You say "Hello",

and I sense if you are really

pleased to speak with me.

You ask "How are you?",

and I sense if you really

want to hear the answer.

You say "I am fine",

and I sense if you just pretend it.

Maybe you are not even lying,

maybe you believe yourself,

wrapped in a protective bubble of

repression and illusion.


You hug me,

and I sense if your heart is open.

You laugh with me,

and I sense if it is pure joy or

pure fake, or something in between.

You look into my eyes, and I sense

if you identify with your soul

or with your ego in this moment. 


Sometimes you hate me for sensing the truth. 

Sometimes I hate you for hiding from me. 

But when our two souls meet in authenticity,

there is just love.

My challenge is to wait full of compassion

till you stop playing hide and seek again.

Keeping in mind who you really are.

Your challenge is to not force me

playing this game with you,

not trying to convince me that the truth

isn't always the best choice.

You will never convince me of that. 


I also played this game often enough. 

It kept me away from my soul,

from my vulnerability,

from my aliveness. 

That’s the price we pay for it.

First it feels comfortable and easy,

but after some time

it feels just hollow and craven.

If you are brave enough to look at

your own blind, dark spots and wounds,

and really FEEL them, you automatically

see behind the masks of the others,

if you want it or not. 


My friend, I invite you to

take off your mask and

be who you really are;

each second, each day,

I can handle the truth. 

You can handle the truth.


I simply love the courageous and

authentic version of



(Verena, RWYA)