I don't know anything 

with certainty, 

but seeing the stars 

makes me dream.


(Vincent van Gogh)









Be the person you needed 

when you were younger. 


(Ayesha Siddiqi)









your art is not about 

how many people

like your work

your art is about

if your heart likes your work

if your soul likes your work

it's about how honest

you are with yourself

and you must never

trade honesty

for relatability


(Rupi Kaur)









Meditation is not just 

a rest or retreat from 

the turmoil of the stream 

or the impurity of the world. 

It is a way of being the stream,

so that one can be at home 

in both the white water 

and the eddies.

Meditation may take one 

out of the world, but it also 

puts one totally into it.


(Gary Snyder)









I won't let pain 

turn my heart 

into something ugly.

I will show you 

that surviving 

can be beautiful. 


(Christy Ann Martine)









As I often tell my students;

the two most important phrases

in therapy, as in yoga, are

"Notice that"

"What happens next?"

Once you start approaching

your body with curiosity

rather than with fear,

everything shifts.


(Bessel van der Kolk)









The amount of strength 

it takes to choose to be alone 

instead of poorly surrounded, 

is extremely underrated.

If you were strong enough 

to choose yourself, 

I honor you.


(Xavier Dagba)









It is no measure of health 

to be well adjusted 

to a profoundly sick society.


(Jiddu Krishnamurti)









The most dangerous way we 

sabotage ourselves is by waiting 

for the perfect moment to begin. 

Nothing works perfectly the 

first time, or the first fifty times. 

Everything has a learning curve. 

The beginning is just that - 

a beginning. Surrender your desire 

to do it flawlessly on the first try. 

It's not possible. 

Learn to learn. Learn to fail. 

Learn to learn from failing. 

And begin today. 

Begin now. Stop waiting. 


(Vironika Tugaleva)









Whatever you are dealing with,

know that you are capable of 

getting through it. 

You are a wondrous being 

full of electricity and magic.

A freaking gift to the Universe.

Don't you forget it!


(Nanea Hoffman)











Truly, we live with mysteries 

too marvelous to be understood.


How grass can be nourishing in the 

mouths of the lambs. 

How rivers and stones are forever 

in allegiance with gravity 

while we ourselves dream of rising. 

How two hands touch and the bonds 

will never be broken. 

How people come, from delight 

or the scars of damage, 

to the comfort of a poem.


Let me keep my distance, always, 

from those who think 

they have the answers.


Let me keep company always 

with those who say "Look!" 

and laugh in astonishment, 

and bow their heads.


(Mary Oliver)









What it means to be authentic:


- to be more concerned with truth 

  than opinions

- to be sincere and not pretend

- to be free from hypocrisy: 

  "walk your talk"

- to know who you are and 

  to be that person

- to not fear others seeing 

  your vulnerabilities

- being confident to walk away from 

  situations where you can't be yourself

- being awake to your own feelings

- being free from others' opinions of you

- accepting and loving yourself


(Sue Fitzmaurice)









the crowd will say,

"just be yourself."

and then you will try

and they will say,

"no. not like that.“


instead, listen to your 

heart. it wants you to 

be the person you are 

meant to be.


embrace your weird.


(Topher Kearby)









The mind is like tofu. 

It tastes like whatever 

you marinate it in.


(Sylvia Boorstein)









Sharing how you feel 

and what’s real for you 

may be scary… 

But every time you hold back 

truth, you make fear 

more important than love.

This is why the depth of 

your ability to love will always 

be mirrored by your ability 

to be honest.

It’s really as simple as that.


(Mark Groves)









When you parent, 

it’s crucial you realize 

you aren’t raising a “mini me,” 

but a spirit throbbing with 

its own signature. 


For this reason, it’s important 

to separate who you are from 

who each of your children is. 

Children aren’t ours to possess 

or own in any way. 

When we know this in 

the depths of our soul, we tailor 

our raising of them to their needs, 

rather than molding them 

to fit our needs.


(Dr. Shefali Tsabary)









I lied and said I was busy.

I was busy;

but not in a way 

most people understand.


I was busy taking deeper breaths.

I was busy silencing irrational thoughts.

I was busy calming a racing heart.

I was busy telling myself I am okay.


Sometimes, this is my busy -

and I will not apologize for it.


(Brittin Oakman)









If your feelings and instincts 

were invalidated before,

you may have a hard time now

trusting your intuition.

Healing is learning to trust 

yourself again.

It's trusting your inner wisdom 

to tell you when something is off

or when something feels right.


