic in the new year and something special about the new year. 

They are created out of our regrets and disappointments in our past year.

Hear me out, I’m not against New Years resolutions if they work for you.

However for many of us (I would argue MOST), creating a resolution out of shame and guilt is incredibly ineffective.

This is because most human beings do not do well with shame as a motivator.

Shame leads to beating ourselves up, which eventually is so painful to be in, we need to find a way to escape it.

Shame also makes us feel like we need to rebel against something rather than feel empowered.

So this year can I recommend an alternative?

Rather than believing you will wake up a different person on January 1st, here are a few ideas to try…


- start with INSPIRATION instead of shame

- ask yourself - what do I value?

- what do I love doing most?

- when I look back on my year, what’s one thing

  I would like to do more of?

- set small goals (1-3 months)

- select a word or phrase that inspires you

  to guide you through the year

- share with others and enlist support!

(Amanda E. White)









Just a loving reminder:


As we close out the year 2020, it’s important we set

realistic expectations for ourselves in 2021.

We will still be in the midst of a pandemic,

with lingering grief and many people mourning

transitioning to the next year without loved ones,

work, housing, and stability.

Simply transitioning to a new year will not have us

to awaken in better spirits.


Please allow your heart to have permission and

safety to feel what it needs to feel.

The next year will also be rough for many,

as "normalcy" will take time to be rebuilt again.


This is trauma.

And healing from trauma takes time.



This is where we are. No sugar coating,

no fairytales of sudden happily ever afters.

When the clock strikes midnight on NYE,

and you’re still feeling sad, grief, anger, confusion -

please don’t pathologize yourself.

Please don’t believe your vulnerable parts mean

there’s something wrong with you.

Your problems may still be with you in 2021.

Though your resilience is showing

that you still persevere.


You didn’t have to find your side hustle this year.

You didn’t have to meet the expectations of society

this year (or ever).

You just needed to show up as you are.

All the parts of you.

Remember this when you feel that pull to suddenly

pretend 2020 never happened.

2021 will still carry some of 2020.

Let’s set those expectations to the bar that allows

room for your self compassion.


(Natalie Y. Gutierrez)









If you have not learned 

anything from this year,

I have one lesson that 

I’d like to share with you:

Let people know that you

love them and care about them,

and show it in a way that they

will understand it too. 

Love is the most potent mover

of energy in the universe: use it.


(Sylvester McNutt)











Consider how many times you thought 

you were going to drown this year.

Had someone told you what 2020

was going to be like, you would’ve 

guessed it to be the thing to finish you off.

And still, there, look at you, still here.

Still giving life what you’ve got.

This year felt set to drown us all.

And look at us still here, limping and all,

but - we are still here.

We have our stories to tell, our losses

to grieve and record and perhaps our 

rebirths to process too.

What a year. What a year. What a year.

But I hope you just feel genuinely and

quietly amazed at yourself.

I kind of think you did the impossible

this year. You exceeded your expectations.

Let no one ever make you feel 

you can’t handle life. 

You are incredible.


(S.C Lourie)









This being human is a guest house.

Every morning a new arrival.


A joy, a depression, a meanness,

some momentary awareness comes

as an unexpected visitor.


Welcome and entertain them all!

Even if they’re a crowd of sorrows,

who violently sweep your house

empty of its furniture,

still, treat each guest honorably.

He may be clearing you out

for some new delight.


The dark thought, the shame, the malice,

meet them at the door laughing,

and invite them in.


Be grateful for whoever comes,

because each has been sent

as a guide from beyond.











To those celebrating today, I celebrate with you.


To those grieving today, I am holding you in love.


To those remembering all the good or the bad or 

the traumatic or the lonely days, I hear you.


To those triggered and traumatised and terrorised 

by memory, I see you, I hear you, I love you.


To those sick or in pain, physically or emotionally, 

I am with you.


To those alone or lonely or outcast or lost today, 

I am with you, I love you, I am here.


To those afraid and in pain and unable to leave, 

I see you.


To those in solitude today by choice and 

not feeling lonely at all, I honour your choosing.


To those surrounded by people and lonelier

than ever, I hear your lonely cries

into the crowded room.


To those feeling all kinds of pressure to be 

and to do and to give - you are enough, truly.


