What do you want? 

What does your heart desire?

Why are you here?

What do you want to leave here on earth, as your incomparable treasure?

Do you have beloved ones? Do you have enemies?

What will your beloved ones miss when you are gone?

What will your enemies miss when you are gone?

Are you happy? What does happiness mean for you?

Have you found peace? What does peace mean for you?

Do you have a job where you can express yourself and your unique talents? 

Do you believe you deserve abundance? 

Do you feel safe and loved in your relationships, are you allowed to be authentic and honest? 

Do you allow love and real contact or do you hide behind unclimbable walls, hurting and rejecting everyone who comes too close?

Do you believe in true love as mere biology, or in the magical earthly union of two souls?

Do you love yourself? And if not, who else should love you?

Do you live your daily life from a place of love, or from a place of fear?

Are you courageous enough to set healthy boundaries, or do you prefer playing the victim?

Do you believe in the free will? Or do you feel like a remote-controlled puppet, surrendering your own destiny?

Can you face and accept challenges as opportunity to grow, or are you full of resistance?

Can you trust the Tao, the divine, the universe, or do you want to control everything?

Do you allow yourself to feel, or do you stick to your monkey-mind?

Are you connected with your inner child, or do you pretend to be the reasonable adult only?

Do you think you are a soul? Or a human being? Or both?

Do you see your body as an unpredictable decaying meat chunk, or as your miraculous human sanctuary?

Do you believe in "God"? And if yes, is he unconditionally loving or does he judge and punish you?

Is your "God" a separated almighty authority, or are you and God one? Are you God?

Do you believe in karma? And if yes, does it make you afraid, leading you to behave correctly, trying to be a “good” person?

Or do you see karma as an eternal merciful flow which guarantees to always bring you back into your natural state of balance and love?

Do you repress the fact of death or do you try to integrate it as an inseparable part of the circle, inviting you to live fully NOW and to be yourself?


Every single human being has different answers to these questions. 

Love who you are. You are incomparable.


(Verena, RWYA)