Your eyes once have seen the darkest scenarios and scariest monsters, which no child should ever face. 

And yet now they sparkle like stars, overflowing with strength and hope for everyone you encounter.


Your heart once had to freeze and contract because of the hurt and existential disappointment through people who should have protected you. 

And yet now it radiates further than any other I have ever felt, with a power that seems to be able to provide whole cities with energy.


Your body once got rigid and numb during the trauma, caught in a desperate shock-reaction, where flight or fight was not possible. 

And yet now there is such a beautiful grace in witnessing you and your body gently becoming best friends again.


Your hands once reached out for help powerlessly, and there was nothing and nobody.

Your mother and father closed their eyes, ears and hearts, as if nothing had happened.

Afraid of the confrontation with their own stuff, they sacrificed you.

You were entirely alone in this nightmare. 

And yet now, you are the most reliable, empathic and attentive person I have ever met.


Your inner child had to leave its body in consequence of the trauma and abandonment.

It had to escape into the safer transcendent realms of the higher chakras.

Somewhere between life and death. 

And yet now, it touches my heart how your inner child learns to trust more every day, how it finds its way back to its innocence and goodness, how it enjoys playing, dancing, laughing, and being in the body, with both feet on the ground.


You were faced with such an indescribable brutality and evilness that my blood freezes when I only hear about it. 

And yet now, you are so full of compassion for all beings that you wouldn’t even kill a fly that upsets you.


Your aura was infested by the destructive energy of the perpetrator. Identifying with his darkness allowed you to not feel like a helpless victim. It saved your life, but it was never the truth. 

And yet now, your aura shines so brightly and freely that sometimes, I see this breathtaking pure golden light around you that makes me cry, that reminds me of who I am.


This is alchemy. You made gold out of dirt.

Diamonds out of ash.

Nobody can ever take this inner treasure away from you; it is yours forever.


You have transformed the deepest darkness with your brightest light.

You are the living proof that healing is always possible - if we have the courage to feel. 

What a wonderful life purpose to bring this message

into the world…


(Verena, RWYA)