I had sensed it already a few days before;

I knew I would meet you.

There was a gentle breeze in the air, a delicious smell like the sweetest enchanting essences, announcing your arrival.


I just sat there after my meditation, my eyes still closed.

Suddenly, this vast field of silence took over my heart and filled it with such a sense of peace as if the world stopped turning.

No words could ever describe this tranquility. 

Only you and me.

The creator and the creation, melting together in one “I am.”

Tears came to my eyes. 


The calmness of that moment soothed my body, my mind, and my soul.

Suddenly, I knew that all is well.

That all makes sense.

That you really exist.

I felt your presence in every object, every plant, every being.

It was like a near-death experience without being near death.

I saw this inviting light, your light: YOU! 

You are this light; you are this ineffable love, attracting me each second since I was born.


Being surrounded by your light instantly made me feel so loved like I have never felt before in this life. 

You wrapped me in the warm, familiar blanket of your eternal radiance. 

Seeing myself through your eyes made me love myself the same way.

Unconditionally. Full of compassion. 

So pure, so right, so at home.


Then it happened.

Your light entered my heart. 

It felt as if it would burst, as if my body was too narrow to take it in.

It was like a birth.

Even if there was pain beside the ecstasy, 

I wanted it more than anything else.

I had to breathe very deeply, and tears ran down my cheeks.

I felt crazy and at the same time saner than ever before.

I sensed that you have always lived in my heart, but more like a little flame, not like this stunning volcano that now exploded inside of me.

Merging with you was all I have ever desired.


All problems dissolved, and all anxieties and doubts vanished like dark clouds in your bluest of all skies. 

I was so overwhelmed by the feeling that death is nothing to fear that I started to laugh uncontrollably.

I laughed and cried at the same time about all the misery on Earth, all the illusions, all the suffering, my own and that of the whole humanity. 

And I laughed about all the love, the joy, the miracles, and the unbelievable beauty you created in this universe.

It was a laughter full of sympathy, appreciation, gratitude, and full of relief to feel the truth.


It all just belongs to our journey.

We will come home.

We will wake up.


The perspective will change.

Things look very different from behind the curtain.

Very different.

All will be well.

All is well.


We are loved so deeply.

That’s all we really need to know.


(Verena, RWYA)