In hindsight you will understand. 

When the veils of polarity vanish, when you return home in the divine space, when you remember who you are and have always been, you will understand.


You will look at all your challenges in this life, at all your struggles and all your resistance, and there will only be compassion and a deep love and respect for yourself. 

Every time you come home after a human incarnation, you say: “Wow, how could I forget why all this happened to me, how could I fail to remember the divine virtues that I wanted to learn through dealing with these challenges? I feel like waking up from a dream.”


You are again and again amazed by how much the existence in blood and flesh as an adventurer on this Earth allows you to raise your vibration, to increase your light. 

The presence of polarity, of good and evil, dark and bright, sadness and joy, despair and hope, well-being and pain, gives you the opportunity and forces you to choose. 

In hindsight, you will be filled with the grace that lies within this breathtaking journey, no matter what your choices have been.


The pure fact that you have chosen an incarnation in these revolutionary and transforming times, tells me how courageous and strong you are. 

In hindsight, you will honor yourself for this. 

How about already honoring and loving yourself now, during this dream, while being in this body - in the midst of all these frightening challenges and thrilling manifestations? 

How about waking up and bringing heaven to earth by allowing your knowing soul to merge with your lively body?


I would love to see your true and whole being NOW, not only in hindsight. 

You are more beautiful and more beloved than you could ever dream of.


(Verena, RWYA)