Sometimes, when I let myself fall into deep silence,

it happens:


Believing becomes knowing.


A dark heaven filled with raindrops turns into a crystal clear starry sky.


The starlight lifts the veil of illusion in front of my third eye and offers me a glimpse at the whole picture instead of getting lost in the details. 

My heart begins to resonate, full of anticipation and gratitude, like a little child waking up on its birthday, ready to celebrate and finally receive the desired gifts.


Suddenly, I feel my true essence. I feel that Verena is only my current name. 

Inside of me are thousands of former names; inside of me are men and women, lions and ants, oceans and deserts, flowers and mud, the Milky Way and the Earth’s core. 

Inside of me is everything that exists.


And yet, the mixture of everything, which is now named Verena, is absolutely unique. 

It is not more or less worthy than any other mixture, but it contains my individual purpose, which no one else can fulfill.


My personal blend is composed of every single decision I have ever made, in each of my incarnations, based on free will.

Having the responsibility for my own recipe fills me with grace and awe.


In this moment of tranquility, I feel that every single mixture of every single being is needed exactly like it is, to allow the universe to experience and transform itself.


Everything makes sense. 

There is a divine order behind the chaotic surface.


Believing becomes knowing.


(Verena, RWYA)