Thank you for always being by my side - my loyal companion from the world beyond.

Even when I am too confused and helpless to call you, even when I sometimes forget that you exist, I can always count on you.

You watch each of my steps attentively from behind the curtain.

You hear the calling of my soul; no word and no thought is necessary. I feel an invisible string that connects my heart with yours.

This string cannot be destroyed; it’s a creation of the divine.


It has placed you at my side because you have all the attributes that I long to develop on this journey as a human being called Verena. 


Whenever someone tries to attack me, physically, emotionally,  or spiritually, you take a seat right in front of my solar plexus. You show your impressive claws and tusks and give a final warning with your deafening roar.


When I look into your graceful eyes, it fills me with infinite courage and strength.

It’s as if they say: 

“Verena, always believe in yourself and never allow anyone to step into your sacred territory, trying to make you forget who you really are. 

You are allowed to set healthy boundaries and care for your needs. 

Let your light radiate fully without shyness or false humility. Never underestimate the power and tenderness of your pulsating heart.

Serve the universe by trusting your intuition and standing in your truth without compromise. Be compassionate with those who have lost the connection with their hearts and their vulnerability.”


Thank you for reminding me of who I am.

Thank you for mirroring the divine virtues I want to learn.

I adore you.


(Verena, RWYA)