Being able to admit when you are at fault, 

is one of the most important relationship

skills you could ever develop.⁠⁠


Being able to stand your ground 

when you're not at fault 

is one of the most vital individual

skills you could ever develop.⁠⁠


How can you hold both of these

in the balance?


(Elizabeth Earnshaw)









Maybe you're "lost", or maybe you're just beginning the process of finally learning to trust yourself.


When we stop going along with what we've thought we needed to do or who we thought we needed to be, it makes sense why we might feel a little lost... but what if being lost isn't such a bad thing?


Where did we get the idea that we're always supposed to be two steps ahead of ourselves?

Where did we get the idea that we're always supposed to know what's next?

Where did we get the idea that being lost is a sign of failure instead of a sign of possibility?


Sometimes, not knowing is really just proof that you're no longer going along with what you've been told.

Sometimes, being uncertain is really just proof that you're loosening the mask.

Sometimes, having no clue is really just proof that life isn't about always knowing what's next.

Sometimes, being confused is just the middle ground between where you've been and where you're heading.

Sometimes, being in unfamiliar territory is really just proof that you're getting closer to yourself.


What if being lost is a sign that you're fully here?

What if being lost is the ultimate form of presence? 


(Lisa Olivera)








If something burns your soul

with purpose and desire,

it’s your duty to be 

reduced to ashes by it.

Any other form of existence 

would be yet another dull book

in the library of life.


(Andréa Balt)








The word "fuck"

is a form of


The more you

use it the more

your throat

chakra clears.


(Ella Hicks)









being a people pleaser 

is a dangerous game.

to give everything to everyone

will require you to give

nothing to yourself. 

people pleasing will cost you 

your authenticity, your goals,

your integrity.

if you want to be happy,

you have to live your truth

boldly and on your terms.


(Yung Pueblo)









We have been to the moon, 

we have charted the 

depths of the ocean 

and the heart of the atom, 

but we have a fear of 

looking inward to ourselves 

because we sense that is where 

all the contradictions flow together.


(Terence McKenna)









Whenever you feel empty or sad, 

leave your devices and visit a forest. 

Nature’s power will heal you. 

Listen to the whispers of the trees, 

let Mother Earth hold you. 

The fresh air will refresh your Spirit. 

Bless yourself with the infinite 

love of Earth itself.


(Tara Isis Gerris)









Normal human responses to a global pandemic 

that do not need to be pathologized

or treated as abnormal:


• Food and eating challenges & difficulties


• Resurgence of compulsive or addictive behaviours


• Obsessive or intrusive thoughts, memories or fears


• Generalised fear, anxiety, panic & overwhelm


• Depression, dissociation, shutdown, freeze,



• Feelings of abandonment or loneliness or isolation


• Sense of loss of control or powerlessness.

  Feeling confused


• Anxiety around money, shelter, food, and other

  survival needs


• Past traumas being triggered, activated or



• Health anxiety heightened (about Covid19

  and otherwise)


• Feeling unheard or unseen amidst the flood of



• Feeling like existing chronic needs are being



• Thoughts and feelings about death and dying


• New and old grief surfacing


• Feelings of anger, irritation and frustration


• Caring for everyone to own detriment.

  Compassion fatigue


• Feeling exhausted, fatigued, unmotivated, lethargic


• Hyper-focus, surges of energy, keeping 'doing'

  to distract


• Immune system depleted, other illnesses starting,

  chronic flare


• (List not exhaustive)


AND if you do need support with any of it,

that's okay too.


(Sarah Mariann Martland)








The only way

to make sense

out of change 

is to plunge into it,

move with it,

and join the dance.


(Alan Watts)









Blind compassion is rooted in the belief that we are all doing the best that we can.

When we are driven by blind compassion, we cut everyone far too much slack, making excuses for others’ behavior and making nice in situations that require a forceful “no,” an unmistakable voicing of displeasure, or a firm setting and maintaining of boundaries.


These things can, and often should, be done out of love, but blind compassion keeps love too meek, sentenced to wearing a kind face.

This is not the kindness of the Dalai Lama, which is rooted in courage, but rather a kindness rooted in fear, and not just the fear of confrontation, but also the fear of not coming across as a good or spiritual person.


When we are engaged in blind compassion we rarely show any anger, for we not only believe that compassion has to be gentle, we are also frightened of upsetting anyone, especially to the point of their confronting us.

This is reinforced by our judgment of anger, especially in its more fiery forms, as something less than spiritual; something to be equated with ill will, hostility, and aggression; something that should not be there if we were being truly loving. 


