Questions to ask yourself when 

you feel exhausted or overwhelmed


- what is something that I can take off my plate?


- what does my body need right now?


- what are my top priorities?


- who can I reach out to for support?


- what things refill my cup that I can do today?


- what changes do I need to make?


- what boundaries need to be adjusted?


- what can I actually control right now?


- how often do I feel like this?


- how can I reconnect with myself?


- what am I grateful for today?


(Deana Panza)








If you want the moon, 

do not hide at night. 

If you want a rose, 

do not run from the thorns. 

If you want love, 

do not hide from yourself.






🌙 Moonshine 🌕






Life is glorious, but life is also wretched.

It is both. Appreciating the gloriousness inspires us,

encourages us, cheers us up, gives us a bigger perspective, energizes us. We feel connected.

But if that's all that's happening,

we get arrogant and start to look down on others,

and there is a sense of making ourselves a big deal

and being really serious about it,

wanting it to be like that forever.

The gloriousness becomes tinged by craving

and addiction. On the other hand, wretchedness -

life's painful aspect - softens us up considerably.

Knowing pain is a very important ingredient of

being there for another person.

When you are feeling a lot of grief,

you can look right into somebody's eyes

because you feel you haven't got anything to lose -

you're just there. 

The wretchedness humbles us and softens us,

but if we were only wretched,

we would all just go down the tubes.

We'd be so depressed, discouraged, and hopeless

that we wouldn't have enough energy to eat an apple.

Gloriousness and wretchedness need each other.

One inspires us, the other softens us.

They go together.


(Pema Chödrön)









Shout out to all the men 

doing the deep healing work.

In a world where we are taught

that it’s 'weak to feel', 

what is more masculine then 

going against society’s brainwashing,

feeling our feelings, looking at

our traumas and bringing light

to our shadows?



Massive respect to all the brothers doing the deep inner work.


Growing up, it’s super common for us to be taught that it’s weak to cry and if we do cry then we’re called a little girl, a baby or gay (as if that should even be an insult?)


This leads us to be super disconnected from certain emotions and feel it’s not okay to have them.


Which is why it’s so common for men to not open up and keep everything inside.


This is a huge reason why males die 3 to 4 times more often than females from suicide.


So shout out to the brothers who are doing the deep inner work and going against your childhood conditioning that taught you it’s not okay to feel.


(Matt Cama)









You cannot build

a deep connection

with someone

who is disconnected

from themselves.



When we are in the habit of ignoring what we feel or consistently run away from hard parts of ourselves, distance is created not just between us and ourselves but also between us and other people.

Our lack of a full embrace of all that we are can make our interactions with others superficial, even if there is a desire to connect deeply with someone, that connection will encounter limits and will only ever reach a depth equal to the relationship we have with ourselves.

Our personal degree of self-awareness will reflect dimly or brightly on whomever crosses our path.


If we can observe our emotions with open arms full of compassion, it will be much easier to show up and support others when they are going through a moment of personal turbulence.

If we can embrace our own complexity, we will have patience as we learn more about those closest to us.

If we have experience facing our own hard truths and being present through our personal ups and downs, we will have the emotional fortitude to wisely handle challenging moments in a relationship without immediately running away.


There is no other way to a life of fulfillment, happiness and vibrant connections, but through thoroughly traveling the realms of our own heart and mind.

Areas that remain undiscovered are areas of potential friction that may manifest in our own mind or between us and the ones we love.

All that is unexplored can show up as blocks that can stop the flow of harmony.


If we are accustomed to brave observation and practicing acceptance when inner turbulence tries to bring our attention to an unexplored or unloved part of ourselves, then the moments of friction within us or in our relationships will not become blocks. Instead, these tough moments will become fertile ground to deepen our connection and refine our commitments.

Simply stated, putting the effort into knowing ourselves can only help us know others better.

Loving ourselves is essential if we want to live a good life.


(Yung Pueblo)









Trauma teaches you to 

close your heart & armor up.

Healing teaches you to 

open your heart & boundary up!


When we have been through hell & back, 

it can be tempting to build up walls 

for self preservation. 

But here's the tea, y’all - there truly is 

a magical healing power in healthy relationships 

that we can't find through anything 

BUT healthy relationships!


I know some of y'all are waiting for that day 

to come when the fortress of self protection 

you have built comes tumbling down organically - 

(spoiler alert, no hero is climbing your walls - 

you are your own hero). 

The truth is, YOU are gonna have to decide! 

