and along with all the lessons

we learned through the pain 

and the healing, thank goodness

we also learned how to spot

red flags and bullshit.


(Stephanie Bennett-Henry)








What is your profession?

Not, what makes you money?

Rather, what do you wish 

to profess to the world?


What is your statement?

What is your anchor?

What is your North Star?


What do you seek?

What do you offer?

To whom do you give your love?


Tell me, what is your heart’s profession?


(Daniel Baylis)









When life is sweet, 

say thank you and celebrate. 

And when life is bitter, 

say thank you and grow.


(Shauna Niequist)




PLAY: 3.30 Min.






Feeling the need to be busy

all the time is a trauma response

and fear-based distraction 

from what you’d be forced to

acknowledge and feel

if you slowed down.


(Maxine Carter)









Empty words have no

place in my life.

If you talk it,

you gotta walk it.

If not, I have no interest

in what you say.


(Steve Maraboli)









Don’t prioritise your looks my friend, 

they won’t last the journey.

Your sense of humour though, 

will only get better.

Your intuition will grow and expand 

like a majestic cloak of wisdom.

Your ability to choose your battles, 

will be fine-tuned to perfection.

Your capacity for stillness, 

for living in the moment, will blossom.

And your desire to live each and every moment 

will transcend all other wants.

Your instinct for knowing what (and who) 

is worth your time, will grow and 

flourish like ivy on a castle wall.

Don’t prioritise your looks my friend,

they will change forevermore,

that pursuit is one of much 

sadness and disappointment.

Prioritise the uniqueness that makes you you, 

and the invisible magnet that draws in 

other like-minded souls to dance in your orbit.

These are the things which will only get better.


(Donna Ashworth)









It’s odd that we live in a society

that puts toxic family over

personal sovereignty. 

We have mothers and fathers

that have hurt us mentally,

physically and emotionally.

Yet, we’re told "but that’s your family."

I say FUCK that. 

Remove all toxicity from your life. 

Family included.


(Michael Unbroken)









When Did You Feel The Most Loved

As A Child?



1) When I was good


2) When I’d worked hard


3) When I won something


4) When I was strong


5) When I was funny


6) When I was a little helper


7) When I was well behaved


8) When I had good manners


9) After a meltdown


10) When I tolerated my parent’s bad behaviour


11) When I was easy going


12) When I looked after my parents


13) When I wasn’t seen


14) When I didn’t ask questions


15) When I was perfect


16) When I was pretty


17) When I was better than others


18) When I was ill


19) When I was needy


20) When I 'got on with it'



Really think back to a moment 

you felt loved by a caregiver. 

What had you just done?

Are you still doing it now as an adult?

Remember you are lovable without

doing that thing, you can let it go.

Just be.


(Chanelle Sowden)









Your inner child didn’t just go away.

It sat abandoned & ignored 

not understanding why.

Your reactionary anger is based on

this feeling of abandonment.

Not feeling seen, heard, felt or affirmed.

It is time to lift that baby into your arms

and build them up.

The time for self parenting is upon us.

We must reach in those dark places

to emerge in authentic peace & happiness.


(Pallavi Kaushik, pforpoet)









Give every day the chance 

to become the most beautiful 

day of your life.


(Mark Twain)









Sometimes it’s crucial to turn away

from all spiritual teaching so you 

can really, truly learn to listen to 

and trust the wisdom within you. 

No one holds all the answers.

No one is showing you the 

"Absolute Indisputable Way."

No one carries the magical key 

that will liberate you.

Trust the truth within you.

It’s all already here.

You’re It.


(Aletheia Luna)








My dear,

In the midst of hate, I found there was, 

within me, an invincible love.

In the midst of tears, I found there was, 

within me, an invincible smile.

In the midst of chaos, I found there was, 

within me, an invincible calm.

I realized, through it all, that…

In the midst of winter, I found there was, 

within me, an invincible summer.

And that makes me happy. 

For it says that no matter how hard 

the world pushes against me, within me, 

there’s something stronger - 

something better, pushing right back.


(Unknown, based on a quote by Albert Camus)












1. Peaceful life

2. Validation

3. Integrity

4. Answers

5. Resolution

6. Respect


(Amanda Jane Soogun)









After silence, 

that which comes nearest 

to expressing the inexpressible 

is music. 


(Aldous Huxley)









There will be days

that you’ll go down 

and no one will show up

for you, but you.

These will be the days

you grow a friendship 

with yourself the most.


