For the one who is questioning

whether or not you lived up to

whatever external expectations

have been placed upon you this


You are enough.


For the one who hasn't been able

to show up for your friends as

fully because of all you've had to

hold this year... 

You are enough.


For the one who's body

looks different than it used to and the

society we live in makes you believe

you're somehow bad because of it...

You are enough.


For the one who's house is

currently a complete disaster, who

has way too much laundry to do,

who doesn't want anyone seeing

what things *actually* look like...

You are enough.


For the one who has had old

wounds revisit, old pains pop back

up, old tendencies resurface, and

old hurts feel extra tender...

You are enough.


For the one missing somebody

so much that the ache feels like it

will never let up, the light feels

like it will never return, the sense

of self lost to grief feels like it will

never come back again...

You are enough.


For the one with regrets,

the one who wishes you could take

back what you said,

the one with fear of what's next,

the one who feels totally lost,

the one with more needs than usual.

the one who wants more...

You are enough.


For the one who has had a much

better year than a lot of people

you know and is feeling guilty for

experiencing joy during a time

where many are experiencing

heightened pain...

You are enough.


For the one who feels like you

somehow let yourself down this

year, like you didn't do enough

or accomplish enough or have

enough experiences or big

moments to be proud of...

You are enough.


For the one feeling like something

is wrong with you for being messy.

for having ups and downs and

in-betweens, for not having it

all together, for being human...

You are enough.


(Lisa Olivera)












• My feelings.

• Having firm boundaries.

• Saying no to something I'm not interested in doing.

• Being emotional or crying.

• Not answering the phone when I can't

  or don't feel like it.

• Needing to take a break.

• Asking for clarity when I don't understand.

• How other people behave.

• Changing and becoming better.

• Not agreeing with someone.

• Putting myself first. I can't be anything to anyone

  if I am nothing to myself.

• Not settling for less than I deserve.

• Letting go when I need to.

• Healing at my own pace.


(Alexandra Elle)









10 Ways To Detox That Have Nothing

To Do With Your Body


- Unfollow people on social media who

  negatively impact you.


- Detox your email inbox by unsubscribing.


- Donate clothing you don't wear.


- Clean out expired products and things you don't

  use from your bathroom + kitchen.


- Cancel subscription services you don't use.


- Organize your phone and delete apps + pictures.


- Organize your computer and delete documents and

  software you don't use.


- Declutter your car.


- Organize your finances.


- Identify what you spent time on this year that you

  don't like and take steps to discontinue it this year.


(Amanda E. White)









I know this transformation is painful, 

but you’re not falling apart; 

you’re just falling into something different, 

with a new capacity to be beautiful.


(William C. Hannan)









Sensitive people

actually represent the

genuine needs and

desires of all people.

It's just that some people

who are not so sensitive,

were able to adapt in a

way where they were able

to disconnect from the

needs that weren't

getting met.


(Teal Swan)









I'm sorry that when

you expressed

how much you're

struggling right now, 

you were once again

met with


"Stop spreading

your negativity."


You're not being

negative because 

you want to talk

about your feelings.


(Anne Carly)









Treasure those 

who uncover

the hidden riches 

of your heart.


(John Mark Green)









At this time of year, we’re bombarded with images

of perfect lives, which bear as little relation

to reality as tinsel does to gold.

If you’re lucky enough to be with the people

you love, warm and safe, with enough to eat,

I’m sure you feel as blessed as I do.


But if your life is currently full of difficulties;

if you aren’t where you want to be,

either literally or figuratively, remember that

extraordinary transformations are possible.

Everything changes. Nothing is forever.


Thinking back to my worst Christmas,

I found it hard to believe that my unhappiness

would pass. I was truly afraid of the future.

You never know what the future holds. 

Astonishing reversals of fortune happen

every minute. So if you’re sad, or lonely,

or bereaved, or ill, separated from your loved ones

or in any other way suffering this Christmas,

I send you love and wish you luck and better times.

Millions of us have been where you are now.


Remember, Christmas Day is, in the end, just a day.

It isn’t a test or a scorecard of you or your life,

so be kind to yourself.


(J.K. Rowling)









These next few days may contain difficulties and

a heaviness and a deep unending ache that feel

like they are weighing you down so hard that

forgotten might just become your home and

loneliness your name.


Remember your name.


Remember who you are.


Remember where you are.


Remember this body that is yours.


Remember you get to stay with yourself

through it all (and you get to distract yourself

from it all too, if that's what you need to do).


And remember this, too:


It is okay to grieve.


It is okay to feel joy.


It is okay to feel lonely.


It is okay to feel belonging (even and especially

to yourself).

It is okay to feel like none of this is what you

wanted or chose or asked for and it does not

make you any less grateful or deserving or

embracing of what you do have...