To those who cannot be with their children, 

some or all day, by circumstance or by loss, 

I'm so sorry, I see you.


To those spending your days with children, 

yours or another's, both basking in their excitement 

and feeling your own heaviness around the day - 

you are allowed to feel both/and, I hold this with you.


To those who are saying "this is not what I wanted 

or chose for today", your feeling is valid, 

your voice is heard.


To those finding new ways of being and 

still grieving what was, grateful and grieving, 

all at once, I am with you.


To those caught somewhere between joy and grief 

and pain and loneliness and excitement and 

triggered and loving and losing - 

I see you in your complexity as a human being.


To those human and alive, moving through this day 

in the complexity that it is to be here, now - 

I am with you, I see you, I love you.


(Sarah Mariann Martland)








He’s still in there, somewhere.

That tiny me. That exuberant, 

joyful, inquisitive, playful 

past version of myself. 

He just wants to ride 

a merry-go-round until he pukes, 

and swing as high as he can.

He wants to play in a creek for hours,

and marvel in the anticipation of 

that moment when he turns a stone

to see what’s beneath.

He wants to close his eyes and 

gently touch moss on a tree 

and feel the life in it.

He just wants to taste simple moments,

and smile a silly, dimpled smile.

What I really want to tell him is,

there’s still room for him.

There’s still a fascinating world

to explore, and magical new moments

to taste and savor.


(J. Warren Welch)









Believe in love. 

Believe in magic. 

Hell, believe in Santa Clause. 

Believe in others. 

Believe in yourself. 

Believe in your dreams. 

If you don’t, who will?


(Jon Bon Jovi)









Rather than fearfully shutting down 

your sensitivity, dive in deeper 

into all possible feeling. 

As you expand, keep only those 

who are not afraid of oceans.


(Victoria Erickson)









It's not about getting to the 'top of the mountain'. 

It’s not about accessing your 'higher power'.

It’s not about transcendence. 

It’s not about 'rising above' the human condition. 

What it is actually about is getting 

to the depths of your being. 

Your truest power. 

Your feet planted on Mother Earth. 

Your humanness. 

Only from here can we know presence. 

Only from here can we heal and transform our species. 

There is no time left for dissociation and denial. 

No time left for self-avoidance 

that masquerades as awakening. 

If we don’t get ‘here’ soon, 

we are not going to make it. 

It is time for the great arrival. 

Not from the Pleiadians. 

Not from the star-people. 

From the humans. From us. 

Right here. Right now. 

We don't need to rise. We need to deepen. 

We need to return to our bodies, 

and heal this bloodied species. 

Are you with me?


(Jeff Brown)









Consciousness on this planet 

is going through a shift, 

buckle up because old energies 

are about to lift. 

And they won’t go out without a fight, 

but they will be illuminated 

with the integrity of light.

The light is about to be switched on, 

all corruption will have no where left 

to hide but be exposed. 

As the energy on this planet shifts, 

on a human level, Gaia level, and universal level 

an expansion of consciousness is happening. 

A grand awareness to new ideas, 

thoughts, and inventions. 

The old energy will go down swinging. 

And the new will rise onward. 

Swords of light shining into the endless night, 

illuminating the potential of true freedom. 

I am excited for that sunrise, and am ready 

for the darkest before the dawn. 

We are about to go from black and white 

into colour.


(Stacie Martin)









The visible and invisible worlds

are inextricably intertwined...

once you’ve opened your eyes to this, 

you can dance between them.


(Alberto Villoldo)



True health fundamentally 

means to be in tune with nature, 

both inner and outer. 





When a certain number of people come together 

and they choose at a moment in time 

to create a precise emotion in their hearts, 

that emotion literally can intentionally influence 

the very fields that sustain the life on planet earth.


(Gregg Braden)



The biggest message is for you 

to just be who you are. 

Be as you as you can be, 

because that’s why you’re here. 

That’s why you’ve come here, 

to express your magnificence and 

to shine your light as brightly as you can. 

Don’t deprive the universe or the world 

of who you came here to be.


(Anita Moorjani)






Good morning Friends,


Some days ago, we have been invited to the Earthkeepers Summit, a free 3-day online gathering with the high shamans of the Andes, world-leading scientists, and various spiritual teachers.