Nothing has more power 

over you than your own 

influence, love, and care.

There’s nothing more 

game changing than 

learning to work with 

and for yourself, 

instead of against.


(Stacie Martin)










Dear Human,


You’ve got it all wrong. 

You didn’t come here to 

master unconditional love. 

That is where you came from 

and where you’ll return.


You came here to learn personal love. 

Universal love. Messy love. Sweaty love. 

Crazy love. Broken love. Whole love. 

Infused with divinity. 

Lived through the grace of stumbling. 

Demonstrated through the beauty of… 

messing up. Often.


You didn’t come here to be perfect. 

You already are. 

You came here to be gorgeously human. 

Flawed and fabulous. 

And then to rise again into remembering. 

But unconditional love? 

Stop telling that story.


Love, in truth, doesn’t need 

any other adjectives. 

It doesn’t require modifiers. 

It doesn’t require the condition of perfection. 

It only asks that you show up. And do your best. 

That you stay present and feel fully. 

That you shine and fly and laugh and cry and 

hurt and heal and fall and get back up and 

play and work and live and die as YOU.


It’s enough.


It’s Plenty.


(Courtney A. Walsh)




PLAY: 15 Min.

PLAY: 15 Min.






when storms come

it's even more important

to anchor into the practices

that settle your waves.


(Spirit Daughter)




PLAY: 25 Min.






Friends, it is a very triggering time 

for many of us. 

And it will continue to be so, 

for at least a few more weeks. 

We are seeing a gnarly battle between 

two meaningfully different consciousness. 

This was inevitable. 

The T-Rex consciousness wants to eat the world 

one last time, before fading into oblivion. 

They know their time is up. 

That's why they are screeching so loudly. 

This is how old survivalist paradigms die out, 

and how more inclusive paradigms are born. 

I know its difficult to imagine in this time 

of overwhelm, but it will smooth out 

and calm down soon enough. 

If you are finding yourself at the edge 

right now, please back off from anything 

that triggers you. Comfort yourself, 

soothe yourself, connect to people 

and activities that bring you peace. 

This moment will pass.


(Jeff Brown)









Just so you know:


It’s okay to adjust your boundaries,

values, and beliefs.

They aren't meant to be set in stone.

You have the right to evolve 

and change your mind.


(Deana Panza)









Your body generates 

an electromagnetic field

that reaches several feet

outside of your body.

People can feel you.


(Danielle Marie Marggraf)









We all have an inner child.

This little human being,

this vulnerable aspect of us hold

the key to our healing.



Psychologist C.G. Jung explains the child within as “bringer of healing... one who makes whole.”

I couldn’t agree more.


The inner child is the emotional self, the sensitive aspect of us. It is where our irrational feelings live.

It is also where that playful, creative, intuitive spontaneous part of us lives.


To survive this world, we all end up with bruises. And so many of us have learned to deny the child within to one degree or another in order to survive.

Did you have to people-please to be accepted?

Did you have to lie to avoid punishment?

Did you have to be perfect to gain love?


How do we heal our inner child?

The first step is meeting him/her/them with openness,

curiosity and compassion.

When we meet our inner child we discover that our childhood needs were not always met (even with loving parents, many of whom couldn’t give you what they didn’t have themselves).


Our need for unconditional love and acceptance.

Our need for attention, which we couldn’t separate from love and our sense of self-worth.

Our need for emotional and physical safety which was violated if you got hit or yelled at often.

Our need for trust that our caretaker is consistent, which wouldn’t have happened if your parent struggled with their own stress.

Our need for respect, which is often not given to kids.

Our need for guidance.


The absence of the above stated needs may have caused you to experience chronic anxiety in your mind and body, before you even knew what anxiety was. It might have caused you to experience shame, anger, sadness, despair, panic.

All these still reside in you, because they are a part of your unhealed, inner child experience. Recurring emotional and physical problems in adulthood are your inner child’s attempt to speak to you. Listen.


If you are looking for these needs to be healed in all the wrong places - addictions, other people, avoiding, perfecting, numbing, etc., then know that the only way to healing is through your inner child.


(Anna Aslanian)








The spirit of humanity is called upon

to heal the wounds that centuries of fear,

struggle, and separation have caused.

The crises humanity is facing are to be solved,

not by inventions of the mind like new technologies,

but by the awakening of the heart,

one human at a time.

You are alive today because your soul wants to

help humanity ascend to heart-based consciousness.

It is by going through your own challenges

and finding the opportunity within them

that you contribute most to humanity’s well-being.

