Where have the feelings gone? 

When did we start repressing them?

Who told us that feelings mean weakness and loss of control?

How could we believe this?

Why are we so afraid to feel vulnerable with a shaky but open heart?

When will 'FEELINGS' be a subject in school, replacing some of the senseless stuff that is never needed in real life and forgotten after a short time anyway?


How can we expect the world to become a better place if we don’t stop simply passing on all our repressed emotional backpacks to our children?

How many antidepressants do we have to take until the desperate call of our true feelings becomes silent forever?

Who understands the enormous price we pay for that?

What would happen if suddenly all alcohol and all drugs would mysteriously vanish from the Earth, and we would have to face our sober and natural state? Just imagine...


It’s not about judging ourselves, but isn’t it sad how normal all this running away at any cost has become?

Why don’t we understand the connection between this escape from our real feelings and the terrifying variety of events that is happening lately on this magnificent and peaceful planet?


We are sentient beings, and nothing will ever be able to change this. 

Nothing. No pill, no drug, no invention, no spiritual practice, and no distraction.

We will always have to face our true feelings one day, in this life or another.

Fortunately. Because feelings are the impulse for every transformation and the fuel of life itself. 

Without them, we could just as well have stayed in the world beyond. 

But we didn’t; we wanted to experience the full range of feelings.


So let’s connect with our body and sense whatever is there. Let’s dwell in this open space and allow our feelings to be the challenging but friendly guide to our true self.

No one said it would be easy, but it will be worth it.


What are we waiting for?


(Verena, RWYA)