In blind compassion we don’t know how to - or won’t learn how to - say “no” with any real power, avoiding confrontation at all costs and, as a result, enabling unhealthy patterns to continue.

Our “yes” is then anemic and impotent, devoid of the impact it could have if we were also able to access a clear, strong “no” that emanated from our core.

When we mute our essential voice, our openness is reduced to a permissive gap, an undiscerning embrace, a poorly boundaried receptivity, all of which indicate a lack of compassion for ourselves (in that we don’t adequately protect ourselves).


Blind compassion confuses anger with aggression, forcefulness with violence, judgment with condemnation, exaggerated tolerance with caring, and spiritual correctness with moral maturity.


(Robert Augustus Masters)









If you don’t understand the 

crippling anxiety in your body,

you may have dissociated from 

your emotions for so long

you have disconnected from

your body to survive trauma.



Dissociation is a method of coping with trauma 

by shutting down the emotions. 

Mostly it starts early in childhood and 

can lead to neglect of the sensations 

in the body and continued disconnection. 

It's venom for the intuition.⁠

To connect again, it's important to feel 

the sensations in the body and remember 

that the body is a safe space to be in. 

Become the witness to be your own healer.⁠


(Mila Zambrano)









8 ways to build a deeper relationship 

with yourself


trust your intuition

practice advocating for yourself

prioritize your needs

learn to enjoy your own company

be honest with yourself

hold yourself accountable

be your own best friend

stand in your truth


(Erica C Fraser)









You‘re not a victim 

for sharing your story. 

You are a survivor

setting the world on fire 

with your truth. 

And you never know 

who needs your light, 

your warmth, 

and raging courage.


(Alexandra Elle)









The synchronicities and signs 

in our lives, DO NOT make sense

in the middle of the journey. 

We are entrusted to follow our instinct, 

our intuition, our "gut“ from one to the next 

as if we are arranging puzzle pieces on a table

with no idea of what picture they will make. 

But it is my solemn promise that in the end… 

If you follow the signs in your life, 

the picture of your life, your purpose and

your destiny will come into full view. 

Every tiny detail which once seemed random, 

will instead look like graceful order. 

IT WILL ALL make sense and 

you will be leveled by the cosmic beauty of it. 

And you will realize you were being led 

straight to it all along. 

Trust your signs. 

Trust yourself.


(Teal Swan)









Safe space is any 

space that feels 

nurturing and

allows your feelings

to be what they are.


(Christie Inge)




Dear Friends,


Here it is finally: our first guided meditation with both of our voices.


"Safe in this moment" - a very soothing meditation for challenging times like these.


We had to wait for the right moment to record this meditation because it has a very personal meaning in our own healing process.

Now it comes from the bottom of our souls, and we are delighted with the result.

We hope you will enjoy it too.

May it bring you safety, unconditional love,

soul power, and healing.


We will record more guided meditations soon.

You will have access to them all under the section "Listen" in the menu above.

If you have specific wishes regarding themes, you can contact us via email: beee@me.com


Sending you all much love & safety ❤️


Verena & Alex




PLAY: 31 Min.






I like weird people.

They make things awkward.

They make people uncomfortable.

They say & do the things 

no-one else in the room 

has the balls for.

I like them because 

by showing up and 

being brave enough 

to be themselves, 

they give you permission 

to do the same.


(Brooke Hampton)









The years tick on by

and I am realising that

the really beautiful hearts

have dents in them.

That the most beautiful things

in life have been fractured

or cracked a few times.

That there is a grace in

every wrinkle caused by

grief, loss or heartful joy.

That ageing is a deepening 

of your roots to this earth.

And scars are birthmarks

of the hero you bring to life

in yourself every time

you get through a hard time.


(S.C Lourie)




Image: Philippe Vogelenzang






A trauma survivor attempting to speak up

is one of the most vulnerable moments

they’ll know. If we want to participate in

their healing, we must remind them that

there is a very innocent part of them,

asking to be restored. 

The best way to do this is to say

"I believe you."



When was the last time someone reminded you of your innocence?


When was the last time you thought about what it felt like to not feel responsible for the harm that was done to you? ⁣

When was the last time you approached your shame with the intent of understanding it’s inappropriate and wildly misplaced message in your mind and body?⁣

This is where inner child work is incredibly impactful. It is normal in beginning this type of work to blame our inner child and want nothing to do with them. We misunderstand that it’s the stories they carry that we are angry about, not them.⁣

Once we begin to understand this, we approach this child with a different view as the innocent kid they were.⁣

Those little versions of us didn’t have the capacity to navigate harmful things happening to them.