(Anna Aslanian)









A conscious relationship is NOT 

made up of two people 

free of their pasts. 

A conscious relationship is created 

by two people who have studied 

their pasts and understand what patterns 

contributed to the dysfunction of 

their former relationships. 

When we pick a partner, 

we pick their story. 

So, as a conscious person 

in relationship, we are not only 

responsible for our chaotic inner child, 

but we are also responsible for helping 

our partner get a little lighter

and heal from their story. 

This is not codependency, 

this is compassion.


(Jillian Turecki)









Not the ones speaking 

the same language, 

but the ones sharing 

the same feeling 

understand each other.











I prefer people who are real, 

honest and raw. 

I don’t want anyone to walk 

on eggshells around me. 

If your day sucks, I want 

to hear about why it sucks, 

so I can help make it better. 

If you’re not really happy, 

don’t fake a smile on my behalf. 

I’d rather you spill your guts 

with tears every day until 

your smile is real. 

Because I don’t care about 

the show, the disguise, 

the politically correctness. 

If you’re in my life, 

I want you to be 

in your own skin. 


(Stephanie Bennett-Henry)









Life is amazing. And then it's awful. 

And then it's amazing again. 

And in between the amazing and awful 

it's ordinary and mundane and routine. 

Breathe in the amazing, 

hold on through the awful, and relax 

and exhale during the ordinary. 

That's just living heartbreaking, 

soul-healing, amazing, awful, ordinary life. 

And it's breathtakingly beautiful.


(L.R. Knost)










It's easy to say "I love you".

It's easy to talk about love,

and presence, and awareness,

and a deep acceptance of what is.


It's easy to teach,

to say things that sound true,

and good, and spiritual. 


But they are just words.

There is a world before words.


When anger surges, as it will, 

can you stay close,

and not numb it, or lash out?


When fear bursts in the body, 

can you breathe into it,

and not fuse with it, 

or run away into stories?


When you feel hurt, rejected, 

unloved, abandoned,

can you make room for that feeling,

welcome it in the body, 

bow to its intensity, its fire, its presence,

and not attack, or act out, 

or call people names?


Can you commit to not abandoning 

yourself now that you need 

your own love the most?


It's easy to talk about love.

It's easy to teach.

Until our old wounds are opened.

Until life doesn't go our way.


What triggers you

is inviting you

to a deeper self-love.

Can you see?


There is no shame in this:

We all have tender places.


(Jeff Foster)










There's milestones in healing where 

people who've manipulated you 

lose their grip. You'll see the ways 

they tried to keep you small 

when you were growing. 

You'll stop trying to get them

to see you because that old you 

is no longer there & the new you 

doesn’t need their approval.


You will be criticized by people 

who are afraid of who you will be 

on the other side of your healing. 

Heal anyway.


(Nate Postlethwait)









When you ask for clarity and peace 

in your life, don't be surprised 

when you start shedding the people, 

places, and things that don't align 

with what you're asking for.


(Alexandra Elle)









You can become blind by 

seeing each day as a similar one. 

Each day is a different one, 

each day brings a miracle of its own. 

It's just a matter of paying attention 

to this miracle.


(Paulo Coelho)











Don't invite people to be 

vulnerable if you don't plan 

on offering some kind of comfort, 

validation, or appreciation when 

they do finally take the risk to

share their vulnerability with you.


Don't invite people to be

vulnerable if you don't plan

on ever offering some kind

of vulnerability back.


Don't invite people to be

vulnerable if you don't grasp the

level of courage it takes to expose

one's raw and intimate parts.


Don't invite people to be

vulnerable if your intention is

to judge, condemn, or use their

vulnerability against them.


Don't invite people to be vulnerable

if you're not in a position to listen

and witness them with a gentle,

compassionate, and open heart.


(Silvy Khoucasian)









Never discourage anyone who 

continually makes progress, 

no matter how slow. 











Forgive yourself for:


- putting up with all the shit 

   you didn't deserve.

- the people you allowed to stay too long.

- the lessons you needed to learn.


(Spirit Daughter)









I tore myself away from 

the safe comfort of certainties 

through my love for truth - 

and truth rewarded me.


(Simone de Beauvoir)






I’m here to remind you, and myself, 

that all your feelings are welcome. 

All your emotions, your ‘too much-ness’, 

your intensity. All the parts of you 

that are deep and dark and 

challenging and hard.

They are welcome. 

They are beautiful and true. 

They are healing and powerful. 

They are the place from 

which the light is born. 

They are the reason you can feel 

so much love and joy.


(Stephenie Zamora)