I believe in you.

I always did and I always will. 

I believe that you will heal. 

I believe that you will trust in life again.

It doesn’t matter if anyone else believes it; I do.

What if I am right?


What if it's only a question of time? 

What if I KNOW it because I remember the scenes we had planned together before we came to Earth? 

What if the will to intensify your inner light by facing that darkness was the whole sense of your journey? 

What if the return to trust despite all the terrible things that happened to you, was the main reason for this incarnation?


My love, the truth is: you have chosen these challenges as a soul because you are stronger than an army of warriors; you are braver than a pride of awe-inspiring lions; your heart shines more luminous than a galaxy of suns.


The divine didn't let you journey to this world, it didn't allow you to experience this wild adventure without being sure that you have the right tools in your backpack. 

And it made sure that you would get all the help you would need for your healing by placing loving souls into your life.


I am one of these souls.

I promised you to be your safe haven, and I will never break this promise. 

It's a commitment of my soul, a sign of my unbounded love for you. 

I bow down to your courage and your decision to serve the universe by proving that EVERYTHING can be healed. 

You will be a generator of trust.


And until then, as long as you are yourself in the dark night of the soul and feel again and again as if the world shatters around you, as if there is no light at the end of the tunnel, I will be here, on your side, and constantly remind you of the truth of who you are.


You will heal. 

Our vision will become true, my love:

One sweet day we will stand together on the ocean shore in a deep embrace, with tears in our eyes, looking at the endless waves, knowing that we've made it.


(Verena, RWYA)