You have to decide to trust, you have to decide 

to allow people to get close to you, 



But it's scary, you say. What if I get hurt? 

What if I'm not ready? What if I fail? 

It's true, those are all possibilities. 

But once you've done the work, 

you will learn to trust yourself, 

set boundaries & know that regardless of

what happens, you will be ok,

you've got yourself, babe. 

The knowledge that you won't betray yourself 

no matter what is a HUGE safety net in & of itself.


So dip a toe in, open yourself up & let the glow of 

healthy love wash over & start to heal you. 

You deserve good things!!! Get some!


(Christy Collins)









I have taken a vow

to love myself,

in good times and bad.


(Stacie Martin)









Don’t reconnect with toxic people

just because you’re lonely.

You wouldn’t drink poison

just because you’re thirsty.


(Dr. Jamie Zuckerman)









Sometimes fate is like a small sandstorm 

that keeps changing directions. 

You change direction but

the sandstorm chases you. 

You turn again, but the storm adjusts. 

Over and over you play this out, like some 

ominous dance with death just before dawn. 

Why? Because this storm isn't something

that blew in from far away, something that 

has nothing to do with you. 

This storm is you. Something inside of you. 

So all you can do is give in to it, 

step right inside the storm, 

closing your eyes and plugging up your ears 

so the sand doesn't get in, 

and walk through it, step by step. 

There's no sun there, no moon,

no direction, no sense of time. 

Just fine white sand swirling up 

into the sky like pulverized bones. 

That's the kind of sandstorm

you need to imagine.


And you really will have to make it through 

that violent, metaphysical, symbolic storm. 

No matter how metaphysical or symbolic 

it might be, make no mistake about it: 

it will cut through flesh like a thousand razor blades. 

People will bleed there, and you will bleed too. 

Hot, red blood. You'll catch that blood in your hands, 

your own blood and the blood of others.


And once the storm is over

you won't remember 

how you made it through, 

how you managed to survive. 

You won't even be sure, in fact, 

whether the storm is really over. 

But one thing is certain. 

When you come out of the storm 

you won't be the same person who walked in. 

That's what this storm's all about.


(Haruki Murakami)









What gaslighting yourself 

can sound like:


- "I’m just overreacting. 

   I’m too sensitive."


- "I must’ve misunderstood that.

   It didn’t really happen."


- "It shouldn’t be that big of a deal.

   Why can’t I just get over it?"


- "I’m so crazy/damaged/distrusting, 

   I can’t even trust myself."



Don’t gaslight yourself.


If you were frequently invalidated 

and dismissed growing up you may

have learned to second-guess yourself

and deny your own reality.

This is a form of gaslighting.

Stop denying/minimizing your truth

and start listening to yourself!


(Crystle Lampitt)









No one on this earth is deliberately 

trying to sabotage you and 

keep you small. 

No one actually feels bad about 

the successes you have had in your life. 

No one actually wants you to fail. 

They do not feel bad about where you are. 

They feel bad about where THEY are. 

They feel bad that they aren't yet 

where they want to be. 

And from that space of powerlessness, 

the next logical vibrational improvement 

is the attitude of revenge and hatred. 

So next time you are interacting with 

someone who seems upset at 

your successes or like they want 

to keep you small... look deeper. 

See the small, frightened part of them 

who is crying to be somewhere other than 

where they are, but who doesn't have 

the confidence yet… to go there.


(Teal Swan)









You don’t need to leave your room.

Remain sitting at your table and listen.

Don’t even listen, simply wait.

Don’t even wait.

Be quite still and solitary.

The world will freely offer itself to you.

To be unmasked, it has no choice.

It will roll in ecstasy at your feet.


(Franz Kafka)









Imagine all the energy you’ve poured 

into other people, especially those 

who don’t give you back much in return.


Imagine where that energy could go

when you turned just a fraction of it

inward towards yourself.



This one goes out to anyone reading this who has tried to earn love by helping, fixing, or pleasing others.


Welcome to the club.


I don’t know how many reminders it took for me to finally get it in my head that my value doesn’t solely depend on what other people think of me.


It’s still a work in progress for me to truly feel what I consciously know, that even if people don’t approve of me or understand me doesn’t mean I’m in danger. 


It’s understandable if living your life to please or serve others is your mechanism to find safety and love.


What if you looked at all that energy you gave to others, all that time you spent making sure you were pleasing and acceptable.


What if you decided to take just a little bit of that energy, and spend it on yourself instead?


