If I would die now, just at this moment, it would be alright. Because it is a perfect moment.


A moment that provides me with alrightness towards simply everything, even death.


I am sitting on my sofa with a warm blanket around me; my two cats are lying on my lap, purring their snugness directly into my heart.

Our three souls just met in a blissful meditation.

I love them madly.


The cozy light of the golden candle in front of us surrounds everything with an atmosphere of divinity. 

Alex is upstairs, also meditating.

Thinking about him makes me smile and fills my heart with warmth and gratitude.


Outside it is stormy and rainy.

I bet there is no place on earth where I would feel more safe and truly at home than in this lovely wooden house in the middle of the forest.


My body is relaxed, my breath is calm and deep, every cell radiates contentment. 

The awareness of being a divine, immortal soul in a mortal, constantly changing body feels so natural right now.


In this perfect moment, all problems and challenges simply fade away.

Time and space no longer seem to exist.

There is just the HERE and NOW.


And I feel so blessed to be a part of it.


(Verena, RWYA)