Do you know this experience? 


You are deeply afraid of something for months or even years.

Maybe you are scared of a financial breakdown, of the loss of an important relationship in your life, of having a serious disease...

So many moments of sorrow spent thinking about it...


Listening to your Monkey Mind which is telling you thousands of different “what-if”-stories about it...

And these stories create real horrible tensions and fears in your body, cramping your solar plexus, narrowing your heart, freezing your blood, tying up your throat...


So you try everything to control this theme, to avoid this thing happening... 

You work harder, try to be everybody's darling, fight against each potential symptom of disease in your body...


But then suddenly everything collapses and the concern becomes reality... 




... and yet somehow in exactly the same moment there it is:




You all at once feel peaceful and alive, protected and guided.

You sense that you are held by a higher force, that you are part of the ONE.

The realization of your immortality puts everything into perspective.

You are soothed by your own soul.

Grateful for every single breath.


You abruptly remember who you really are and that this was just one single experience in your current life.

A challenging experience, without any question, but obviously one which had to happen.

Otherwise it wouldn't have happened. 

In hindsight you see that it was exactly what you needed to wake up.


You don't feel like a struggling victim anymore, but this challenge has forced you to finally recognize and FEEL your own power, your own mastership, your own divinity.


And now you have so much compassion and love, for yourself and all the others, who have experienced similar challenges.

You would never exchange this loving feeling with any material or emotional pleasure on earth.

This feeling is yours forever, because it is not a mental construction, but it is born out of real life. 


Sometimes it is the biggest gift when things break down and force us to rise like a phoenix, surrounded by the divine grace in each moment.


(Verena, RWYA)