Sometimes, when I feel lost and disconnected from my soul and from the world, and I pass by a mirror, my own eyes ask me to stand still and stay.


So I just look into them.

With all my attention and curiosity.

Breathing and observing. Nothing else. 

Just creating an open space for myself.


It feels strange at first.

As if I am suddenly faced with myself in the truest sense of the word.

As if the world stops turning for a little while so that I can reconnect with my soul.


I see both light and shadow in my eyes. 

A shadow is on the surface.

It shows me why I felt disconnected: there is a hint of sadness in my look that wants to be perceived and embraced. 

This morning, a friend hurt me with words; I feel vulnerable, and in the rush of daily life, I didn’t allow this feeling. 

Now that I recognize it in my eyes, deep compassion for myself arises, and the aching arrives in my heart, searching for healing in this safe place.

Immediately, my vision changes.

It gets softer, more loving, less tense and lost.


The shadow dissolves, my inner light expands.

Now, I see the depth of my soul. 

Thousands of different landscapes from thousands of different lives left thousands of different sparkles in my eyes.

The veil has been lifted; my soul has come out of its hiding place ready to radiate its light and play this adventurous game of life with all its challenges.


When we really connect with our reflection in the mirror instead of running away from ourselves, we can see the divine in our eyes.

Our light, the divine light, shines through them, bubbling like a fountain right from our heart - if we allow it.


Next time you feel lonely and desperate, go to a mirror and look into your eyes as if seeing yourself for the first time. 


Face your darkness, face your light, face the divine.


(Verena, RWYA)