The authors of the four quotes from today are for example a part of it. It starts today.


This is the description from the website: 


"Join us and listen to inspiring and emotional stories, and the latest scientific breakthroughs and wisdom from master spiritual teachers, scientists and doctors from all around the world.

Learn how to boost your immune system, how to power up your mind, body and spirit to bring about inner-healing, and join a powerful Solstice ceremony to initiate large-scale healing for the whole world during a time of crisis".


We don’t know all the teachers and maybe there will be some spiritual bypassing going on (like it is unfortunately often the case in such online gatherings), but we will definitely participate and check this - especially the shamanic solstice ceremony.


Many years ago we were fascinated by shamanism and read a lot of books about it (also from Alberto Villoldo, the initiator of the summit). 

We both made very deep transformational experiences in shamanic sessions, especially with Hiah Park, a korean shaman.

It was "veil-lifting" and life-changing.


There is so much wisdom, mystery, and healing in these ancient traditions, and even if they sometimes seem a bit strange from our contemporary perspective we should open up, listen and experience, and then find ways to integrate and transfer them into our modern society.


Most of us have lost any connection with Mother Earth, with our true self and with each other. 

The global pandemic mirrors this sad fact. 

It’s time to wake up now and reconnect with our humanity and our divinity.


This process has already started, but we think this will be a very special solstice tomorrow with a profound symbolic meaning. 

It marks the beginning of an immense energy shift of consciousness so we love to connect with people from all around the world in this virtual space to raise the collective energy on our beautiful planet.


If you resonate we would love to "meet" you there too.

You can simply click the button below; it will lead you to the website where you can join. 

It is completely free.


Sending you all much love and light ❤️✨❤️


Verena & Alex






Update 20.12.:


We just started with the first videos from Alberto Villoldo and Gregg Braden.

They are already available on the german website: www.theearthkeepers.online

Super interesting and brilliant so we can really recommend this!


Update 23.12.:


Because of the huge interest they have just extended the availability of the videos: 

You can watch them until 28th December.

Really interesting stuff... !






As 2020 comes to a close,

I hope you can forgive yourself

for every goal you didn’t meet,

every dream you didn’t materialize &

every old coping strategy you picked up

to deal with the stresses of this time.

You are certainly not alone.


Perhaps in the final days of this year

you can give yourself permission to

grieve, rest & integrate everything

that happened or didn’t happen.

And if there’s room, maybe you

could even celebrate all the victories,

big or small. 

This year tested all of us

in different ways,

and some of us more than others.

However this year was for you, 

I hope you can forgive yourself

for all of it. 


(Iris McAlpin)









I don’t care how spiritual you are. How long you can melt in the sweat lodge. How many peyote journeys that have blown your mind, or how well you can hold crow pose. Honestly. I don’t.

I don’t care what planets fall in what houses on your birth chart, how many crystals you have or how vegan your diet is.


I want to know how human you are. Can you sit at the feet of the dying despite the discomfort? Can you be with your grief, or mine, without trying to advise, fix or maintain it? I want to know that you can show up at the table no matter how shiny, chakra-aligned or complete you are - or not. Can you hold loving space for your beloved in the depths of your own healing without trying to be big?


It doesn’t flatter me how many online healing trainings you have, that you live in the desert or in a log cabin, or that you’ve mastered the art of tantra.


What turns me on is busy hands. Planting roots.

That despite how tired you are, you make that phone call, you board that plane, you love your children, you feed your family.


I have no interest in how well you can ascend to 5D, astral travel or have out of body sex. I want to see how beautifully you integrate into ordinary reality with your unique magic, how you find beauty and gratitude in what’s surrounding you, and how present you can be in your relationships.


I want to know that you can show up and do the hard and holy things on this gorgeously messy Earth.

I want to see that you can be sincere, grounded and compassionate as equally as you are empowered, fiery and magnetic.

I want to know that even during your achievements, you can step back and be humble enough to still be a student.


What’s beautiful and sexy and authentic is how well you can continue to celebrate others no matter how advanced you’ve become. What’s truly flattering is how much you can give despite how full you’ve made yourself. What’s honestly valuable is how better of a human you can be, in a world that is high off of spiritual materialism and jumping the next escape goat for “freedom.”


