You tell me the same stories again and again, and I try everything to run away from the truth.

You have locked up all that was too much to feel immediately, held it until I am strong enough.

You wait full of compassion, knowing that I will come back one day.

I want to be one with you. I want to be whole.


You are my home, you carry my energies, you translate the forgotten language of my chakras.

You tell me where my blockages are, where I prevent myself from living freely, from expressing myself fully, from allowing the natural exchange of love like it is meant to be.

I want to honor you as my human temple.


You show me only what I can handle, not more, but also not one inch less. How can you be so wise? 

How can I get so separated from you, ignoring each of your clear caring signals, until it gets so loud that it can't be ignored anymore? 

I want to surrender to your intelligence and gentleness.


You make me feel alive, when I finally listen to your messages.

When I allow whatever it is you need to express, allow the old fears to release, the dark energies to come out of our system; then there is true transformation. 

Shiver, shake, cry, sob, scream. Freak out. Whatever you need.

Why does it first feels like dying to come back to life again?

I want to choose courage.


You work every single second with every single cell in total perfection for me.

You activate killer-cells whenever danger is in sight.

You give me space to make mistakes, learning through trial and error, testing my limits.

I want to enjoy your protection, and trust your ability to heal EVERYTHING.


You connect me with mother earth, enable me to experience the material world with all senses.

Too often I take it for granted, although it is a daily divine miracle. 

I want to celebrate my senses as a gateway to the here and now, like a present, adventurous child.


You are my best friend, my truest companion.

In good times and in bad times.

You never leave me, although I leave you, so often.

You welcome each return with open arms and a wide heart.


I want to stay. 


(Verena, RWYA)