It vibrates right from the very center of your heart. 


Like a stream of warmth, of love, of YES.

It untiringly calls you to come home, to remember who you are. 

It invites you to live fully and wholeheartedly.


When you feel it, everything makes sense, everything feels cozy and fluffy without any claim for perfection. 

You are full of childlike trust that everything will unfold naturally as it is meant to be.


When you are deeply in love with someone, it is in its highest form - bubbling like a volcano, fizzing like sherbet powder, painting everything in pink, allowing you to float weightlessly.

It wants you to feel like this every day, to fall in love with yourself and then, as a natural consequence, with the whole world.


Sometimes, it is maybe hidden behind fear after many years of frozen feelings, false masks, and distraction, but it is never gone.

It cannot be lost, neither on this earth nor in the hereafter. 


Maybe hardly perceptible, but patiently and insistently it always whispers in your direction like a slight candle flame.


It is your essence, your true core. 

Your personality in this life has only been built around it. 

It is the place where the separation between you, the world and the divine unmasks itself as an illusion.


Even if you lose the connection to it and forget who you are; even if you identify with darkness at times and tangle up in a desperate cycle of suffering, it is always waiting for you to return, to forgive yourself, no matter how long it takes. 

It embraces you with open arms, telling you just with its warm vibration how lovable and lovingly you truly are.


Reawakening it feels like a sudden opening of a gateway. 

The storms and clouds of your mind disappear and reveal pure loving awareness like an endless sky.


There is no situation, no challenge that cannot be improved by the gentle reconnection with it. 

It is always just one breath away, willing to reassure you, to remind you of your inner strength and your eventually safe anchoring into the universe.


When you allow it to radiate without any limitation, it fills you with such an unconditional joy and love, that nothing and no one in the outer world could make you happier in this moment.

And at the same time you welcome everything and everyone with the liveliness and curiosity of a child. 

That is true freedom.


So, there is nothing greater you can do for yourself and the universe than to honor and cultivate your unique Tingle and let it play its magnificent symphony...


(Verena, RWYA)