How does that sound: You are safe.


How would it change your life, if you had the absolute divine reassurance that ultimately you are safe, have always been safe and will always be safe?

How would it feel to remember that you are an immortal soul experiencing a human adventure right now.


What vibration would that create in your body, mind and soul?

Feel it now. It is a very subtle, ethereal and beautiful melody inside of you, waiting for you with endless, compassionate patience. 

You don't have to hurry, it will always be there, no matter how many terrible, loud and distractive sounds you create to avoid hearing it.


Why do you do this?

Why don't you want to hear it, listen to it?

Because you are afraid.


So afraid. 


Your own light, your divine essence makes you afraid.

The messages you received in your whole life about who you are, what you should do, how you should feel and behave had nothing to do with that light, with that essence.


How would it feel to let all these messages go, to let go of that destructive but comfortable feeling they gave you and jump: into the unknown, the insecurity, the white space where you cannot know what happens next.

Where you only have one safety:

the safety to know who you truly are, no matter what happens, no matter what crazy and challenging stories the external world presents you, no matter what, no matter what... 


Just this one safety.


Would it be enough for you?


(Verena, RWYA)