Both/all feelings and experiences can and often

do exist at once.


It is okay to feel the way trauma shatters,

to sense how anniversaries lurk ahead and within,

to see reminders of the worst things that ever

happened to you play on repeat in your mind

and to hold the loss of the people you are missing

deep inside your bones, even while others smile

and cheer and laugh all around you.

It is okay if you can smile and cheer and laugh

(real or false) with them.

It is okay if you can't.


It does not make you bad or unworthy or

unlovable, it makes you human.


These next few days can be difficult enough

without feeling like you have to constantly

apologise for every feeling and experience and

each breath you take - good, bad or indifferent,

alone, with others or both, heavy, light or a


You can give yourself permission (because yours

is the only authority you need to live your life)

to just be, here, now, in all of your glorious and

devastating, complex humanity.

As is.

It is enough.

You are enough.


Know this.

Remember this.

Remember your name.

Remember who you are.

Remember where you are.

Remember this body that is yours.

Remember you get to stay with yourself

through it all.

Remember you.


(Sarah Mariann Martland)









Feeling the need to be busy all the

time is a trauma response and

fear-based distraction from what

you'd be forced to acknowledge

and feel if you slowed down.

It's part of why this season is so

hard for many people. Because

you're forced to slow down and sit

with the parts of you that have

been neglected all year.


All of those piled up emotions will

sneak up on you this season.

Take care of yourself and remember

you don't have to have it all resolved

by the 31st.

That's a false narrative

that steals your humanity

so abandon that idea and

just be gentle with yourself.


(Dr. Mariel Buqué)









My beloved body,

Let me express my gratitude

for being able to trust my gut,

keeping my heart beating

while it was broken,

for healing even when 

I didn’t treat you well.

In my darkest hours 

you carry me.

Thank you!


(Tara Isis Gerris)









Holiday wish list:


a calm heart

a clear mind

a peaceful soul


and love, lots of love.


(Spirit Daughter)









10 notes for anyone putting yourself

out into the world in any way:


Not everyone will like you, like what

you do, or like how you do it. Luckily,

your job isn't to be liked by everyone;

it's to keep showing up in all the ways

that feel aligned, exciting, and true to

you, regardless of whether or not it

pleases everyone else.


It is vulnerable to let yourself be seen,

but the vulnerability of being seen will

almost always bring you closer to yourself

than the perceived safety of staying hidden.


Putting yourself out there means

you might fail in front of people, mess up

in public, get witnessed making a mistake,

and/or do something you later regret;

this doesn't mean you shouldn't

put yourself out there…

it means you should give yourself permission

to do so imperfectly and cultivate a willingness

to try again, over and over.


Maybe it won't all go wrong.

Maybe you won't fail.

Maybe it won't feel bad after all.

Maybe you won't embarrass yourself.

Maybe you won't regret it.

Maybe you won't wish you didn't do it.

Maybe it won't flop.

Maybe you won't wish you didn't.


You might wonder what people will think

of you, question whether or not

people will judge you, or fear the opinions

people will form about you.

The truth is that people will judge you.

People will form harsh opinions.

People will think all kinds of things about

you. Now what?


There is something beautiful about risking

the unknown in service of your dreams,

your desires, your longings, your calling,

your hope, your vision, and/or yourself -

about trusting you can withstand the discomfort

in order to practice believing in yourself.


The practice of putting yourself out there

in any way is itself what matters,

even more than the outcome of doing so.

It's the practice of it that slowly allows you

to believe you're capable, worthy,

and deserving of whatever

it is you're seeking.


You will not be for everyone.

Your work will not be for everyone.

Your art will not be for everyone.

Your temperament will not be for everyone.

Your gifts will not be for everyone.

Your presence will not be for everyone.

Your offering will not be for everyone.

The good thing? This doesn't mean

something is wrong with you -

it just means none of us are meant

to be for everyone.


It could go better than you anticipate.

It could be greater than you imagine.

It could be more than you think is possible.

It could be amazing.

It could feel incredible.

It could go well.

Leave room for what's possible more

than you leave room for what you fear.


Putting yourself out there is a gift to yourself,

to others, and to the world.

Thank you for not hiding.

Thank you for showing up.

Thank you for sharing.

Thank you for letting yourself be seen.

Thank you for blessing us with your presence.

Thank you for your offerings.

Thank you for your ideas, your wisdom, your art.

Thank you for your connection.

Thank you for being willing to get to

the other side of the discomfort.

Thank you for letting yourself be witnessed.


(Lisa Olivera)









Even exceptionally powerful and passionate

connections require care and attention.

Chemistry might bring two people together,

but it is quiet, consistent, everyday effort

that makes a relationship truly remarkable.


(Beau Taplin)









At a certain point we need to grow up;

we need to look inside ourselves

for our inner guidance.