It might feel scary. Because trauma runs deep.

It wants to lock us in place to keep us safe.


But you’re allowed to change. You don’t have to be the same way you’ve always been.


You deserve to be cared for,

and take care of yourself.


(Emmy Marie)









I will not stay, 

not ever again - 

in a room,

or conversation,

or relationship,

or institution,

that requires me

to abandon myself.


(Glennon Doyle Melton)









Just a reminder 

that you experience love

every single day, 

if you’re paying attention.

It doesn’t have to be

chocolate and flowers and

a fancy dinner with a partner.

Love is when you get lost in

something that lights you up.

Love is the smell of rain.

Love is a text from a friend.

Love is standing up for what’s right.

Love is remembering to hydrate and rest.

Love is a song that takes you someplace else.

Love is a quiet moment of peace.


You love and are loved.

Every day.


(Nanea Hoffman)









Despite what you may have been taught, 

your sensitivity doesn’t make you weak. 

It doesn’t make you too emotional, 

too soft, or in any way too much. 

It has always been and 

will always be a strength. 

The truth is that you can be soft 

and still be strong. 

You aren’t a rock, immune to the shift 

and pull of the world around you. 

You’re the ocean. 

Always ebbing and flowing;

easily affected by the moon

and the weather. 

But immense and deep. 

Resilient and powerful. 

Bounding with life.


(Daniell Koepke)








Creativity is inventing, 


growing, taking risks, 

breaking rules, 

making mistakes 

and having fun.


(Mary Lou Cook)





Dear Friends,


We hope you are all well and navigating safely and healthily through this challenging time.

Here in Germany it's snowy & freezing and because of the failure of our government to order enough vaccines etc., it feels as if we are waiting and waiting and waiting till spring comes and things become hopefully easier...


But well, we are healthy, which is most important, and because of the lockdown, we have a lot of time to think about the future of our website and our "Remember who you are"- Community.

It’s wonderful to support and inspire so many people from all over the world on their healing journey to self-love & authenticity with what we have learned on our own journey.


We have so many ideas and plans; we are bursting with creative energy and sometimes don't know where to start... ; )

What has become more and more concrete in our mind is that we would LOVE to develop our own app "RWYA - Remember who you are" with the supportive and creative tools that we offer so far and all that we plan for the future...


After the negative experiences with the "Insight Timer"-App, where our group with 50.000 members has simply been deleted by the CEO (because our authenticity and truthfulness didn't fit into their concept of mainstream "love and light only" spirituality), the most important thing for us is always to stay independent, authentic, and uncensored. 



Of course, we are no developers, and there are so many app builders and app programming companies, so at the moment, we are checking and comparing all the different possibilities.


It would surely take some time and money to develop such an app, but before we become concrete, we thought it's a good idea to ask YOU if anyone has a recommendation.

If anyone knows or has heard about an excellent app builder or an app programming company, please contact us via email: beee@me.com

Of course, you can also write us if you have any ideas or wishes regarding possible features for the app.


We would love to hear from you and wish you all a wonderful and cozy weekend!


With gratitude ❤️


Verena & Alex









I want you to go to the very bottom 

of your pain, my love. 

Let your grief break you apart. 

(Know that it can only break your illusions and 

shatter your expectations, it cannot break You.) 

Pour yourself into your own broken heart. 

Breathe into your most terrifying loneliness. 

You’ll be haunted in the future by everything 

that you do not touch now. 


Do not fear. I am here. I breathe you 

when you cannot breathe yourself. 

I give you the will to go on 

when you cannot find the will. 

I help you to bear the unbearable, 

digest the indigestible. 

I am at the very pit of your pain, 

present in the abyss of your despair. 

I am your unbreakable spirit, your timeless Self. 


If you fear your own disappearance, then disappear! 

If the ground opens up to swallow you, 

if the void pulls you in, fall willingly! 

Surrender, or give up surrendering and just fall. 

I will catch you, or you will be caught 

by your own deepest wisdom.


Either way, your pain will not kill you, 

it will only remove all that is disgusting and false. 

You will emerge shaken, yes, vulnerable, yes, 

but new, and wiser, and more real. 

Know that I am here with you... 

until the end of time. 


(Jeff Foster)











The bits of you that are broken, 

the bits of you that are damaged, 

do not see them that way. 


Instead see them as slowly being filled 

with beautiful experiences and truths 

you have learned from the damage, 

the equivalent of lacquered gold.


