Are you mainly interested in football and fast cars?

Do you lift weights until your biceps nearly bursts?

Is a meeting with your buddies unthinkable without lots of beer? 

Do you only watch action and sci-fi movies?

Do you speak with the deepest possible version of your voice to pretend maximum potency?

Do you walk with a swollen breast and a broad cross like a cockalorum, whenever women are around?

Is your facial expression always grave, cool and motionless, as if you have everything under control in each moment?

Would you rather die than allowing one single tear to run down your cheeks in front of others?

Do you try to get attention by distancing yourself and playing hide and seek?

Are you a human fortress against feelings and vulnerability?


Yes, sure, it’s a cliche, but if you are honest, you are still full of this rubbish, some more, some less, right? 

It is engraved in your cells after so many insane generations.


Do you REALLY think that women like all this?

To me, and I guess to a lot of women, all this is just ridiculous.

To me, all this is the absolute opposite of real masculinity. 


So I ask you: Are you a real man?


Do you have the balls to be interested in whatever you are really interested in, even if it's knitting or expressive dance? 

So cool!


Do you play whatever sport, maybe even yoga, mainly to improve the connection with your body and to simply feel good? 

So catching!


Are your most attractive attributes your genuine bright smile and your authentic shining eyes, giving us a glance at your magnificent soul?

So sexy!


Do you shift more and more from your solar plexus chakra to your heart chakra because you know that your real strength, which is so needed in these challenging times, comes from there?

So revolutionary!


Do you listen to your feelings and allow your vulnerability?

When you sense the need to cry, you simply let the tears flow, knowing that this is the total opposite of weakness.

It requires much more courage to admit and express true feelings than to fight on a battlefield.

So brave!


Do you say “No” and, if necessary, defend your truth with clarity and respect, preserving your strong assertive male energy? Powerful, but not aggressive. A warrior of light.

You don’t have to be an asshole or a roughneck, only to protect yourself from feeling like a pantywaist.

So impressive!


Do you dispense with any games of manipulation or dishonesty to get attention and feel important? 

Instead, you use your authenticity and self-love to radiate irresistibility and attract the people you want to have in your life?

So seductive!


Do you know and love your inner child, the little playful and innocent guy inside of you?

You invite him to develop trust again, to share his real feelings. If he wants to sob or scream and longs for a warm hug, you are like a caring father for him.

So loving!


Is meditation an important part of your life because you crave for remembering who you are? You know that the greatest power, that you can achieve comes from the reconnection with your higher self and the divine.

With this power you serve the universe and change the world.

So breathtaking!


Ultimately, simply be who you really are, beyond all cliches and restrictions. That’s what makes you a REAL MAN!


(Verena, RWYA)