On a dark, cold evening in the middle of december, many years ago, I saw it the first time.


In your eyes.

In your shining eyes, reflecting the flames of the open fire.


But it wasn't the fire, it was this bright inner light in your eyes which put a spell on me.

It attracted me so deeply, that I couldn't resist looking directly into it, every second.

Missing just one second of this light would have caused a strong painful regret in my entire being.


“Who are you?” I thought.

Again and again this question in my mind.

I could sense that the answer was hidden in that light. 


So I took a deep breath and decided to get involved and to REALLY look into your eyes.

Not like in everyday life, superficial without real contact, but from soul to soul, to enter into your world.

The first seconds felt like a rollercoaster.

Adrenaline pulsated through my body.

My heart trembled, not knowing what would happen next.


Then I noticed these movements in your face, like energy waves, creating hundreds of different appearances, shy children, wrinkled old women, archaic warriors, wild animals, fiery grimaces, beautiful high priestesses.

There was no face you didn't show me.

You showed me everything.

All these faces melted together, fading away, coming back, creating an unimaginably mighty hologram beyond time and space.


I had to fasten my seatbelt.

Seeing all your different faces confronted me with my own faces and the longing in the depth of my soul to create my own all-embracing hologram.

It felt like dying and being born in the same moment.

No fear. Just this one moment. NOW.


Suddenly the waves became slower and foggier. 

This bright light in your eyes started a journey, conquering your forehead, your hair, your nose, your lips, your cheeks, your throat. The whole head surrounded by this glorious light.


The rollercoaster transformed into a cloud, a soft, soothing, cozy and warm cloud.

There I sat, bathing in the divine light, all polarity vanished.


Tears in my eyes.

They had nearly forgotten this brightness from the eternal space.

The tears were a physical reaction, but more than this, they were the expression of a deep remembering in me.

My whole body resonated in the melody of that light, in the delight of its unbounded peace. 


Viewing each other with two knowing and recognizing smiles on our faces.


Now my question was answered.


(Verena, RWYA)