At the end of the day I don’t care how brave you are.

How productive, how popular, how enlightened you are. At the end of the day, I want to know that you were kind. That you were real.

I want to know that you can step down from the pedestal from time to time to kiss the earth and let your hair get dirty and your feet get muddy, and join the dance with us all.


(Taylor Rose Godfrey)









Know your worth


Don‘t ask for it

State it


And never accept anything less.


(Spirit Daughter)









One thing that keeps many of us stuck 

instead of healing is the fear that 

if you finally decide to turn your attention

inward and heal your past, you’ll have to

open up pandora’s box.

We get afraid that there may be so much

in there that we haven’t seen yet, 

that we wouldn’t be able to heal it all.

The truth is, acknowledging is the first step,

the truth sets you free, and healing happens 

in waves, not tsunamis.


(Rhiana Meri)









People project their fears on you when

you’re moving into brave places

they’re not willing to go.

Leave their fears with them and keep going.



The process of breaking a generational cycle will come with a lot of adversity.

As you attempt to re-capture your truth and move towards a greater understanding of emotional and mental health, you will challenge those who are not willing to pursue that health for themselves. ⁣

At times that journey will be isolating. There will be moments where you feel dismissed and alone.

But, you choosing to do the work to heal your mental and emotional state will also give you a connection to the most sacred part of yourself that you’ve not yet known because it was buried under so much pain.⁣

Along the way, trust that the braver and more courageous you become, you will be targeted by those not willing to embrace your hunger and desire to be your authentic self.

Do not be held back by anyone’s expectation in your pursuit of needed growth.⁣

Many of us need reminders along the way that we feel lost in this new space of trying to navigate the stories we're bringing to the surface.

We need the connection to words that affirm we are going to be ok.

We need to trust that there are others out there who have also felt isolated, lonely and like they were the problem while fiercely fighting for health and healing.⁣

I’m so glad you’re here.

I’m grateful you’re choosing to fight for your health and I hope today you are affirming what it’s cost you to break the cycle in order to feel whole and safe from the inside out. ⁣


(Nate Postlethwait)









Am I listening to

my emotions so I 

can hear them


or am I listening so

they will quiet down?



Am I listening to

my sadness so it

can speak 


or so it will get

out of the way?



Am I "feeling

my feelings“ 

out of care


or so I can finish

my to-do list?



When we tune into

our emotions with

the sole intention 

of silencing them, we 

may be repuncturing 




Imagine a child who is upset.

Imagine the difference in their

experience being approached by a 

parent who simply wants them to

stop crying versus a parent who

wants to sit with them so they

don’t have to cry alone.


These parents may even say the

same things:


"What’s wrong?"


"It’s okay"


but the embodied experience is

very different for both the parent

and the child.



How are we approaching ourselves?



It’s not always the

easiest, most 

convenient, or most



but learning to approach

ourselves with

compassion may be the

most rewarding lesson 

there is.



(Tyndal Elizabeth Schreiner)









Don't forget to 

love the way 

you want to be loved, 

listen the way 

you want to be heard, 

speak the way 

you want to be spoken to, 

give the way 

you hope others will give, 

care the way 

you want others to care, 

because change doesn’t 

start with them.

It starts right here.


(Madalyn Beck)





Good morning Friends,


Thank you so much for all of your love, loyalty, and support, your wonderful emails and guestbook comments during the last days!


We feel very connected with you all and we are looking forward to continuing to share what we have learned and still learn on our turbulent and insightful healing journey from trauma.


We will put all of our creative energy into this website now so that it supports, uplifts, and encourages everyone who resonates.


We want to provide you with all the things that we would have loved to read, hear, and see at the most challenging points of our journey.

There is so much bullshit, inauthenticity, and toxicity out there, especially in the bypassing spiritual community. 


The repression of feelings has become so normalized and widespread that when you finally learn to allow your true feelings you will meet a lot of resistance, (passive) aggression, and projection which makes the healing journey even more challenging.


May this website be a safe, reliable, and nourishing virtual space for you at any time you feel lonely, hopeless, insecure, or simply search for some inspiration, powerful reminders, and encouragement.


Feel free to connect with us via email or the guestbook, no matter if you just want to say hello, comment on a quote, share something personal, or ask a question: we are always happy to hear from you!


