Hey, here I am!

Today is my day, today I will embrace the whole world! 


Today I feel that I am pure joy, pure life, pure energy, streaming into the universe out of my pulsating heart.


Today I spread my wings and fly above the oceans, without a goal, without expectations, just enjoying the infinite freedom.


Today I love every single person who comes my way, no matter what mask they are wearing in order to hide their soul.

I am deeply in love with every being.


Today I love myself exactly as I am. I wouldn't change anything, even if I could. I feel perfect. 


Today I shine so bright, that the sun is inspired.


Today I laugh till I cry.

I sing my favorite song till my voice has failed.

I dance till I gasp for air.

I jump till I reach the stars.

I hug till the world is a better place.

I kiss till my cheeks are glowing.

I make love till it transcends my senses.


Today I don't need drugs to feel that this world is made for me, like for everybody else, and that the universe loves our unique magnificence.

I don't need alcohol to feel that life is an adventure and we are here to play like jolly children.

I find all this inside myself, I am naturally high, drunken by the nectar of divine unconditional love.


Today I allow my energy to flow freely.

I let it expand in my body, my room, my house, my town, my country, my continent, my planet, my galaxy, my universe. 

Nobody can stop me and nobody wants to. 

Everywhere I go, a bright smile is the only possible feedback signal. 


Pure joy is so infectious.

Let me infect you, let me heal you, let me take all the darkness out of you for one moment by just looking in your eyes, by just laughing with you, by just holding you in my arms.


Today I celebrate that life is ultimately good.

Ultimately there is hope, we can trust, we are all protected and guided.

Ultimately we are all allowed to let go, to enjoy, to revel, to feel good.


(Verena, RWYA)