I hate small talk. 

It gives me anxiety. 

But if you want to get honest 

and vulnerable and 

weird for a little bit, 

I am totally down for it.


(Nanea Hoffman)









healing isn’t about filling your life

with pleasure or never having a hard

moment again. it’s about being real and

facing what you feel so that it doesn’t

accumulate in unhealthy ways. being with

the down moments is better than carrying

unprocessed pain everywhere you go.


(Yung Pueblo)









What so many need right now is

a safe place to fall apart.

Not in a tragic way, but like 

an extended exhale. No advice.

No interruptions to your thought process.

No list of what’s next to heal.

A safe place where you know

you are safely held & that by resting,

you will soon rise.


Look for this place. 

Find it in a book, a nap, a walk, 

a conversation with a friend, 

a drive in your car. ⁣

Look for moments where you are not 

asked for anything other than to be. ⁣

If you have the capacity, 

look for ways to hold this space for others. 

That too, nourishes the soul. ⁣


(Nate Postlethwait)









May you listen to the voice within the beat even when you are tired. 

When you feel yourself breaking down, may you break open instead. 

May every experience in life be a door that opens your heart, expands your understanding, and leads you to freedom. 

If you are weary, may you be aroused by passion and purpose. 

If you are blameful and bitter, may you be sweetened by hope and humor. 

If you are frightened, may you be emboldened by a big consciousness far wiser than your fear. 

If you are lonely, may you find love, may you find friendship. 

If you are lost, may you understand that we are all lost, and still we are guided - by Strange Angels and Sleeping Giants, by our better and kinder natures, by the vibrant voice within the beat. 

May you follow that voice, for This is the way - the hero’s journey, the life worth living, the reason we are here.  


(Elizabeth Lesser)









If you are always trying to be normal, 

you will never know how amazing you can be.


(Maya Angelou)









A cat has absolute emotional honesty: 

human beings, for one reason or another, 

may hide their feelings, 

but a cat does not.


(Ernest Hemingway)









Through our eyes, 

the universe is perceiving itself. 

Through our ears,

the universe is listening 

to its harmonies. 

We are the witnesses 

through which the universe 

becomes conscious of its glory, 

of its magnificence.


(Alan Watts)









If people do not start to see the value 

of truth and choose to see it quickly, 

there are going to be huge consequences 

for people in their individual lives and 

huge consequences for humanity. 


(Teal Swan)









Be like a tree and 

let the dead leaves drop.











Every single person has a story 

that will break your heart. 

And if you're paying attention, 

many people... have a story 

that will bring you to your knees. 

Nobody rides for free.


(Brené Brown)









Trauma is much more than a

story of what happened to you.

The feelings, beliefs, and

body sensations that you 

soaked up during the trauma 

are still very much alive in you -

not as memories, 

but as reactions

in the present.


(Anna Aslanian)









I must be a mermaid. 

I have no fear of depths and 

a great fear of shallow living.


(Anaïs Nin)









The things we want 

most desperately

as adults are the things

we desperately needed,

but didn’t receive,

as children.


(Hailey Magee)









It’s delicious, ingenious, perfect, intelligent 

that you never felt like you fit in. 

It means that you were always alive, 

and therefore unique and irreplaceable, 

designed to resist any kind 

of labeling whatsoever, 

unable to be pinned down 

or reduced to a category.


(Jeff Foster)









Family is supposed to 

be our safe haven. 

Very often, it’s the place 

where we find the 

deepest heartache.


(Iyanla Vanzant)









I am too full of life

to be half-loved.


(Ijeoma Umebinyuo)









They’re probably not 

Going to like you

When you’re not

Like them anymore

But when you can

Look at yourself

Without hating 

everything you see

You’re probably not going to

Give a fuck.


(J. Warren Welch)









Healing only works 

if you surrender 

to its process.


(Lalah Delia)











Show me 

the most damaged 

parts of your soul, 

and I will show you 

how it still shines like gold.


(Nikita Gill)








The most dangerous thing you can do 

in a relationship is ignore 

the person that you love.

Nobody wants to be shut out, 

nobody wants to look stupid.

Listen to your partner, 

even if you don’t want to

at that moment.

Listening is a form of love,

never forget that.


(Sylvester McNutt)









don’t shrink for people.

don’t shrink for people.

don’t shrink for people.

your soul is an ocean.


(Emery Allen)









I used to wonder how people 

could live with themselves after 

committing crimes against others.

But I no longer do. Because what 

I came to understand is that they

aren’t actually 'living'. 

In order to move forward with 

the knowledge of their complicity,

they actually have to sever some part

of their aliveness. To some extent,

their heart has to close, their presence

has to diminish, and their capacity for

wholeness has to become obstructed.

They may have no conscious awareness of

how this happens, but it does happen.

In order to live with what they have done,

they have to become significantly less alive.

