I will die. You will die.


This personality, with this name, this body, this life will die.


Maybe in the next moment, maybe in 50 years, who knows?

Not knowing allows us to live as if we will never die.

The biggest illusion ever.

Death is repressed, hidden, feared.

We try everything to forget it.

To hide it behind the doors of the hospitals, the rest homes. 


We try everything to stay young, beautiful, ageless. Sometimes until we look like zombies, not recognizing the absurdity and sadness in our mimic full of surgery and botox.

Having lost the dignity and beauty of a wrinkled, vibrant face full of laughter and crying, ups and downs, the rhythms of life.


Only thinking about death and its inevitability makes us somehow depressed, restless, uncomfortable.

A lot of our resistance against life, our challenges, our struggles stem from this fear of death.

If we repress death, we also repress life.


What a peace it would bring to suddenly remember and sense how natural it feels to die.

We only have to fear our imagination of death, that's all. 

When we really die, it has absolutely nothing in common with our notion of it.

It is just like a last breath in and out.

It is like coming home. 


In fact the world to come is much more familiar to our souls than this sensual and wild human adventure here on earth.

A lot of friends and soul-family-members are waiting there for us, looking forward to finally embrace us with warm, loving, ethereal hugs, listening to our fascinating stories with peaceful curiosity, applauding us for all our courage and growth, showing compassion for all our wrong tracks, failures, losses and suffering on the human journey.

Angelic beings, beloved pets, and spirit guides are already lining up to support you in the process of transition.


Right after our last breath, we will see this incredible light at the end of the tunnel.

We will feel magnetically attracted to it and walk along the tunnel, like we have never known anything else. 

We want to go towards that light, it is our home, it is the source, it is oneness, however you call it.

It feels so safe, so loving, so cozy, so relieving, so natural to return.


In these moments, we remember EVERYTHING, we see and feel our unique movie of life with all our milestones, all our important experiences, from all perspectives, perpetrator and victim.

So that at least we understand in hindsight, what we didn't understand while living.

There is endless compassion.


It feels like finally arriving home after a very long, exciting but exhausting journey.

We gather new energy, before we contemplate starting a new (human) adventure.


When we die, we immediately realize that we neither have to be afraid of death, nor of life.

That all this belongs to the vast divine ocean of unconditional love, manifesting itself in each of us.


It is perfectly expressed with Steve Jobs last words before leaving this earth:

“Oh wow. Oh wow. Oh wow.”


(Verena, RWYA)