Have a cozy Sunday! We hope you are all healthy and safe.

The energy on this beautiful planet is maximal dark, heavy, and low right now, but "the night is always darkest just before dawn."

We think this saying fits well, especially regarding the collective consciousness.

The blind spots and the shadows have to come to the surface which makes them appear even more threatening before it can get better, brighter, and more aware.

Lift the veil: nothing happens without a reason.

Don’t give up. 


Much love from us both ❤️


Verena & Alex









lessons from 2020 to bring into 2021:


let your goals lead you

reconnect with gratitude

speak up and live your values

actually listen to your intuition

you are stronger than you think

do not take small joys for granted

give your energy to the right people

inner peace helps with the unexpected

healing your past improves your present


(Yung Pueblo)









"Be yourself," they say.

"It’ll be fun," they say.

What they don’t tell you

is how the deafening crash

of a thousand doors slamming shut

because you refuse to fit in

sounds a lot like

your own bones breaking.


(J. Warren Welch)




This is a message for the former members of our group on "Insight Timer":



Dear ones,


It is about one month ago now that our group was deleted by Christopher, the CEO of the app (for details, you can read "Insight Timer" in the section "Texts“.)


During the last weeks, many members asked us via email about our feelings and if there is any news.


So, here is a final update:


Right after deleting the group, on the 12th November, Christopher wrote a post in the Mindful Moderating-Group, telling the admins and moderators there that he deleted our group, but that "no content was deleted or lost in the process" and that the saved and zipped content would be forwarded to us by the customer support team "tomorrow."


We immediately received a screenshot of this post from a friend and former member, but we decided to wait a bit to see if Christopher will keep his promise this time.

Of course, he didn't. 

We received NOTHING from him or the support.


So two weeks later, we wrote him a short email with this screenshot and also sent a copy to the support, just asking him/them to please keep this promise and send the content.

We resend the same email several times to the support in the following days, but for ten more days, we heard absolutely NOTHING from anyone. Unbelievable!


On Monday, we had enough and sent Christopher the following email - we publish it here because we want to leave all of this bullshit behind us finally, and we think every former member has a right to know the truth and what we think about it:





Hi Christopher,


Let's make this clear: ten days after our email, you (and the support) still don't answer and send us the content of our group, although you announced in the Mindful Moderating-Group about three weeks ago that the support will forward it to us one day later and that no content was deleted or lost in the process.


Is this your understanding of integrity and good intention that you mentioned in your announcement???


Well, thank you for confirming once more that our feelings and impression of what's going on in the background - regarding the groups in general and especially our no-spiritual-bypassing group - were valid.


We don't feel any need to discuss this or your totally unacceptable, anti-mindful, and impulsive decision to simply delete our group without any preannouncement and any possibility to say goodbye to our 50.000 members and inform them where to find us in the future.


Although this was inhuman and kind of traumatizing for us (and the members) after four years of putting so much energy into your app, with a little detachment, we are grateful that you have finally shown your true face because we are no fans of staying in toxic, inauthentic, and gaslighting environments.


To keep it simple, there are two possibilities now:


1. You decide to continue playing games and do nothing, or have the courage to tell us that you simply enjoy it too much to "punish" us for our criticism even more by not sending us the content from four years that is rightfully ours. 

In this case, you would obviously not care that we would then of course inform our followers (and some long-established teachers and admins in your app that we still have contact with) about this fact, so that they get to know the truth.

We didn't do this yet.

EVERYONE would agree with us that this is absolutely unacceptable and not correct after deleting our group in such a way and then announcing that you will send the content.

Don't forget: we have the screenshot.


2. You (or the support) finally send the content of our group to us WITHIN THE NEXT 24 HOURS so that we all can put this unpleasant chapter behind us.

That would be the more mature, mindful and "CEO of a meditation app"-worthy alternative, and in the midst of a global pandemic and a hopefully peaceful pre-Christmas time, we would prefer this one, but we are also okay with the first one.


It's your choice. 


Verena & Alex





Well, what do you think happened after he received this email?


Interestingly, just a few hours later, we received a short email with our group's content from the support. Again: unbelievable!


How sad that even after impulsively deleting our group just because we expressed justified criticism, the CEO didn't have the integrity and respect to keep his publicly announced promise to send the content.

