Do you remember how brave you are?

The mere fact that you are reading these lines means that you have chosen an incarnation right now, during the most challenging and transforming period on this planet, which already demonstrates how courageous you are. 

Our planet is in serious danger on many levels, but you came here, now, willing to face all these uncertainties.

When you die and return to our real home, you will see this and smile at yourself with compassion and respect instead of criticizing yourself for your failures and fears.


Do you remember how free you are?

An unbounded traveler through time and space, trying to manifest your wildest dreams boldly every day, accessing the full range of possible human experiences.

All your attachments and unfreedoms are ultimately just earthly illusions, which will dissolve at last in the moment of your death.

At that moment, the veil will finally be lifted, and the truth of who you are will be revealed to you. 

You will understand that you have always been free. You have just forgotten it.


Do you remember how safe you are?

Often, life seems to be so overwhelming and random.

In dark moments, it feels as though we are drifting in a tiny nutshell on a huge stormy ocean, not knowing how the situation could ever change again.

However, it always changes. Nothing stays the same, and nothing happens without a reason.

Sometimes, it’s precisely this profound surrendering to something bigger that magically opens a new door to divine grace.


You are not alone, not for one single second.

Even if it feels lonely in your outer world, you can be sure that behind the veil, your own personal and unique crowd of spirit guides, power animals, soul family members, beloved former pets, angelic beings, and a lot of other beautiful expressions of the ONE are there.

At any moment, they are connected to you on a deep, energetic level, watching your earthly adventures through the most loving and compassionate eyes you can imagine. 

In your blackest and most threatening times, which inevitably belong to the human journey, they send you their support and wrap you in an energetic blanket of love and protection.

These are the moments when you suddenly feel an ineffable peace and bliss, even if you had thought you would die just a few seconds before.


Do you remember how loved you are?

Some weeks ago, I was driving through a fabulous landscape and suddenly, after a shower, two stunning rainbows appeared in the sky.

I felt like a little child, watching this magical beauty, and I couldn’t wait to pass the spot where the rainbows seemed to “touch“ the road. 

When I drove through this rainbow light, it raised my energy within a second, and the walls around my heart broke down as if it had never been hurt. 

At that moment, I remembered how cozy the divine unconditional love feels in the world beyond, from which rainbows seem to stem.

I knew that we don’t have to worry about anything, just because of this love. 


Just because of this love.


(Verena, RWYA)