At the end of my days, there will only be one significant question left for me:

“Did I dare to love, to really love?”


I know that all other possible questions will dissolve in the haze of superficial earthly matters and illusions.

My outward appearance, my personality, my possessions, my career, and my creative expression will all suddenly lose their importance.


Instead, my heart will demand my complete attention. 

In my last moments on this Earth, I will only be interested in this one question: “Did I dare to love?”


Did I allow my heart to burn, to dwell in the middle of this uncontrollable fire called love?

Did I reveal my sentient core and my innermost truth to the people that I trusted in this life, taking the risk of getting hurt?

Or did I prefer to hide behind invisible walls, keeping me at a safe distance but preventing me from the real and tender experience of love?


At the end of my days, I will count the scars on my heart, and I will not regret a single one of them.

Some will have been really painful and will have needed a seemingly endless time till the wound finally stopped bleeding.

Nevertheless, I will smile at myself full of compassion, knowing that none of them was senseless.

All the wounds will have helped me to find out the true meaning of love.

Each scar will be a memorial to take good care of myself and love myself unconditionally.


I will be just as grateful for every wound, every scar, every pain, and every tear as for every gesture of affection, every kiss, every moment of joy, and every laughter.


I live each day of my life with the intention of being able to answer with full conviction: “YES!” when it comes to my last question: “Did I dare to love?”


What will your last question be, and what will be your answer?


(Verena, RWYA)