Your contribution is not so much what you do

as who you are.

It is your awareness that makes the difference.

As more of you invite heart-based consciousness

into your lives, it becomes easier for others

to make the transition to a new way of being:

at peace with themselves,

humanity, and nature.


(Robert Schwartz)









The truth always 

comes out in the end, 

no matter how hard 

anyone tries to hide it. 

Lies are just a temporary delay 

to the inevitable.


(Karen Salmansohn)








Nothing worth having 

can be built overnight.

Good things take time.

If you force it,

you’ll wish you hadn’t.

Take your time.

Be patient, my love.

Trust the wait.


(Brooke Hampton)








This is no

dark day

in history.

This happened

in broad daylight

under a cold white sky,

where grief



for the millionth time

to deny

the weight of its loss

through anger.


This is no

dark day.

This is no

dark night.

This is the inability

to accept

the reality of

what has

for centuries,

been coming

to light.


This is not where we leave

the past behind.

This is where we mine it

for all of time

until we finally learn something.


This is not where I

lecture myself

into calmness.

This is not where I force myself

to explain the way that my

lack of shock

and anger are intertwined.


This is where I remind myself

that it’s okay if “love”

isn’t the word

that’s coming to me right now.

For love is big and expansive

and lines with grace

and doesn’t need me to sum it all up

into an easily digestible message today.

I’m tired.

And that’s okay.


(Morgan Harper Nichols)









What is louder than trauma?


Your heart.

Your truth.

Your light.


Your deepest knowing.

Your wholeness.


The soft holiness of your human body.


The way you still remember how to

surrender into magic and mystery.


The beauty of your offering.


And your love.

Your love.

Your love.

Your damn good love.


(Jeanette LeBlanc)









It is quite simple. 

When it comes to anything in life -

relationships, friendships,

the work you do,

the art you make -

when it comes to anything,

if it does not create

an avalanche within your chest,

if it does not move you,

and inspire you,

if it does not come from

the deepest part of

who you are,

it is not for you.

It's not for you.


(Bianca Sparacino)










You say "Hello",

and I sense if you are really

pleased to speak with me.

You ask "How are you?",

and I sense if you really

want to hear the answer.

You say "I am fine",

and I sense if you just pretend it.

Maybe you are not even lying,

maybe you believe yourself,

wrapped in a protective bubble of

repression and illusion.


You hug me,

and I sense if your heart is open.

You laugh with me,

and I sense if it is pure joy or

pure fake, or something in between.

You look into my eyes, and I sense

if you identify with your soul

or with your ego in this moment. 


Sometimes you hate me for sensing the truth. 

Sometimes I hate you for hiding from me. 

But when our two souls meet in authenticity,

there is just love.

My challenge is to wait full of compassion

till you stop playing hide and seek again.

Keeping in mind who you really are.

Your challenge is to not force me

playing this game with you,

not trying to convince me that the truth

isn't always the best choice.

You will never convince me of that. 


I also played this game often enough. 

It kept me away from my soul,

from my vulnerability,

from my aliveness. 

That’s the price we pay for it.

First it feels comfortable and easy,

but after some time

it feels just hollow and craven.

If you are brave enough to look at

your own blind, dark spots and wounds,

and really FEEL them, you automatically

see behind the masks of the others,

if you want it or not. 


My friend, I invite you to

take off your mask and

be who you really are;

each second, each day,

I can handle the truth. 

You can handle the truth.


I simply love the courageous and

authentic version of















Literally, cut the unnecessary

distractions out of your life - 

delete apps, unfriend and 

unfollow toxic people,

stop committing to activities

you don’t care about.

Life is too short.


(Mark Manson)










to take into 2021


I am whole and enough 

with or without someone

standing next to me.


I am learning how to

bravely trust my voice.


I am taking my time 

and healing slowly 

with intention.


I am open to change 

even when it’s uncomfortable 

and scary.


I am a student of life

who is committed to 

learning, growing, and

emotionally evolving.


I am showing up in 

my healing by mentoring 

my younger self.


I am grateful for what 

I have and I appreciate 

all it’s taken to arrive 

in my power.


I was made for greatness, 

and I will not shrink or settle

for the comfort of others.


As long as I am alive,

I can change and expand.

I trust in my ability

to extend grace

throughout the process.


(Alexandra Elle)









Everything has changed and yet, 

I am more me than I’ve ever been.


(Iain Thomas)





from us for you…  ❤️🎆🎇🎆❤️