There are things most human beings know;

they just don't want to know them.

They know deep down that certain things

in their lives are working or aren't working,

that certain parts of their lives are functional

and others are dysfunctional.

But sometimes, as human beings,

we don't want to know what's not convenient.

So we pretend not to know.











That’s really what grief has taught me.

That I can survive.

I used to be afraid that if I experienced grief

it would overcome me and I wouldn’t be able

to survive the flood of it, that if I actually felt it

I wouldn’t be able to get back up.

It’s taught me that I can feel it and

it won’t swallow me whole.

But we come from a culture where

we think people have to be strong.

I’m a big believer in being vulnerable,

open to grief. That is strength.

You can’t know joy unless

you know profound sadness.

They don’t exist without each other.


(Elisabeth Kubler-Ross)









I am not looking to escape my darkness,

I am learning to love myself there.


(Rune Lazuli)










Your body is your soul’s best friend here on Earth. 


The challenge is to learn to trust and follow its signals.

Whenever pain or another symptom arises, you can tell that something inside of you is out of balance. 

Shamans believe that every illness eventually has to do with a disorder of our capacity for love.


You have an inner doctor, a wise medicine man or woman, who is in resonance with your highest truth, with your soul.

His messages transmit what you have to change in order to heal. 

Each disease contains a unique healing code that only you can decipher. 

Only you can give yourself the medicine you really and truly need.


Maybe you don’t set enough boundaries and don’t care for yourself, because you have forgotten your own worthiness.

So the body creates a cold to allow you some space and time for yourself, to force you to slow down.


Maybe you are not grounded but very distracted and focused on your monkey mind. So you stumble and break your foot. 

That brings your attention back to the root chakra, back to Earth.


Maybe you cannot defend yourself against loveless and poisonous sentences from others, who treat you like a waste bin. 

So, suddenly, you start hearing that constant buzzing called tinnitus in your ears. 

It’s like a warning signal, a chance to start saying: “No, I don’t want to hear this anymore! Stop speaking with me like that!“ when someone hurts you with words.


Maybe you repress a lot of your emotions, trying to fight against your real feelings, always trying to maintain control at any price. You pay with the loss of your vitality, of your self-realization. 

So your body reacts by allowing single cells to mutate and get angry: they grow uncontrollably and destroy the healthy cells.

Faced with this war called cancer on a cellular level, you can recognize your inner war against your  soul and return to self-love and self-compassion.

Learning to express your feelings in a healthy, authentic way the cancer cells don’t have to do it for you in an unhealthy way anymore.


Healing must be regarded in a deeper sense, not only on the plain of the body, but, more importantly, on the plain of your soul.

True healing means to find the way back to your natural and overflowing ability to love, yourself and others.

Unfortunately, the conventional western medicine is focused only on the combating of symptoms. It is based on fear, not on love. That’s why sometimes you feel more miserable after visiting the doctor.

A disease isn’t meant as a punishment but always as an invitation to grow and remember who you are.

If we manage to embrace the hard shell of the disease, it offers us over time a pearl of sacredness, of divine grace in its inside.


I will never forget the story of a woman on her deathbed after years of suffering from severe illness, ready to pass away into the loving arms of the divine.

During her lifetime, she was a very embittered and hostile person; she didn’t love herself, and following from this, she also wasn’t able to love anyone else. 

Each of her relationships was a tiring struggle, her two children refused any contact after so many hurtful experiences with her.


Faced with the inevitability of her imminent death, a profound transformation occurred inside of her after a period of intense resistance and victimhood.

Suddenly, she felt a deep realization of her true self, which had been hidden for so long behind her big ego in order to not feel her vulnerability and the wounds she had carried with her since childhood.

The disease and the pain let the walls around her heart come crashing down. Her heart chakra opened like a lotus flower, and she finally learned to love herself and others.


When she saw the white light coming closer at the moment of death, surrounded by her loved ones, she whispered, with a blissful smile on her exhausted but radiant face:

“I am healed.”


(Verena, RWYA)









Magic is just science 

that we don’t understand yet.


(Arthur C. Clarke)









What if, instead of criticizing 

and blaming yourself, you started 

saying the sorts of things that

would help you find the strength 

and energy to keep going?

Just the way you’d encourage someone

who was tired and scared and needed

a kind word. Shift to compassion.

You might be amazed at what you can do.


(Nanea Hoffman)









My therapist shared a theory she had come across, and I liked it.

It held that before making your next journey in this life, your soul sits at a large, circular conference table and chooses the souls who are going to be a part of your life.

As for which particular people would be chosen, I figured they would be individuals from previous lives with whom there was still unfinished business.


(Melissa Gilbert)









No force on earth 

can stop the confidence

of a trauma survivor

who finally understands

it was not their fault.