They are hungry, if not desperate, to hear about their innocence.⁣

Children are one of the purest forms of humanity we have. It is our honor to contribute a loving reminder, that they were meant to be protected and that they are no longer responsible to carry the weight of this pain.


One practical way to do this is to write a letter to the younger version of you reminding them of what they were meant to encounter and what you’d like to do now to help them feel safe.⁣


(Nate Postlethwait)









Let’s end toxic positivity.

No, you don’t have to "just be happy."

No, it’s not always possible to

"think happy thoughts."

No, you don’t have to always 

transmit "good vibes only."

We need people to hold space

for us. We need our feelings and

traumas to be seen and validated, 

not plastered with dismissive platitudes.


(Aletheia Luna)









I am sorry there is fear in the world. 

That is what you have come to transform. 

I am sorry for the forgetting that causes 

dark nights of loneliness for all of you.

You have come to walk in the forgetting 

in order to move to the remembering again. 

In dark nights, in fear, ask your heart, 

"Is this all there is?"

Your heart knows the answer.


(Pat Rodegast)











"I am not looking for feedback or advice right now"


"I will respond to texts/emails 

when I have the time and energy"




"I’m not comfortable sharing that"


"I don’t have the space 

to listen right now"


"I respect that we have different opinions

on this and don’t want to continue 

the conversation"



Boundaries are our divine right.


When we feel guilty placing boundaries, what we’re actually facing is our codependency conditioning.

When we’ve been raised in homes with codependency, we believe we are responsible for the emotional states of others.


This causes us to feel fear over upsetting people when we place boundaries.


One of the most common questions I get in my community is: “How can I place boundaries without upsetting people?”


The answer is: you can’t.


People who haven’t been modeled boundaries + who don’t place boundaries in their own lives can become highly emotionally activated when we place them.


They might tell us we’re being “selfish” or attempt to shame or guilt us. This is important feedback on their level of emotional maturity.


How we respond to another persons reaction is important feedback around our own emotional maturity.


Sometimes when I’m setting boundaries, I feel fear + my desire to people please coming up. This is all just part of the practice.


Some reminders as you set boundaries:


1. Boundaries are for YOU to set your own limits not to control or demand the behavior of another person


2. People who are attempting to control or demand things from you as you set are showing their own wounding. Practice holding the boundary without engaging in over-explaining or arguing your ‘side.’


3. Boundaries free us from feelings of resentment + being taken advantage of.


4. Women are conditioned from childhood to please + to be ‘polite’ that can make boundaries feel incredibly scary. This is all part of the process of releasing past conditioning + becoming your authentic self.


5. You are not responsible for the emotional state of others. You are responsible for your own emotions + how you respond to them.


(Dr. Nicole LePera)









After trauma, your nervous system

becomes re-wired. 

Your focus shifts into survival mode, 

& into avoiding any possibility 

that the trauma could 

ever happen again.

It’s an exhausting way to live.


(Dr. Mariel Buquè)




Toxic Family Traits






Lessons From The Cosmos


The idea that there is enough DNA 

in each of our bodies, 

that if it were laid out end to end 

it would stretch between the Sun and Pluto 

seven times, and we still treat ourselves 

like we are so very small.


The idea that the universe loved us enough 

that it painted a perfect picture of itself 

in each of our cells to remind us 

that it is there always, and yet 

we belittle ourselves and 

think no one loves us.


The idea that we believe 

we are not walking miracles, 

even though each footstep confirms it, 

each heartbeat is a chorus 

from the stars that made us:


“Your existence is valued. 

Your existence is needed.”


(Nikita Gill)









Go there. 

Go to the secret place where your pain lives.

Forget all that they have told you;

forget all the warnings.

Close your eyes, and breathe into the hurt. 

Feel it with all senses.

Let it unfold. 

Listen to it.

Just for this moment,

allow it unconditionally.


You have tried everything to repress this agony, to hide it behind the biggest walls you could build in your heart.

But this hiding place didn’t diminish the intensity of the pain in any way. 

It pulsates in the background with exactly the same pressure, with exactly the same despair like when it happened. 

Can you feel it?

You had to freeze it there, until now.

Now it is safe enough to thaw it.


Yes, you need much courage to break these walls and do the first cautious step into this room of vulnerability.

You feel naked here, without any defense. 

