I am your spirit guide. I am light, I am energy.

A name and an outward appearance would be possible, but it is not necessary.


I am here.


It does not matter if you can feel me, if you believe in me, if you want me, if you think you deserve me or not. I am here.


I was there, when you planned this life in the world beyond, when you created your challenges and lessons, when you chose the divine virtues you wanted to learn through this life, when you came to this planet, when you left the transforming place in your mothers womb, when you started this adventure with all your lovable uniqueness. I am so proud of you.


Don't worry, my friend, you are never alone.


When you feel lonely, abandoned and insecure, I am standing behind you with my hands on your shoulders. 

There is hope.


When you are crying and lost in an dark abyss of despair, I am wrapping you in the warm blanket of my unconditional tenderness. 

There is love.


When you are screaming and fighting, feeling deeply wounded by someone or something, I am whispering soothing words into your ear, reminding you about your inviolable core.

There is peace.


When you don't know where to go, how to decide, which direction to take, what words to say, I send you an intuition, a gut feeling. 

There is wisdom.


When you are distracted and confused, tempted to choose the "wrong" path which doesn't serve your higher goals, I will send you a guiding message through the external world.

There is clarity.


When you are in “danger”, I will send you some of your best friends, spirits or humans, to lead you to a safe place.

There is protection.


My friend, I am here. You are never alone.


We are connected.


I am here. 


(Verena, RWYA)