Your body is your soul’s best friend here on Earth. 


The challenge is to learn to trust and follow its signals.

Whenever pain or another symptom arises, you can tell that something inside of you is out of balance. 

Shamans believe that every illness eventually has to do with a disorder of our capacity for love.


You have an inner doctor, a wise medicine man or woman, who is in resonance with your highest truth, with your soul.

His messages transmit what you have to change in order to heal. 

Each disease contains a unique healing code that only you can decipher. 

Only you can give yourself the medicine you really and truly need.


Maybe you don’t set enough boundaries and don’t care for yourself, because you have forgotten your own worthiness.

So the body creates a cold to allow you some space and time for yourself, to force you to slow down.


Maybe you are not grounded but very distracted and focused on your monkey mind. So you stumble and break your foot. 

That brings your attention back to the root chakra, back to Earth.


Maybe you cannot defend yourself against loveless and poisonous sentences from others, who treat you like a waste bin. 

So, suddenly, you start hearing that constant buzzing called tinnitus in your ears. 

It’s like a warning signal, a chance to start saying: “No, I don’t want to hear this anymore! Stop speaking with me like that!“ when someone hurts you with words.


Maybe you repress a lot of your emotions, trying to fight against your real feelings, always trying to maintain control at any price. You pay with the loss of your vitality, of your self-realization. 

So your body reacts by allowing single cells to mutate and get angry: they grow uncontrollably and destroy the healthy cells.

Faced with this war called cancer on a cellular level, you can recognize your inner war against your  soul and return to self-love and self-compassion.

Learning to express your feelings in a healthy, authentic way the cancer cells don’t have to do it for you in an unhealthy way anymore.


Healing must be regarded in a deeper sense, not only on the plain of the body, but, more importantly, on the plain of your soul.

True healing means to find the way back to your natural and overflowing ability to love, yourself and others.

Unfortunately, the conventional western medicine is focused only on the combating of symptoms.

It is based on fear, not on love.

That’s why sometimes you feel more miserable after visiting the doctor.

A disease isn’t meant as a punishment but always as an invitation to grow and remember who you are.

If we manage to embrace the hard shell of the disease, it offers us over time a pearl of sacredness, of divine grace in its inside.


I will never forget the story of a woman on her deathbed after years of suffering from severe illness, ready to pass away into the loving arms of the divine.

During her lifetime, she was a very embittered and hostile person; she didn’t love herself, and following from this, she also wasn’t able to love anyone else. 

Each of her relationships was a tiring struggle, her two children refused any contact after so many hurtful experiences with her.


Faced with the inevitability of her imminent death, a profound transformation occurred inside of her after a period of intense resistance and victimhood.

Suddenly, she felt a deep realization of her true self, which had been hidden for so long behind her big ego in order to not feel her vulnerability and the wounds she had carried with her since childhood.

The disease and the pain let the walls around her heart come crashing down. Her heart chakra opened like a lotus flower, and she finally learned to love herself and others.


When she saw the white light coming closer at the moment of death, surrounded by her loved ones, she whispered, with a blissful smile on her exhausted but radiant face:

“I am healed.”


(Verena, RWYA)