He just did it because of this pressuring email.


We KNOW now that all the worsening bugs, especially for the groups' admins and the more and more concealed position of the groups, were no coincidence, but a long-planned preparation to suck the life out of them and ultimately replace them with the new superficial and distracting chat feature Circles.


With another CEO, who would be more open for feedback and constructive criticism from the users and who would recognize the importance and the potential of the groups, especially amid a global pandemic, it could have been a completely different and wonderful experience - for the admins, the members, and the app.

But well, it is like it is.


At least it will be much more difficult for them now to delete the groups (or how they call it "merge" them with Circles), and if this is what our "tumult" to inform our members and other admins has brought about, then it wasn't futile.


We are really glad to see things even more clearly now and to just share our content here on our website - safe and free from any restriction and spiritual bypassing. 


We feel very excited and motivated about creating new ways of expressing ourselves and getting into contact with everyone who resonates.

It's wonderful to see the growing traffic on our website: so many loyal followers who visit it daily (a lot of them even several times a day with very long session durations), and every day new people show up because of recommendations and because we can meanwhile easily be found via Google.


So, Friends, the chapter "Insight Timer" is officially and forever closed now.

Time to move on.


Stay safe and healthy.


Sending you all much love ❤️ 


Verena & Alex








The FIRST thing you must do

if you want to change your life

is to change your self-talk.

You wouldn’t let another person

talk to you the way you talk 

to yourself. So why do you?

Learned behavior and a cycle

that needs to be broken.

Be better to you today. ❤️


(Michael Unbroken)









how odd it is that

so much of what isn’t said, 

isn’t said because

it is the truth.











I will not be restricted.

I will not be whitewashed.

I will not be "love and light" washed.

I will embrace my complexity,

my messiness, my humanity,

and grow and expand 

without apology.


(Tutu Mora)









I don’t know who needs to hear this

but sometimes your light 

may trigger people because 

it shines on the shadow work

they refuse to do and

instead of looking at it,

they project their 


onto you.


(Matt Cama)









In the spiritual community, it has become a kind of unwritten cultural expectation that you need to act like what we think a spiritually enlightened person would act like; even if it is not true to how you really feel. 

In other words, it has become a cultural expectation that you should ignore where you are in pursuit of where you think you should be. 

The result is that most people feel as if the only acceptable emotion to feel is happy.

And if you feel less than happy, you feel as if you have somehow failed.  

As if the pain of the struggle you are facing in and of itself is not enough, you frost the cake of that struggle with shame and embarrassment that you are even suffering in the first place.


(Teal Swan)









If you’re about to hush your magic to keep the bitches from being jealous, don’t! 


If you’re about to silence your truth to keep the trolls and assholes at bay, don’t!


If you’re about to act against yourself to keep the shitty relationships (you know, the ones you keep just to feed your ego and lick your insecurities), don’t!


If you’re about to be fake as fuck to impress the superficial world around you, don’t!


For the sake of all of us, please don’t -

stop playing this strange game.

We can do better than this. 


Grow a set and be what you actually are.

Teach people how to love and fight for what is real.


(Brooke Hampton)









The work you are doing on yourself

is anchoring a new consciousness 

on the planet. 

It goes way beyond yourself.

The more light you bring to your shadows,

the more you help shift the collective.

Keep going.



In case you need some recognition today, 

let me put this right here.


Very often when we begin healing and shifting, 

it can appear as a selfish endeavor. 

Something that you do for yourself. 

Something that you do to feel better 

or to achieve something.


And even though that is true, 

it is also selfless by design.


The more you heal, the more you can 

hold light in your body. 

And that light does not go unnoticed.


It radiates beyond your body 

whether you see it or not. 

It will anchor more light in the field 

and it will trigger an awakening inside 

the people that cross your path.


The work you are doing on yourself right now 

deserves the deepest acknowledgement. 

This might sound dramatic to some, 

but I'll still say it out loud:


"You are literally saving the planet". 

That is my firm belief. 

So thank you.


Put another step forward. Keep going. 

You are more resilient than you think you are.


(Xavier Dagba)









Listen and dream... ⭐️✨🌙✨⭐️

Dream With Me - A Sleep Story


Hello. I’m Harry Styles, and tonight I’m going to help you drift of into sleep. With some soothing words, and calming music. 