Your body shivers fearfully and excited. 

This time, you don’t stop at the eye of the needle where it feels like dying. You go further.

Your monkey mind keeps screaming at you:


But you sense immediately that this place contains also a huge part of your liveliness, of your truth.


It attracts you magnetically; you want it back. 

You feel now that there is no way around this room. You have to face the pain in order to feel whole again.


So, you go there. 

You sit with the pain and cry the desperate tears of your inner child.

You allow these tears to wash away all the dirt, all the darkness that covered your adorable and innocent soul since that day.


Each tear seems to create a mantle of divine protection around you.

Suddenly, you are not frightened anymore; you let all dams break and give up control.

You let yourself burn into this fire of transformation. 

Finally. “Ahhhhhh!“ Your soul sighs with relief. 

It feels like jumping into a threatening black hole and landing safely into the loving arms of the divine.


Full of gratitude and new awakened vitality, the crying becomes laughter.

Tears of joy and purification run down your cheeks.

You laugh about the divine dry sense of humor: to rediscover your inner light, you had to go to the darkest place inside of you.


(Verena, RWYA)









Parents are put on pedestals in society. 

Especially mothers. Not all of us had loving, 

nurturing mothers or parents.


One of the hardest things to do 

is leave your toxic family as an adult.


Often times what happens when we do this 

we are met with criticism. 

Furthering the guilt and shame we already feel.


“Just forgive them”, 

“you only have one mother”, 

“you should try harder”, 

“she’s going to die soon”...


It’s not your responsibility to fix things, 

help someone “see”, abandon yourself 

to keep family dysfunction intact.


Give yourself permission to walk away, 

take a break. No explanation needed!


(Tracy Principi)








Avoiding certain people

to protect your mental health

is not a weakness…

It’s wisdom.


(Steve Maraboli)









If ever there is a tomorrow 

when we're not together… 

there is something you 

must always remember. 


You are braver than you believe, 

stronger than you seem, 

and smarter than you think. 


But the most important thing is, 

even if we're apart… 


I'll always be with you.


(A.A. Milne)









You are deserving of relief. 

Of that weight being lifted off your shoulders.

You were not put on this world to save others,

carry the burden of your family secrets,

be an adult when you were meant to be a child, 

or be okay when you weren’t… or aren’t. 

You were not put on this world to make sure 

that you don’t "disrupt the peace"

in order to protect those around you,

or to live out the dreams of others

just because they fell short.

You are here to walk your path, 

find peace where there was once pain,

chaos, and suffering, and walk your own self

towards your healing.



What burden do you carry with you?

What expectations from others have been put upon you? What secrets have you had to carry? What roles did you assume (or continue) that were not yours to absorb?

It’s time to take a look, friends.

Where are you living for others instead of living for yourself? Whose lane are you in? Are you protecting someone else by carrying something on your shoulders? Are you playing by a set of rules you don’t actually agree with?

It’s time to reflect. It’s time to see if there’s a part of your story that needs a new operating system.

What do you need to shed? What do you need to let go of? What do you need to surrender?

Lean into the origin stories, origin beliefs, and the origin roles that you took on.

See what’s there.

See what doesn’t want to be there.

Be with it and notice.


(Vienna Pharaon)









If you aren’t honest about who you are

and what you want at the start of a relationship, 

you will have to continuously self-abandon

to maintain the connection.


Conforming to someone’s expectations 

by pretending to be someone you’re not 

might catch their attention at first, 

but it won’t last.


Your anxiety about being found out 

will be all consuming. 

Building a relationship based on lies 

is like building a house on quicksand.


When you pretend to be someone else 

or act like you want different things, 

you are setting yourself up for failure.


Surely, there is someone out there 

with the same interests as you, 

no matter how niche they may be. 

Don’t waste your time pretending to be 

someone you’re not to ease your 

attachment anxiety and 

catch someone’s interest.


Lasting relationships are based on 

vulnerability and honesty. 

There is no reason to self-abandon - 

an as equally quirky person is out there 

who is just your kind of weird. 


(Zoe Crook)









I’m stronger because I had to be.

Smarter because of my mistakes.

Happier because of the sadness I’ve known.

And wiser because I’ve learned.


(Lori Deschene)









Be careful 

not only with 

the words you say

but with the words

you don’t say.


Too many people 

are dying with

forgotten gold

in their belly,


and it may come

as a surprise to you

how many people 

truly just need

to hear the words

"it’s going to be okay."


(Christopher Poindexter)