Life taught me an important lesson in the last years:

I don’t want fake friends or “half friends” anymore. 

After some really painful experiences I decided to take better care of myself when it comes to choose my friends.

I realized that one true friend is infinitely more precious than a thousand ordinary or so-called friends. 


Here is my definition of a true friend:


A true friend is always by my side, in my brightest and my darkest hours.

And in the ordinary hours in between.


I can tell him my secrets and express my real feelings.

I can cry, scream, laugh hysterically, or just curl up in his arms when I need some shelter.

It is all okay.


A true friend makes me feel comfortable in his nearness, no matter if I am open or reserved, happy or sad.

Regardless of whether I need closeness or distance, he understands.

On some days, we have life-changing intense conversations, and on other days, we just sit in blissful silence together and let our auras unfold and merge into each other. 


He allows me to be myself.

He loves me with all my imperfections and quirks and sees my inner beauty even in my ugliest moments. 

And he teaches me to embrace his own shadow aspects by eventually being so pure at heart.


The authenticity and honesty between us make our connection real and profound.

We both mature by telling the truth and by setting healthy boundaries, even if it hurts sometimes.

We know that the fake gentleness of fake friends ultimately causes much more pain.

Our conflicts and the resolution of them heal some old wounds and only bind us tighter.


A true friend illuminates my inner light with his torch when I feel surrounded by darkness and caught up in the illusion of separateness. 

He genuinely accompanies and witnesses my pain instead of finding excuses and running away.

And he allows me to do the same for him in his vulnerable moments.


He presents me the greatest possible gift on Earth: experiencing what real trust means.

Although I lost some of my basic trust early in this life, his reliability and goodness help my soul to remember that it’s safe to love and open my heart.


He celebrates the adventure of life with me.

His inner child invites my inner child to play, to dance hand in hand through the first snowflakes of the year, to laugh ourselves silly, and to rediscover the magic of this world. 


With a true friend, the most ordinary daily activities can turn into a fascinating, hilarious, or transcendent journey through time and space.


(Verena, RWYA)