Go there. 

Go to the secret place where your pain lives.

Forget all that they have told you;

forget all the warnings.

Close your eyes, and breathe into the hurt. 

Feel it with all senses.

Let it unfold. 

Listen to it.

Just for this moment, allow it unconditionally.


You have tried everything to repress this agony, to hide it behind the biggest walls you could build in your heart.

But this hiding place didn’t diminish the intensity of the pain in any way. 

It pulsates in the background with exactly the same pressure, with exactly the same despair like when it happened. 

Can you feel it?

You had to freeze it there, until now.

Now it is safe enough to thaw it.


Yes, you need much courage to break these walls and do the first cautious step into this room of vulnerability.

You feel naked here, without any defense. 

Your body shivers fearfully and excited. 

This time, you don’t stop at the eye of the needle where it feels like dying. You go further.

Your monkey mind keeps screaming at you:


But you sense immediately that this place contains also a huge part of your liveliness, of your truth.


It attracts you magnetically; you want it back. 

You feel now that there is no way around this room.

You have to face the pain in order to feel whole again.


So, you go there. 

You sit with the pain and cry the desperate tears of your inner child.

You allow these tears to wash away all the dirt, all the darkness that covered your adorable and innocent soul since that day.


Each tear seems to create a mantle of divine protection around you.

Suddenly, you are not frightened anymore; you let all dams break and give up control.

You let yourself burn into this fire of transformation. 

Finally. “Ahhhhhh!” Your soul sighs with relief. 

It feels like jumping into a threatening black hole and landing safely into the loving arms of the divine.


Full of gratitude and new awakened vitality, the crying becomes laughter.

Tears of joy and purification run down your cheeks.

You laugh about the divine dry sense of humor: to rediscover your inner light, you had to go to the darkest and most vulnerable place inside of you.


(Verena, RWYA)