I want you to remember, 

you are not a broken thing, 

Instead, you are a human full of 

incredible and wonderful experience, 

made of the same things swords and 

diamonds are made of.


You are a survivor, my darling, 

and I salute you for everything 

you have been through, 

and for making the universe so proud, 

so very proud of what you have become.


(Nikita Gill)









I often think about the notion that

somehow Trauma Survivors are

DAMAGED GOODS because they

have been through dark shit,

and that notion pisses me off.

I know that Trauma Survivors 

are more powerful, capable, 

resourceful, and driven than 

anyone else.

Let no one tell you different.


(Michael Unbroken)




🔥 Keeping Me Alive 🔥






People think that intimacy is about sex. 

But intimacy is about truth. 

When you realize you can tell someone your truth, 

when you can show yourself to them, 

when you stand in front of them bare and 

their response is 'you're safe with me'- 

that's intimacy.


(Taylor Jenkins Reid)









To me, being spiritual means…


Whispering to trees, 

laughing with flowers, 

falling in love with sunsets, 

consulting the water and 

worshipping the stars. 


One hand to my heart. 

One hand to the Earth. 

And sparkles. 

Tons of them.


(Tanya Markul)









Strategy for releasing tension:


1. Tune into a place in your body

    where you are holding tension 

    (for example tight chest, clenched jaw,

    strained eyes).


2. Gently place & "cup" your hands 

    around the tense area, slowly & gently.


3. Be present to the sensations you notice.


4. Breathe slowly & intentionally into 

    the tense spot, send your breath 

    to release the tension.


5. Stay with it a few minutes & 

    notice any changes in the tension.


(Sarah Dergins)









But if these years

have taught me 

anything, it is this: 

you can never 

run away. Not ever.

The only way out is in.


(Junot Díaz)








Friends fell away as I individuated 

on my soul's journey. 

As I shed one self-sense, 

I no longer identified with 

the people attached to it. 

Old ways of interacting 

seemed artificial, scripted, silly. 

Whereas before it was fine 

to hang out and waste time, 

now there was no time to lose. 

Now I had to protect my sacred purpose 

from connections that undermined it.

Be prepared for the lonely times 

on the journey.

It can be very isolating 

to quest for truepath amid 

the trumpets of modern life. 

Walking through unchartered territories 

often means walking alone. 

This is particularly true in the transition stages 

before you find a conscious soulpod. 

It can be like primary school all over again - 

who will be my first ‘real’ friends? 


(Jeff Brown)









Be honest about 

who you are.

Be honest about 

what you want.

Be honest about 

how you expect

to be treated.

Standards only scare off 

the people who are

not meant for you.


(Christine Janota)









A thing to know about trauma

is that physical symptoms 

don’t usually show up until after 

your nervous system understands 

you to be relatively safe.

So, be very gentle with yourself

and aware of how you feel in your body

over the next few months.


(Amanda Guinzburg)








Our world is full of adult bodies

walking around with wounded little kids

inside of them thinking they created

the harm done to them.

Look closely at the adults who are struggling &

you will see the version of that small child

who would give anything 

to no longer carry that lie.



It’s clear people are hurting at levels I’ve never seen. 

They are wrestling with their mental health, loneliness, and the exhaustion is setting in from being in the throes of tension with so much uncertainty. 

I want to do my best to provide some relief to each of those especially those doing healing work:⁣

I’ve never met someone who identified their childhood trauma and did not assume they somehow created it or it was their fault. 

If you can take this one reframe of that shame and understand that under no circumstances are children able to create being harmed by others, this could be a gateway to more breathing room for the inner child inside of you.⁣

That kid in you who experienced harm outside of their control had no coping skills to process that harm or make sense of it. 

Their only option is to adapt to that pain and that could include denial, self blame and/or survival mode. 

This is the only option. ⁣

That younger version of you has carried this pressure and absolute lie and that one lie is shaping other heartache. 

For any younger version of you that was traumatized, they must hear from you the harm done to them was not their fault.⁣

If we have lived our entire lives believing these things were our fault, it’s going to have an impact on how we show up and often what we struggle with.⁣

It was not possible for you to be responsible for what happened to you as a kid. 

You’ve lived the tight rope of believing you were responsible and that tension must stop. ⁣

Please breath in this truth:

“Any blame I’m allowing my inner child to carry ends today. 

I will no longer allow them to feel additional burdens from experiences they were never supposed to know.” ⁣


(Nate Postlethwait)