A sleep story just for you.


With all the business of your day, I know how hard it can be to get to sleep. So thank you for choosing this story and me to help you. 

I wish you a wonderful night’s sleep. 

So make yourself comfortable. 

Take a deep beath in, and then out. 

In, and then out. 

And when you’re ready, close your eyes...




Have you ever wondered


What happens when you sleep?

Where you go, and what you feel;

The places that you seek?


When you start to drift away,

Your mind becomes a book.

That writes itself then fades away,

Before you wake to look.


Tonight we’re going to think about

Anything you’d like.

So first let’s visualize some scenes

To see us through the night.


Settle back

And clear your mind

We’re heading somewhere special.

Beyond the world of consciousness,

To places more celestial.


I’d like you to imagine now

You’re there beneath the stars.

Which when you pause to think about it,

Actually you are.


As you focus on the darkness

Right before your eyes,

Fill the scene with glinting lights

To emulate night skies.


Think about the things you cherish most

And those you love.

And then allow yourself

To be embraced from up above.


The power of the universe

Meanders through your mind.

So come with me,

And let’s see

What the two of us can find.


Let’s travel now to moonlit valleys,

Blanketed with heather.

The kind of landscape you and I

Would dream about forever.


Imagine lazing on the ground,

Succumbing to the charms

Of blades of grass we now caress

with fingertips and palms.


The gentle scent of cedarwood

Is floating on the breeze.

A gift from mother nature

And her nearby cedar trees.


We’re gazing at the night sky now,

Marvelling at infinity.

So allow your mind to wander

to a peaceful new vicinity.


Picture this;

A rich green forest

Damp with morning dew.

Inhale the morning air

As we explore,

Just me and you.


Leaves create mosaics

In every shade of green

As gentle birdsong mingles

With the bubbling of a stream.

Dappled sepia sunlight

Cuts through branches overhead.


As dewdrops fall from leaf to leaf

Like glistening strands of thread.

The dewdrops finally coalesce

Forming satin beads.

Occasionally they kiss our cheeks,

Small pleasure quenching needs.


Holding hands we stroll

Until we chance upon a brook.

It’s cool clear water

Mirroring our faces as we look.


The shimmering reflection

Shows us smiling from above.

But what we think

But dare not speak

is L-O-V-E love.


Now we snuggle on a raft

And drift for endless hours.

As willow trees sway in the breeze

And blossoms fall in showers.


Gently swaying to and fro,

We look up at the sky.

And watch the clouds above us

Forming shapes as they pass by.


The fragrance that the rain creates

Upon the concrete surface,

Inspires yet relaxes us

Then focuses our purpose.


To shift our minds to neutral,

And allow our thoughts to drift.

And recognize the rainfall,

As a mesmerizing gift.


Sheltering beneath the porch

We watch the rain pour down.

Though now the time has come

To leave this dreamy, moonlit town.


A gentle breeze wafts through the trees,

It causes leaves to stir.

And then the rain relents and fades

As time begins to blur.


We find ourselves upon a shoreline,

Lounging by a lake.

While crickets chirp in nearby reeds

It’s hard to stay awake.


The scene feels like a watercolour,

Soft diluted tones.

As looking down we see each other


Skimming stones.


The stones skip

On the gleaming lake

And ripples start to form.

And though the sun has dipped from

View we feel content and warm.


Herrons drift on thermals,

High above a sun bleached pier

And in the trees beyond the lake

We glimpse a passing deer.


Strands of cloud unfurl

Like ribbons in the orange sky.

Mirrored on the lake now,

Like a painted butterfly.


In the distance

Mountains beckon,

Capped with pristine snow.

The kind of sight that dreams evoke

When hearts and minds let go.


Contemplating nothingness,

A scene takes shape before us.

And as it sharpens in our thoughts

We hear a distant chorus.


When dampened sound of silence

That only snow can bring

Surrounds us with its calming vibes

And touches us within.


Glistening snowflakes fall in flurries,

Mountain rivers freeze.

The powdery slopes look beautiful

And fresh snow dusts the trees.


Somehow now we’re in a cabin

Taking in this view.

As a fire crackles in a corner

Just for me and you.