Those moments where we connect 

with the truth and finally understand 

what we endured was because of 

someone else’s wrong doing, 

our confidence in that truth firmly 

plants itself in a new foundation. ⁣

It will take time for other parts 

to catch up and settle, 

especially if we are taught 

to blame ourselves. 

But, trust the process that teaches you 

to respect yourself and the price 

you’ve paid for overcoming. ⁣

(Nate Postlethwait)









What a shame it truly is - 

that some of us have lived 

our entire lives under the impression 

that the love we have been searching for 

was to be found, first and foremost, 

in anyone but ourselves.


(Bianca Sparacino)








When transcendence of our personal history 

takes precedence over intimacy

with our personal history, 

spiritual bypassing is inevitable. 

To not be intimate with our past - 

to not be deeply and thoroughly acquainted with 

our conditioning and its originating factors - 

keeps it undigested and unintegrated 

and therefore very much present.


(Robert Augustus Masters)









Put together all the existing families 

and you have society. 

It is as simple as that. 

Whatever kind of training 

took place in the individual family 

will be reflected in the kind of society 

that these families create.


(Virginia Satir)









It has to hurt 

if it’s to heal.


(The Neverending Story)









Cheers to the people who see 

our boundaries as self-respect 

instead of seeing them as offensive.


Cheers to the people who allow us

to have our own path, even when

it differs from theirs.


Cheers to the people who let us

tell the truth without trying to 

fix, change, or sugarcoat it.


Cheers to the people who don’t need

us to perform for their comfort.


Cheers to the people who remind us

of who we are when we forget.


Cheers to the people who show

care before judgment.


Cheers to the people who choose 

to really listen to what we’re saying

and notice what we’re not saying.


Cheers to the people who can sit

with us in our joy and in our despair.


Cheers to the people who let us know

how not alone we are.


(Lisa Olivera)









There is no greater agony than

bearing an untold story inside you.


(Maya Angelou)









You might know this already, but there’s never a bad time to be reminded that we can’t change other people.

It will always be their work, their decision, and their intention that leads them to their change.


You can inspire others, but you can’t change them. 

What person in your life have you been trying to change, trying to inspire to change, holding out hope for, etc? 

Who is it? Is it a partner, a parent, a sibling, or a friend? 

Just tune in here and name who it’s been for you. 

Most of the time we want another to change because we do believe it will benefit them, but let’s tune into ourselves here for the purpose of this post and exploration.


“If they change, what I get is…” 

Be with that. 

What gets offered to you if that other person integrates change? 

What relief do you feel? 

What validation or affirmation might you receive? 

What about the dynamic do you believe shifts, and why is that so important to you?


Reflect in this space. 

Yes, we want people to change because it often benefits them, but we also want people to change because it tends to benefit us as well. 

Maybe it’s relief for us, maybe it’s a witnessing of us that we’ve craved for so long, or maybe it’s having our pain finally understood. 

Deep breath here. 

Notice what it is for you, and notice how if you’re being asked to release trying to get another to change, you might also be releasing and letting go of the hope that you’ll get the relief in the way you thought, get witnessed in the way you’ve craved, and be understood in the way you hope for.




If I release needing to control you I must begin (or continue) to grieve. 

There is loss that shows up when we release. 

Might you make a bit of room to feel into that loss? 


(Vienna Pharaon)









Keep me away from the wisdom

which does not cry, 

the philosophy which does not laugh

and the greatness which

does not bow before children.


(Khalil Gibran)









I want to make some things *very* clear.


If you ever get upset with anything I say or write, you’re in your ego.

One day your ego will vanish and you’ll never get upset again.

*I* never get upset!


If you feel any resistance or rejection towards what I’m doing or saying, you need to work on yourself to clear your negativity.

Only positive vibes welcome here.

I only emanate positive vibes!


If you feel any anger towards me, you’re not seeing or thinking clearly.


As long as you still get triggered, you’re not free yet (like me).


As long as you still feel fear, longing, desire, the illusion of your separate self hasn’t fully dissolved (like mine has).


If you still have any doubts, if you still question this teaching, or my understanding, you haven’t fully dropped all identification with the bodymind (like I’ve done).


If you still see a “person” here, a “self”, you are wallowing in pure ignorance!!! There is no person here and no “self” who would ever judge you!!


I am extremely nonjudgmental.


There’s really no such thing as suffering or trauma or depression, it’s all just a story in the ignorant human mind.

Once you see through all stories, you will no longer suffer.

I never suffer anymore!!


And everything I’ve just said

is pure unadulterated disembodied

spiritual bypassy bullshit!!


(But I’d never judge 🤣🤣🤣).


Anyways - I’ve returned from the dead to burn it all down to the ground, with love and humour and playfulness.


You’re welcome. 😁


Watch this space. Namaste! 🔥🔥🔥


(Jeff Foster)