Because we are relational beings, 

we can’t bypass the suffering 

we have caused. It leaves its footprints

on every part of our life.

The only remedy is for them to 

bravely own their actions, and to

genuinely make amends. Otherwise,

the crime lives on and on…


(Jeff Brown)









love changes 

the way we look at people

and where we used to see bodies,

we begin to see souls.


(Jose Chaves)










I had sensed it already a few days before;

I knew I would meet you.

There was a gentle breeze in the air, a delicious smell like the sweetest enchanting essences, announcing your arrival.


I just sat there after my meditation, my eyes still closed.

Suddenly, this vast field of silence took over my heart and filled it with such a sense of peace as if the world stopped turning.

No words could ever describe this tranquility. 

Only you and me.

The creator and the creation, melting together in one “I am.”

Tears came to my eyes. 


The calmness of that moment soothed my body, my mind, and my soul.

Suddenly, I knew that all is well.

That all makes sense.

That you really exist.

I felt your presence in every object, every plant, every being.

It was like a near-death experience without being near death.

I saw this inviting light, your light: YOU! 

You are this light; you are this ineffable love, attracting me each second since I was born.


Being surrounded by your light instantly made me feel so loved like I have never felt before in this life. 

You wrapped me in the warm, familiar blanket of your eternal radiance. 

Seeing myself through your eyes made me love myself the same way.

Unconditionally. Full of compassion. 

So pure, so right, so at home.


Then it happened. Your light entered my heart. 

It felt as if it would burst, as if my body was too narrow to take it in.

It was like a birth.

Even if there was pain beside the ecstasy,

I wanted it more than anything else.

I had to breathe very deeply, and tears ran down my cheeks.

I felt crazy and at the same time saner than ever before.

I sensed that you have always lived in my heart, but more like a little flame, not like this stunning volcano that now exploded inside of me.

Merging with you was all I have ever desired.


All problems dissolved, and all anxieties and doubts vanished like dark clouds in your bluest of all skies. 

I was so overwhelmed by the feeling that death is nothing to fear that I started to laugh uncontrollably.

I laughed and cried at the same time about all the misery on Earth, all the illusions, all the suffering, my own and that of the whole humanity. 

And I laughed about all the love, the joy, the miracles, and the unbelievable beauty you created in this universe.

It was a laughter full of sympathy, appreciation, gratitude, and full of relief to feel the truth.


It all just belongs to our journey.

We will come home.

We will wake up.

The perspective will change.

Things look very different from behind the curtain.

Very different.

All will be well.

All is well.


We are loved so deeply.

That’s all we really need to know.


(Verena, RWYA)









If I’ve learned anything from life, it’s that sometimes, the darkest times can bring us to the brightest places.

I’ve learned that the most toxic people can teach us the most important lessons; that our most painful struggles can grant us the most necessary growth; and that the most heartbreaking losses of friendship and love can make room for the most wonderful people.

I’ve learned that what seems like a curse in the moment can actually be a blessing, and that what seems like the end of the road is actually just the discovery that we are meant to travel down a different path.

I’ve learned that no matter how difficult things seem, there is always hope. And I’ve learned that no matter how powerless we feel or how horrible things seem, we can’t give up.

We have to keep going.

Even when it’s scary, even when all of our strength seems gone, we have to keep picking ourselves back up and moving forward, because whatever we’re battling in the moment, it will pass, and we will make it through.

We’ve made it this far.

We can make it through whatever comes next.


(Daniell Koepke)









We can become the mother

we always wanted - 

to ourselves.


(Bethany Webster)









You are loved just for being who you are,

just for existing. 

You don’t have to do anything to earn it.

Your shortcomings, your lack of self-esteem,

physical perfection, or social and economic success -

none of that matters.

No one can take this love away from you,

and it will always be here.


(Ram Dass)









The core of 

your true self 

is never lost.

Let go of all

the pretending

and the becoming

you’ve done just

to belong.

Curl up with 

your rawness 

and come home.

You don’t have to

find yourself;

you just have to

let yourself in.


(D. Antoinette Foy)









I’m not here to figure it all out.

I’m here to love life and

allow it to love me back.


(Nanea Hoffmann)









Of course change is hard. It has to be.

It carries with it - every single time - the potential to elevate, even revolutionize your life in ways you can never truly realize until you're already transformed, safely on the other side of your resistance and fear.


Change is hard, but rarely as difficult as not doing anything.


Now is the time - really, right now - to start making those changes you know you need to make in your life.

Dive into change, into the sea of possibility it creates, and trust that all the hard work will bring you some deeply wonderful things - like a greater sense of calm and happiness, and a truer taste of freedom.


If you can’t dive in, that’s okay.

Tip toe, baby step, crawl if you have to.

Just keep moving forward, no matter what, into what is already becoming your new and beautiful reality.


(Scott Stabile)