We linger for a moment

Or maybe it’s been hours.

For when we blink and look again

A vista swathed in flowers.


Another destination lulls us,

Closer now it seems.

Perhaps it’s real

Or just another chapter in our dreams.


Drifting in and out of sleep

Our thoughts take us elsewhere.

To an island fringed by swaying palms

Lush beyond compare.


A path winds through the mangroves

Towards a distant beach

That underlines the turquoise ocean,

Now within our reach.


Eventually we feel the powdery sand

Right beneath our feet.

The sun above now blessing us

With gentle, soothing heat.


We hear the lilting sound of surf

Breaking up ahead

While spiral cells and pearly shards

Determine where we tread.


Finally a lapping wave

Engulfs our sandy feet.

It seems to pause and ruminate

Then gradually retreat,


We dig our goes in cool wet sand

Then sit and face the sea.

And let the sand wash over us,

Alone just you and me.


Staring at the nothingness

That stretches on forever,

Our thoughts dovetail and unify

In tune two minds together.


As minutes turn to hours

We drift off somewhere new.

And visualize a stairway

To a door we now walk through.


Imagine now a meadow

On a balmy afternoon.

Birds and bees and rustling trees

Create a summer tune.


Flaked by fields of sunflowers,

Hand in hand we walk

As the gentle sound of nature

Surrounds us while we talk.


The sunflowers give the scenery

A warm and golden hue,

While hazy sunshine softens

Our idyllic rustic view.


As we roam past hedgerows

A farmhouse sits alone.

Its open shutters pressed against

Uneven walls of stone.


A garden winds around the house

And daisies poke through grass.

A bench that’s lived through countless summers

Creaks as we walk past.


We wonder if the house is empty,

Once loved but no longer.

The thought of passing time inspires

A feeling that grows stronger.


This feeling washes over us

Lost between a sigh.

And as the sun begins to set

We stop and wonder why.


Gravity caresses us

and pulls you close to me

Then the scene begins to fade.

A new reality.



Gradually deeper

We drift and now transcend.

To unfamiliar places,

Too surreal to comprehend.


Slowly we capitulate

as sleep begins to call.

Entwined in dreams and twisting scenes

we drift and gently fall.


Friendly faces

Glorious places

Things we hope to do.

Intertwined with snapshots

Some of me, and some of you.


Moonlit valleys,

Burdened forests,

Gazing at the ocean.

Summer meadows,

Tranquil sunsets,

Steeped in pure emotion.


The tenderness we feel

When we are close

Two minds as one

Surrounds us and connects us

But we’ve only just begun.


For now we dream together

Of all there is to follow.

And know that sleep will keep us safe

From now until tomorrow.


Maybe all the memories

That we’ve gathered here tonight

Are all dreams now remembered

Or wishes in plain sight.


No matter what

They’re with us now.

For this night and forever.

And every time we close our eyes

They’re yours and mine to treasure.


Goodnight and sleep well.


(Story by Steve Cleverley and Sanj Sen,

Narration by Harry Styles,

Meditation App Calm)









It is these undeniable qualities of human love

and compassion and self-sacrifice

that give me hope for the future.

We are, indeed, often cruel and evil.

Nobody can deny this.

We gang up on each one another,

we torture each other,

with words as well as deeds,

we fight, we kill.

But we are also capable of the most noble,

generous, and heroic behavior.


(Jane Goodall)





'I grabbed him and just held him':

Heartbreaking photo shows Houston doctor

in full PPE hugging crying COVID patient

who missed his wife on Thanksgiving.

(Photo by Go Nakamura)






The moment I die

I will try to come back to you

as quickly as possible.

I promise it will not take long.

Isn’t it true

I am already with you

as I die each moment?

I come back to you

in every moment.

Just look,

feel my presence.

If you want to cry,

please cry,

And know

that I will cry with you.

The tears you shed

will heal us both.

Your tears and mine.

The earth I tread this morning

transcends history.

Spring and Winter are both present

in the moment.

The young leaf and the old leaf

are really one.

My feet touch deathlessness,

And my feet are yours.

Walk with me now.

Let us enter the dimension of oneness

and see the cherry tree blossom in Winter.

Why should we talk about death?

I don’t need to die

to be back with you.


(Thich Nhat Hanh)