Listen: this is a message from my soul to your soul.

Please don't mistake it for any kind of spiritual bypassing and pseudo-gentleness-new-age-bullshit. 


Okay, let's start:

No matter who you are, how you look, how you feel, what you believe in, where you live, or how much you possess, regardless of any of those…

I don't even have to know you to say:


I love you.


Maybe I wouldn't love your personality or the mask you created in this incarnation, perhaps I wouldn't like it at all on the human level, but I assure you: my innermost core loves your innermost core.


My soul sees your heart still shining brightly under this veil of forgetfulness.

I sense your free soul dancing in the rays of the sun,

enjoying this wild adventure of life.


I praise you for your courage to come to this Earth right now.

To choose the human form, to live in a sensitive body, with a vulnerable heart, to expose yourself to the laws of polarity. 


I honor your unique contribution to the entirety.

You are needed.

Otherwise, you wouldn't be here.

No one can replace you.

You cannot be compared to anyone else.

You are a matchless expression of the divine.


Even if you have lost the connection to your soul and have done something that hurt yourself or others badly, you can always decide to come back home to yourself.

To love yourself.

In each second. Now. 

That's the only real job you have to do on this Earth.

No one else can do it for you. 

It's not an easy job, but like in every job, you have to begin with the first step.


Instead of putting all of your energy into judging yourself or playing the victim of circumstance, breathe and make a commitment: 


"I want to forgive myself. I want to love myself.

It's not anyone else's duty: just my own.

I want to love others. I want to be Love."


You are Love.

You just have to remember it.

I remember it.

That's why I love you. 


(Verena, RWYA)