You look out of your window and see them -

their number seems to increase every day.


You take a walk, and they cross your path.


You watch TV and their dumb and intrusive

blah-blah bothers you.


You go shopping and see them hopelessly searching for happiness in the material world.


You read the newspapers and face their latest cruel deeds all around the world - every single day.

All this suffering out of unconsciousness makes you speechless and sorrowful.


You watch them bringing up their innocent and beautiful children.

They try to pull out all their vital and joyous life force like energy-vampires so that they will share their destiny as soon as possible.


You realize that they love to be politicians or managers because their ego wants to be fed with the maximum of obedience and power.

That’s the only thing which makes them feel alive - for a short time.


You look into their dead eyes and see that they have forgotten who they are.

The soul seems to have left the eyes a long time ago.

It is hidden in a secret place, where nobody - not even they themselves - can find it.


It happened at some point in their own childhood.

It was too dangerous for them to let their light shine, to let their vulnerable and glorious hearts radiate with love.

The difference to their dark and loveless surrounding was too painful to endure.


The only thing you can do for the Zombies, and as follows, for the whole world, is to try awakening this lovable and innocent inner child in them by living this part yourself, by allowing your own light to glow brilliantly without any shame, shyness or restriction. Maybe in an unwatched moment, the spark in your eyes jumps over and relights their own flame.

Maybe for an instant they hear your heart singing when they cross your path and suddenly remember the nearly forgotten melody of their own soul.


But you cannot rescue them.

They have to rescue themselves.

After being awakened, their inner child will surely tell them some painful stories about the past and show them some frightening real feelings. 

Only the radical acceptance and compassionate processing of this will bring the Zombies back to life, back to the truth. 

When they learn to love and forgive themselves one day, you will see this immediately in their eyes.

And the joy about their returning home will fight its way through the dead soil of your resentment like a tiny but miraculous seed.


It’s only a question of time, if not in this life, then in another… 


There is no escape from being who we are.


(Verena, RWYA)