I'm sorry that when

you expressed

how much you’re 

struggling right now, 

you were once again

met with


"Stop spreading

your negativity."


(Anne Carly)









The very beginning of any

healing journey is feeling like

you just can’t do small talk 

anymore and a wondering 

if you’re crazy or if 

society might be.


(Dr. Nicole LePera)









Magic happens when

you don’t give up,

even though you

want to.

The universe always

falls in love with a 

stubborn heart.











Your personal reality is a mirror 

reflecting your love or lack of love 

for yourself, your perceived 

worthiness or low self-worth, 

your creative power or reactive 

disempowerment, your state of 

scarcity or abundance, your fear

or your freedom.

If you don't like the reflection, 

don't shame or blame or 

break the mirror. 

Don't react to the projection. 

Don't hate the movie or burn 

the book. Don't change the 

screen, change the script.

Go inward and transform 

the author, the director, 

the creator - YOU. 

Reality will rearrange and shift 

when you rewrite the story

you believe about yourself.


(Andréa Balt)









Sometimes we don't even 

realise the trauma we carry 

in us because of how well 

our coping mechanisms 

continue to function.


But when they finally 

break down due to chronic 

overuse, "wear and tear"

inability to respond to the

necessary complexities

of adult life etc, that's when 

we are rudely forced to 

re-examine the details 

of our stories.


That's when we realise that 

the details of our stories 

are so much more than 

they had once seemed.


No story gets buried forever.

The truth will reveal itself. 

And the first one to tell the 

truth tends to be our bodies.


(Dr. Jean Cheng)









Forget not that the earth 

delights to feel your bare feet 

and the winds long to play 

with your hair.


(Khalil Gibran)









Awake is hard. 

Awake doesn't feel good 

all the time. 

Awake is eyes open

to atrocities and beauties 

side by side.

The madness and the medicine.

Witnessing, holding, experiencing

life's complexities without having 

any easy answers, but being 

willing to bring forth your truest 

creative spark from the heart 

of your deepest dark.


(McCall Erickson)









Real fearlessness is the product 

of tenderness. It comes from 

letting the world tickle your heart, 

your raw and beautiful heart. 

You are willing to open up, 

without resistance or shyness, 

and face the world. 

You are willing to share 

your heart with others.


(Chögyam Trungpa)









Find ecstasy in life; 

the mere sense of living 

is joy enough.


(Emily Dickinson)









You can think of spiritual practice 

as a kind of spiritual re-parenting... 

You're offering yourself the 

two qualities that make up 

good parenting: understanding - 

seeing yourself for 

who you truly are - 

and relating to what you see 

with unconditional love.


(Tara Brach)









You are more powerful

than words can describe.

You do co-create your reality. 

That is a truth, but it is 

a mystical truth. 

And a mystical truth 

needs to be understood 

through your soul, 

not your mind.


(Caroline Myss)











• Grapes must be

crushed to make wine


• Diamonds form

under pressure


• Olives are pressed to

release oil


• Seeds grow in



Whenever you feel crushed, 

under pressure, pressed, 

or in darkness, 

you’re in a powerful place 

of transformation/transmutation.


(Lalah Delia)









Not everything is supposed to 

become something beautiful 

and long-lasting. Sometimes people 

come into your life to show you 

what is right and what is wrong, 

to show you who you can be, 

to teach you to love yourself, 

to make you feel better for 

a little while, or to just be 

someone to walk with at night 

and spill your life to. 

Not everyone is going to stay forever, 

and we still have to keep on going 

and thank them for 

what they’ve given us.


(Emery Allen)