It’s a new day, and I have so many choices:


Cuddling intensely with my cats right after getting up, or checking my iPhone first?


Fresh grain porridge with fruit or sandwiches for breakfast?


20 minutes of meditation or 20 minutes of television or radio?


Going for a walk in the woods or going for a virtual walk through the internet?


Writing a new text to express myself and generate hope, or hiding from the world and whining about how gloomy and senseless everything is?


Cooking a fresh, nourishing meal with love and all senses, or calling the pizza boy?


Taking time to listen inside myself and allow my true feelings or cluttering my day with activities that are distracting and allegedly so important?


Asking for a warm embrace when painful feelings arise or devouring a donut?


Having an inspiring “real” time with the people I love, or having obligatory phone calls with people who suck my energy?


Speaking the truth whenever possible or telling a comfortable lie?


Recharging my batteries by hugging a tree or emptying my batteries by doing some unnecessary shopping in the crowded and chaotic city?


Laughing with people from all over the world in the Skype laughter club or making some exhausting small talk at the supermarket?


Using the juicer or using the corkscrew?


Watching a funny movie, which activates my joy body or a stressful movie, which activates my pain body?


So many choices… 

Sometimes the free will just overwhelms me - because all these little daily choices create my today, create my life.


My soul always knows what’s the right choice to fully turn on my inner light. 

But my personality and my needy inner child, shaped by the struggles and challenging feelings of this incarnation, often love to choose the exact opposite because it is easier and more comfortable.


Well, that’s what our journey here on Earth is all about, I guess.

All the little choices make the difference. 

And at the end of this new day, there is only one choice left:


Loving myself or condemning myself for being an imperfect human being that sometimes makes the “wrong” choice?


I choose to love myself.


(Verena, RWYA)