The app for modern-day Spiritual Warriors. 

Beautiful, unique, inspiring, profound, thought-provoking & supportive.





Enjoy the FLOW, the app's welcome page, with the RANDOM QUOTE GENERATOR, the DAILY QUOTE, and uplifting random elements of inspiration & self-care from all app sections.


Allow synchronicity to provide exactly the message you need to hear at this step of your journey.


FLOW is like Life itself: intuitive to use and new every time you look at it.




- Get fresh inspiration with the RANDOM QUOTE GENERATOR.


- Browse the random images of FLOW or the complete IMAGE GALLERY. 

All images in the app are free, and you can save them on your device and share them with your friends.


- Read the DAILY QUOTE, a carefully selected quote & a creative image with visualizations or additional thoughts and affirmations.

It is published every day at midnight UTC.

Soak in the wisdom of famous classic authors and contemporary poets, writers, psychotherapists & spiritual teachers.

In the section DAILY with the beautiful full-size design, you can scroll up all quotes endlessly.


- Go to the complete DAILY QUOTE COLLECTION, an appealing archive with all Daily Quotes - sorted by interesting topics or years.


- Use FAVORITES to collect your favorite quotes, texts, images, audios & videos. 


- Meditate daily and comfortably with the recorded MEDITATION TIMER (5-30 min.) for different moods: RWYA, Theta, Sea, and Pure.

Benefit from the habit of daily meditation.


- Take care of your mental health, develop a sense of safety in your body & reconnect with your true self by listening to the GUIDED MEDITATIONS.


- Enjoy the soul-touching SUNDAY PIANO IMPROVISATIONS - inspired by quotes and new every Sunday.

Since the age of 5, Alex has used intuitive piano playing and improvisation as the most vital and healing means of expressing his soul, thereby touching the hearts of others.

Lean back and daydream with the autoplay function of the complete collection.


- Beautiful VIDEOS (Insights, Music, Affirmations & Meditations) calm your mind and guide you to the beauty and richness of your feelings.


-  RWYA IMAGES, INSIGHTS & READINGS: May our own stories, experiences, and thoughts support and encourage you on your healing journey.


- ABOUT RWYA DAILY provides detailed information about us, Verena & Alex, and the purpose of this app.


- HELLO YOU is your quick way of getting in contact with us. 
We are always happy to hear from you!


You can also access the complete sections via the tab bar.


Use the SEARCH Section to search for authors and themes.


With the SHARE BUTTONS, you can easily share your faves with your friends and everyone who could benefit.


We also recommend the beautiful tablet version of the app.


May RWYA DAILY be your profound daily companion on the healing journey to self-love & authenticity.